Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Connection

With each event that occurs in our life there becomes groups of thoughts that tie into a specific emotion to interpret the experiences.  We have the ability to block specific groups of thoughts depending upon how much energy we put into that group of thoughts.  Subconsciously, some of us have become stuck in a certain level of thinking as a result.  When we become aware that we are stuck and surrender to just what that means, we open a doorway that brings forth one of two types of emotions.  We will either experience a degree of love or a degree of fear.  As we go through this process, some of us believe that because we can connect to a God with no sense of time, we have to grow into a conscious awareness of experiences as a result of our emotions. These emotions create our thoughts which ultimately becomes our reality.  With each group of thoughts that have the most energy in our mind that is the energy that projects outward to our world and ultimately to the universe.  If we view our existence from the inside out, we will see how we ultimately start with the emotions that intertwine with the thoughts.  As we grow within our mind, we connect with the world around us.  It is like the fire that spreads though the forest.  Technically speaking, we can take our thoughts and merge them with a level of consciousness that already exists. The day of this awareness brings us to a level of knowledge where the possibilities are endless as we connect with the Source of All Creation. We have to be consciously aware that we can connect with the God of our understanding.  When we realize that our thoughts and emotions can connect with this power is when the magic appears.  As we progress, it will feel as though our world is surreal because we will then identify with what we think and feel inside.  The fear of the unknown prevents some of us from exploring any further into this unseen world.  Some of us then spiral down into the fear based thoughts and that is where the complications arise.  For those of us who take these fear based thoughts and remind our self that the God of our understanding is trying to create through us, we then give this fear to the Source of All Creation.  Just the fact that you are reading this message means you are seeking for this knowledge.  The more we seek, the more the laws of the universe respond to us.  This level of awareness can be overwhelming as we find the meaning in everything around us.  It will take great effort to piece together this change of our thoughts and emotions as a result.  Some of us go back and forth in our mind as we attempt to release the demons that may have carried over from many life times.  At this stage, we will realize that it is almost like a “curse” as we try to release our self from such negative energy.  As the world around us gives us messages of where we are within our level of awareness, we must remind our self that we are right where we are suppose to be at every moment through this process.  If we find parts of our day that reflect issues or problems like a car accident or physical ailments, we must take note that there is a part within our self that needs attention.  We will begin to understand that the physical world is just a product of what our thoughts and emotions have produced.  As we work with this level of understanding and become more confident in our abilities to distinguish the difference between what is in our physical world in comparison to what is in our thoughts and emotions, we reach a crossroads within our mind.  We will begin to have many questions about what we see, what we hear, what we smell and what we feel in the world around us.  We will become like a baby who sees and touches the water in the ocean for the first time.  We will become aware of a level of existence that changes our conscious awareness forever more.  Some of us view this process like the seed that grows into a tree.  The Source of All Creation will be like the water to nourish us as we grow. Time will be irrelevant as this Source of All Creation allows us to develop into a conscious level of existence.  Some of us will not choose to connect with this source and will deny the existence.  There will come a day when we will all recognize our creator as we cannot stop our awareness from growing.  It is a universal law that energy cannot be destroyed as it just changes form and we will do the same.  As we choose the level of consciousness we want to connect with, the separation begins.  It is like the water that comes from the lakes and branches out into the streams.  We will choose to connect to this Sources of All Creation or we will choose to gradually connect with the level of existence that separates us until we turn into the stream that leads to nowhere.

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