Monday, March 3, 2014

The Day of Our Revelation

As we set boundaries with the type of energy we hold within our self to get the most positive mixture on our journey to finding a God of our understanding, we will begin to see the changes right before our eyes.  We will have periods where we will fall back into a blend within our mind that will bring us negative results.  As we learn the difference, we will have to remind our self of what the past effects were as a result of the negative thoughts.  Each time we catch our self thinking negatively, we will have to consciously remind our self that we are in the mind of Something Greater and that we are right where we are suppose to be at all times.  The more we become aware of the world around us will be a glorious time on our search for Something Greater.  We will begin to tap into a different view of what is happening in our life. As we focus on the positive verses the negative thoughts, we will bring those qualities out into our mind.  It will be like changing the colors of the curtains on a window.  We will realize that we do not have to suffer with our thoughts any longer.  We will then have a choice to push through the fear of the unknown and bring it forth to take each moment and savior the piece of love that we will find inside.  Even when parts are presented in a negative way that projects back to us, we will begin to understand that this is really an experience for our self.  The parts of our world that directly affects us, ultimately, is all about us. Even though we are all affecting our planet as a whole, the parts that we can directly impact are what we have control over and need to focus on.  For those of us that are in a position to make global changes, we have been given an opportunity to influence many lives at one time with our knowledge for a greater purpose and when we do not use this knowledge appropriately, the negative energy trickles down into the thoughts of the masses.  As we begin to realize that our actions impact the very thoughts of another and what that means to us, the choices within our mind occurs and the separation begins. There is coming a time when this separation will become more noticeable in the masses.  We now represent our self as either a “good” country or a “bad” country.  This separation will become the “good” or the “bad” with only that boundary within the masses.  When this occurs, the promises that Something Greater echoes throughout history will occur. The beginning of the end is occurring.  As the separation transpires in each of our minds, we ultimately turn into that energy on a physical level. We are physically reflecting this separation and do not realize it.  With each time we choose the “good” or the “bad” thoughts, we turn into that energy source with the knowledge being withheld from the masses until the day of revelation for us all.  If we look at the universal laws that must be carried out in correlation with our conscious awareness and ultimately our freewill, we will begin to understand the difference between the “good” thoughts and the “bad” thoughts and the impact that these thoughts have on our self and ultimately on our world.  As we become more aware of our thoughts and as many are starting to “wake up”, more of us will be bringing this unseen world into our being.  We are at a crossroads with the very essence of what we are made of.  Many of us are becoming aware that our thoughts hold power.  As we tap into this power, it is a turning point in the world as we realize that we have choices.  When that awareness occurs on a global scale, there will become a struggle with the negative thoughts verses the positive thoughts as everything goes off balance with this new found freedom within our mind.  Do we choose to help others or do we keep this power just for our self?  Do we turn our heartache into love or do we hold the anger of why me?  Reaching out to others brings forth a chain reaction with others in their own lives.  If we hold this power and do not share our knowledge, it turns into something it was not intended to be.  As the mixture sits in our mind, it allows distorted views as to what affect we have on others.  The more we separate from the feeling of love for another, the darker our reality becomes.

 It is taking a great effort for some of us to maintain a positive flow of love as we experience the unbalance on our planet.  As our planet responds through the air and through our weather, we will have to create a balance within our mind.  Groups are beginning to struggle with what is right and what is wrong in how we are being treated. There will come a day when there will only be two groups after everyone has the knowledge that our thoughts create our reality and that we are connected to Something Greater.  We are making the conscious choice to either connect to this Greatness that is all about love or we are going into the emotions of hate, jealousy and anger to connect to the forces that bring us destruction.  We are experiencing it on a global level and it is waking up the masses that seek for love.  The power of love will bring forth a vengeance for the protection of all that hold it within their being.  It is a turning point within the pocket of our time as we know it.  The revelation has begun. There will be a war like no other.  This started out as battle within our self and it will turn into our reality.  The promises that have been documented throughout history are preparing us for the upcoming events.


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