Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Rippling Effect

The magnificence of our ever evolving creation is beyond our comprehension as we predict the way our planet will evolve.  We can see where our conscious state of existence will take us.  We can look back through history to see how we have changed since the first documented accounts of our creation.  As we look at where we have come from throughout history, we can see where we have been on a global scale as well as in the masses.  As we take a magnified glass and look directly at our self as an individual, we can see a whole other world.  The direct space that is around us projects out into our immediate surroundings.  We have the power to project anything we want into that space.  We can turn the beauty of a flower into the flaws of perfection.  We have the ability to make things and people respond to us depending upon how we project our self out to them.  As we try to maintain in the world around us and balance what we feel and think at the same time, we will be projecting this energy into the immediate space around us.  If we are feeling good about our self and our thoughts are positive, this will radiate from our being and out into the space around us.  Others will say they can “feel” our sadness, our joy, our happiness or our anger.  This energy determines what others will give back to us as they are pulled into our feelings and thoughts.  If we refuse to allow anything to be seen by others that will immediately let them know not to pursue any interaction with us at all.  If we are feeling sad but do not want to tell others how we feel and we say that we are “fine” the illusion of what we are really projecting out to others occurs.  As we become more aware of how the world responds to us, we will seek for ways to improve the interaction we have with the world around us.  This change in our awareness brings forth changes like the rippling effect when a rock is thrown into the middle of a lake.  The more aware we become of this ability, the more responsible we are to the effects we create.  There will come a day when we will identify ways to cause rippling effects in the world around us to improve not only our space but, also, the space that surrounds us.  It will be like cleaning a window as we start with the dirtiest spot first and as we clean, we will see the most magnificent view after all is cleared away.  We will be surprised to find out that the view was always there and we just had to clean our mind to find it.  It will be like seeing a bird nest in the tree that you look at every day and discover that it has been there way before you noticed it. We are ever evolving and we will begin to notice the world within our thoughts as we seek to learn more.  The more we ask for, the more knowledge we will receive.  Each time the sun rises, it is symbolic of a new day that rises in our thoughts.  We can either soak up as much of the love that we can find or we can look for the clouds in the sky that will block this ability and turn away in fear of the unknown.  Do we listen to a world full of hate or do we focus on the space that we can immediately have an effect on?  We start with a feeling that creates a thought.  We stop in between to decide which feeling we will carry forward to create the thought.  With each time we hold on to the feeling of love or the feeling of fear, we bring more of this energy into our essence and ultimately into the space around us.  As we evolve with the energy we choose to bring forth into our immediate space, we are creating the rippling effect that determines our heaven or our hell in our mind.


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