Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Song of the Bird

There will be days that you will seek for love inside your heart.  It will be hard to find.  Those are the times to reach into your mind as you search to find it.  You will have to listen as you reach inside.  You will need to remind yourself that the flower blooms for you.  The birds up high in the sky sing the song of love.  Even when the world around is like a hurricane in your head, you can stand strong like a tree in your mind as you remind yourself of the song of the bird.

Take the moment and seek for the roots that make you strong.  You may have to dig deep inside as you search for the song. There will be a part that makes you feel that all was, all is and all will be for you.  Then you will look next to your side.  You will find that others play a part too in what brings you the song. It may be in the homeless mother or the cancer patient who died.  You will find that others will hear the song and it will spread. 

The days you do not hear the song are the times to reach for the sky.  The bird will then turn into the spirit that gives you the feeling of love.  The sound will echo in your head and the song will touch your heart.  A burst of love will come to you in the song of the bird.  If you listen to the song it will carry into your day.  The sound will then become a feeling that will turn your thoughts into love.

The time will come when the love inside will carry out into the song.  All will begin to feel it ring within and it will turn your heart into the song that starts with a bird.  The day will come when you will understand that the bird comes from another place that formed into love.  Then you will see that the bird was placed into the tree just for you.  The sound of the song will then become a calling inside.  It will turn into a power that takes your thoughts and feelings and turns them upside down. 

You will look for the bird when you seek for love, even on the days there is none that you can find.  Then it will spread to others.  It cannot be seen by anyone, it will carry out to them through your eyes.  Some days it will be in your words that reaches to the sky.  Then you will realize that the bird’s song and your words come from the same place.  That is when it all becomes one long note within your head.  The bird will then touch your thoughts and you will become the song.

It will be in a feeling that will be at first hard to understand.  Some of you will want to hide the words that come from the bird.  One day you will wake up and hear the song of love.  Each thing that happens in your life will then donate to the story that lies within the words.  Do you play the story with a happy note?  Do you have a sound that sings like the bird?  Do you sit in silence and keep it in your head?

The bird will one day remind you that it taught you how to love.  The sound will then remind you that you have to share your own.  The only way to find it is through the sound of love.  So take this moment and listen to the song of the bird.  It will start the thoughts inside that will carry the words.

Play your story out today with a note from love.  As you play it in your head, you will want to dance the tune.  The more the sounds ring through your thoughts other will want to dance with you.  As you look around your world that sings the song of the bird, you will then take the tunes off key and make them part of the song.  They will then become the sound that makes the song unique.  The off key notes will become a part of the sound of love.  They will make those around take notice of the words.  Your song will then become something others will want for their self.  They will wonder where it comes from that makes them want to sing too.  You will share the sound so they can hear it loud.  It will carry into their heart and change their thoughts inside.  You will tell them how the bird is made just for them.  Then the day will come when they will hear the song of the bird.

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