Sunday, April 13, 2014


The angels battle for your thoughts and make you think inside.  One minute you are full of love, the next is filled with fear.  How do these thoughts come to you right inside your head?  How do you keep yourself from losing your mind?

Some of you cannot decide of what to do.  Some of you attempt suicide to stop the thoughts inside.  The fear of life over takes your thoughts and you just want to hide.  The words inside your thoughts tell you that you just want to die.  You allow the fallen angels to whisper in your ear.  You allow the fear inside to ring inside your mind.  You believe the words you hear that now consume your thoughts. The fallen angels fill you full of misery inside. 

The day it starts you may feel full of love, then a thought that maybe you are not good enough will emerge.  You begin the battle right inside your mind.  One thought of feeling not good enough will grow inside. It will take the thought of love and turn it upside down.  You will think you cannot take another thought.  Then the idea to hurt yourself will begin to call to you.  You do not know where it comes from as it gives you a plan. The love is gone and you sit with nothing but the pain. 

The fallen angels call to you from another place. They know how to make you think that you no longer matter.  The thought of love will now be gone and fear has won inside.  It is a battle in your mind that only you are fighting.  When the fallen angels come to you, the love inside will be the shield that protects your thoughts. The love will speak inside your head and will give you strength.  As you reach for these thoughts, you must decide.  Do you tell someone else all the fear you hide?

Once the words are spoken to someone else, the darkness in your thoughts will subside.  The love will shine into your mind and you will find, the thoughts of suicide are no longer there.  The light of love has shined inside and has taken the fear.  It turned it into a place that the fallen angels cannot hide.  Then the thoughts of suicide are gone.  They are replaced with a thought that fills you full of love.

How do you take a thought of fear and turn it into love?  The love appears within the corner of your thoughts each time the fear seems strong. Each time you feel as though you do not matter to anyone, if you look around you will find someone is there to help you find the love.  It will be a choice inside as you decide of what to do.  Do you tell your thoughts of fear and turn them into love?  Do you sit inside your head and plan your suicide?

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