Sunday, March 30, 2014

Which Way To Go?

The world below and the world above have the middle ground where the pull to both of these worlds lie.
Those who know who live in the middle ground are learning which way to go.
Do you take the land above and find love?
Do you pick the land below and become the darkness that brings you sorrow?
Each day you wake up in the middle ground, you have a choice.
To take the love and grow towards a world that can bring you a voice?
To take the sorrow and find the suffering will wither you away.
To take the moment and know you are here, right where you belong can start your day.
The love is there in the air and wants you to grab on.  
Touch the wind and feel the source that blows against your skin.
The life you love becomes a game as you take the moment in the middle ground.
You decide which way to bend.
Do you dare to compare with a world that’s full of angels?
Do you know that the angels can bring you to your knees?
The making of your sun lies in this world from above.
The making of your anguish lies in the world from below.
The life you live is in your head.
Which way do you go?
Do you dare to find your place and move into the world above?
Do you sit within your misery and sink into the world below?
Take the moment and grab the air and pull in into your mind.
The day will come when you will find it was always there.
If you look into the sky, the gifts will be many.
If you sit in the corner of your mind, it will pass you by.
The time has come when you will know which way you want to go.
The thoughts are strong and the feelings are there as you long for the heaven on earth. 
Those who grab the faith in the wind will see the world above.
Those who sink into despair will find the world below.
The faith will float into your mind and lift you high to say “hello”.
The love will shine inside your mind as you grab for the world above.
Your travels in the middle ground will bring you at a path.
It leads you to  a crossroads as you look within your mind.
Some of you will not notice any other worlds at all.
Some of you will wonder but will not seek for the thoughts that call.
Some of you will grab it as it picks you up when you fall.
All will come to the day when you will know which way to go.

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