Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Plan

Even though the angels were the first to be created, there was a purpose that was planned all along.  Only our Creator knows why we are here.  Why were the angels made first?  Why did the first creation turn against the word? Do we dare to question if there really is a force that made us who we are?  The battle to these questions lie within our mind.

Do the angels wonder what it would be like to live as a human and feel the Earth inside?  Do they long to be a part of us right inside our mind?  Do they watch and wonder how it would feel to touch the sun rays with their skin or take their feet into the dirt to feel the coolness of the Earth?  Our soul is from our Creator that made them as well. We are all different yet we all come from One.  Even if the angels make a new creation, they get their strength from this power that is held for all.  The laws ensure that all live fair as our Creator protects the worlds. 

Those who think they do not matter will one day find that they were created with a plan all along.  “Why are you here?” will be a question that you ask until you find that you were created with a plan in mind.  As you search for answers and ask “Why?” a time will come when it will be found right inside your mind.  You have a purpose each and every day.  The past will be the present and the future will shine right inside your head.  The purpose that you find will come from your Creator who planned it all along.  Even in the moments that you feel alone, all you have to do is seek within your mind. You will hear a world that tells you what to do.

The first creation knew there was a choice.  This angel decided to choose a different path and not abide by the laws. Now there is a battle for the soul that you hold.  This first creation wants it as his own.  The laws were made to protect you from the thoughts that cause you pain.  The pain that comes from the first angel that was made.  With this knowledge that you now hold, you will become the warrior in the plan that was made all along. It is up to you to choose right inside your mind.

Do you listen to the voice that says that you’re not worthy of a better life?  Do you listen to the voice that holds your plan?  The thoughts that come and make you want to hide will be from the angel that makes you cry inside.  Even when you are full of love, this angel comes to you and tries to pull at your mind.  This angel wants to take your thoughts and turn them upside down. 

The laws are there to ensure that all create with only love.  The first angel comes to you to fill you full of fear. If you listen to your thoughts you will find the voice of your Creator who has a plan for you.  Your plan may be a secret as you go about your day.  You may understand pieces of what you are to do.  Then the day will come when all of it is shown to only you.

Even though the angels can hear your thoughts inside, some things will not make sense to them as they question, “Why" does the Creator bring certain thoughts to you? Why do you even question what they are to you?  Where did you get the thought that the angels want to be like you?  Then the day will come when you will find these thoughts were planned all along.

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