Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sadness Upside Down

There is a place inside our head that many do not understand.  It brings you thoughts and feelings that creates your day.  Times will seem so happy as you go about your way then one word from some else will make you want to scream.  How does this joy turn to pain in the blink of an eye?  How do you take you self to another time? Memories seep inside and the day turns to sadness. How does a thought become a feeling that turns you upside down?  One moment you are happy then words will come to you without a touch that brings a different thought.  This is the day you begin the battle right inside your head.

When you wake up to the knowledge that you have some control, you will take some time to think about the thought that comes to you.  When the sadness of your past seeps into your thoughts, it can be seen as pain for who you are not.  You can turn the pain into a thought that brings you opportunities to continue with a happy day. 

Take the thought of sadness and see it upside down.  It will show you how to find the strength inside your head.  You will see your thoughts grow into all that you have done.  All the things that brought you to the day.  How can you create the joy inside without the knowledge of what it is not?  How do you know the difference of what the thoughts are to you?  As you look behind the thoughts right inside your head, you will see a world that lead you to the day.  As you blend it with the thoughts that you hold today, the love will take all the pain and heal it in your mind. 

Take the moment in your thoughts to turn the sadness upside down.  It will heal the pain inside and you will find a world that brings you love inside.  The pain of yesterday will then turn into love for all the things you were that brought you to the day. You must first take the sadness and turn it upside down.  Do you chose to sit in thoughts of misery? Do you reach for sadness and turn it around?  Do you look at past mistakes and keep the pain of what you did?  Do you prevent an opportunity to turn it into love?  Take the thought of sadness and turn it upside down.  Bring the thoughts inside your head out into words.  Even on the days that you feel the sadness in your heart, you will find the words will ring the truth of who you are.  The words will then become the sound of change.

The time will come when you will find the words that lie behind the truth will shine out into your world.  The light will bring a feeling that glows within your eyes.  Each time you speak the words that sadness will bring, a day will come when all your fears will see the light of truth.  The sadness will then turn to love right within the words.  The day will then become a time when sadness turns to joy.  Take the opportunity to see the love inside.  It will take the storms in your mind and bring you the sunshine.  The day will come when you will find a gift that comes.  It will be all wrapped up when you turn the sadness upside down.

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