Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On Your Knees

The spirit is a feeling that lies behind your thoughts.  It cannot be seen but is felt inside your words.  It is there inside your heart and brings you to your knees without a sound.  It will start out as a feeling that you get when you are alone.  If you cannot find it, there will be a knock inside through the world around.  It may come as a message in a picture that you see or in the wind that blows upon your face. 

The moment when you feel the lowest is when it comes into your mind.  Even as you question that it may be a coincidence, you will find the raindrops that will fall when you are sad.  Then the sun will shine so bright when you’re full of love.  How does it occur you ask when you feel this way?  It will be a world that you cannot explain. 

Some of you will say that this is all there is, if you cannot see, it does not exist.  Some of you will wonder and peak into this feeling that creates a thought of maybe there is Something Greater than just you.  You will find the thought that pulls you inside. 

There will not be anything that is different in your world.  Then the day will come when the thought that pulls a feeling will show up in your moment when you are on your knees.  It will not occur until you let all the facts of life subside.  Only when you take the moment and empty your mind.  Then it can be found. 

When you empty what is in your thoughts, a feeling will come inside.  There will be a burning in your chest.  Then the view that you see begins to speak to you.  It will be when you are on your knees.  To surrender all your thoughts to a feeling you cannot explain becomes a challenge in your mind.  You cannot see a thing that echoes in your head.

Some will choose to disregard this feeling you will get.  You will miss the moment where the magic begins.  Could there be a flow of thought that picks you off the floor?  Could there be a feeling that makes you want to share?  Do you sit upon your knees and live inside your head?  Do you take the wave of thought that pulls you high instead?

The desperation will be the wave that will bring you a world.  It will bring you to a thought that will show you how to love. A gift will come through knowledge that you cannot hide.  You are different in your thoughts that you found upon your knees.

Your world around will not change to anyone else.  They will look into your eyes and see a light that shines.  It will bring a feeling that they cannot explain.  With each time you find this love when you’re on your knees, a wave of knowledge will touch your mind.  The world inside your head will change and your words will become the feeling that started on your knees.

The thought will bring the words that will ring into the air. The desperation brought you here and you must not forget.  The words become a message so that others can now learn how you found a love inside when you were on your knees.

All the things you use to be have turned into a dream.  They are now a part of you that blends into who you are today.  Your strength will shine to others as you sit upon your knees.  You have found a world inside that carries you through the day.

The angels will give you inspirations that will touch inside your mind.  You will begin to see how thoughts change the world outside.  It will not matter what others will think as you sit upon your knees.  You remember who you were and who you are today.  The world will then become the magic that was planned all along.  Creation will then occur in your world as you change it all around.  You will never forget that it started on your knees.

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