Sunday, March 2, 2014

We Are In The Mind Of Something Greater

As we learn how to consciously connect with levels of knowledge on our search for a God of our understanding, we will find that many levels can emerge into our thoughts.  It is important to become aware of what our intensions are as we seek for understanding of what this means to us.  As we begin to feel the life force that burns inside of us, there will come a day when we will seek for that connection as often as possible.  The more we seek for it, the more knowledge we will obtain.  There will come a day when we will understand that as we seek for the God of our understanding, we will discover that we are inside this magnificence.  When we view our world from this perspective, we begin to see the connection that expands into the air.  We are inside Something Greater.  We are constantly growing into a conscious awareness of this knowledge.  As we become aware of this information, it brings us to a whole new level.  We will see that this knowledge changes how we view the world around us.  When we realize that the conscious level we are connecting to is aware of our thoughts and can influence what we think, this brings many possibilities. Some of us become insane when we hear the voices and separate from the reality of what they really mean to us.  Mental illness emerges as we try to distinguish between what we interpret as real within our level of knowledge. As we become aware of this unseen world, we will begin to make choices as to what we want inside of our mind.  We are like a drop of water in the ocean as we connect with our conscious level of existence. We will then ask our self what do we want to fill our thoughts with as we discover that we can tap into levels within levels of knowledge.  We will have to continuously remind our self that these levels of higher consciousness know what we are thinking.  Such a level of awareness will bring us choices as we decide if we want to acknowledge that there is such an existence.  Do we really want to entertain this idea and what does that mean? We will open our self up to a level that is full of turmoil if we do not understand what we are looking for.  Dark entities emerge into our thoughts through several doorways that we allow as we open our self up through desires of material things or through the desires to make others think or do things that we think they should do or think.  These are just a couple of ways these entities can enter our thoughts, there are many.  There will be times we will feel as though we have no control over what we are thinking as the thoughts just appear.  As we gain the understanding that we are like a strand in a web and it is up to us to maintain this pathway into the center, we will begin to take control of our thoughts.  To know that we are in the mind of Something Greater gives us the motivation to grow into this knowledge as we seek for the center of this connection.  As we become aware of this knowledge, we will begin to question where we fit into this magnificence and which strand we want to maintain on our pathway to the center.

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