Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Marathon

When you realize that were you stand collides with who you were, you will have two choices. Do you live in the thought of what could have been or do you look towards what can be? Knowing the past has already spoken and brings you to what you are today is two-fold. Would you still want to be who you are if you would have known this is where you would be, by making the decisions that brought you here today?


From the beginning you were searching for the pathway back to Something Greater. Your creations lead you here, right where you stand. If you would have taken a different path, you would not be who you are today. When you go back to the beginning of who you remember in your life, you will find the part of you that was always there. You will find the part of you that had pure intentions that got all confused along the way.


When you go back to those pure intentions, you will find the part of you that burns inside for the love of those intentions. As you tried to protect your love, you set boundaries for experiences that hurt you along the way. With each new boundary you placed on another, you complicated your intentions. As you search for meaning in this thing called life, and find that there is Something Greater at work, you will question what that means to you. As you put more faith into what the God of your understanding stands for in your life, you will look at all the relationships throughout your life that made you who you are today.


For those relationships that cannot be repaired because there are no more boundaries for the expectations you held on those relationships, you must take what you have learned for something new.


It will feel like the end of running a marathon. A tiredness will be there as you look to the finish line and see another race beginning. Do you stop to rest or do you keep on running?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Mission

We are at war with our thoughts.  Do not look to another and think you battle with them.  Your thoughts tell you that you battle with yourself.  The thoughts that cause you heartache is where the war lies.  All the things and people in your life are just symbols of who you are in your thoughts.  When you are having difficulties with another, look inside for the part of you that is a struggle.  The more you notice the thoughts that cause you heartache, the more you will search for the part of you that loves. 


To gain control of your thoughts, you must first be aware that you are at war within your mind.  Once you are aware that your negative thoughts are destroying you, the battle begins.  No one else can see what you are going through within your mind.  It will be up to you only to verbalize the negative thoughts so you can look at what they really mean to you.  Once the thoughts are vocalized, a plan of action must be taken to turn these thoughts into a loving experience.  The only way to heal is through love.  Knowing you have control over your thoughts brings you choices as to how you want to interpret what you are experiencing.  Are you feeling trapped in your body or do you feel the love of who you are and what you want out of life? 


Acceptance is the beginning of change and once you realize that you are on a mission for the good of this planet, you must “wake up” and do your calling.  How do you hope to accomplish your mission before this body gives out on you? There is a war coming for your thoughts like you have never known. You can choose to forget why you are here until the day it hits you like a bolt of lightning or you can search inside that part of you that activates your knowledge.  It is no secret, yet it is a secret that you know what you are to do.


You are a spiritual being having a human experience. What you do in this body is all up to you.  The ultimate goal is to create your heaven in the short time you are here.  What seems like a long time to you is like a blink of an eye to the rest of the universe. You are seen as just a mila-second on the minute of all creation. Time is irrelevant as you ponder what to do today. You are working on the creation of you and are ever evolving on you mission of creation.


As you discover that your creation starts with your thoughts, your entire meaning of existence changes. You will then want to sit by yourself and listen inside your thoughts to discover what it all means to you. As the silence comes inside your mind, it will be like the ocean waves that calm after a storm. You have found the part of you that tells you that you belong here, right where you stand, and nowhere else will do.


There is nothing to do except listen inside and hear the voice of change right inside your head. You can be anything you want to be. Do you sit and listen for the sounds that tell you that you are not good enough and all is lost forever more? Do you touch the part that gives you strength to know that you have a purpose by being here, and it make you cry for joy?


All you were is gone today, yet makes you feel the difference. Is it joy you feel that burns in you as you long for others to feel it too? The ones who lost the memory of why they are here. The ones that search for the meaning of this world. It is inside of each and every one, with the only creation that comes from you. Your thoughts create your world and it is time to change the negative thoughts into loving thoughts, and spread what you will find.


It starts in little things that happen in your day. Then each little thing makes you want to look for more. The love will start to burn in you for all that you long to do. Take the moment and know that you have a whole universe right inside your mind that makes your heaven on this earth.


You can choose to sit where you are and believe that this is all your life is, or you can look out into the sky and believe that there is Something Greater at work that has you right here to use as a vessel for this greatness. Only you will know what that may be and only you can find the answer. The mission lies right inside your head

Thursday, July 17, 2014


The experiences you hold that feel as though they are what you needed at that time and later turned out to be a clue in what you are really seeking, will bring you to another level of awareness on your search for bringing the spirit world into your current level of consciousness.  You will look at past events and see how what you believe in for yourself becomes a pathway towards the faith into where you are going.  The thought that you are going through misery in your mind because of your difficult decisions and experiences in life that turned out to not be what you needed at all brings you to a crossroads.  You can choose to believe that these events occurred in your life with the thought that they have no meaning and you have nothing to learn from them. You will look at the crossroads and see another path that sparkles with the faith in what this view can bring.  You begin to trail all the way back to the beginning of your misery and will find the happiness that took you to such anguish.  What you thought about in your life at that time is a clue that you were right where you were supposed to be for who you were at that time.  As you travel the path to the day, you are now greeted with the crossroads of who you want to become.  The path that sparkles with the faith of who you were shows you how to learn from where you came from that will help you become who you want to be.  Faith lies in the thought of what you hope will occur.  The hope will be the part of you that crawled out of the desperation.  The day you realize that what you think is no longer where you stand, the thoughts and feelings collide.  As you stand with thoughts on one side and feelings on the other, you will make a choice.  Do you listen to the thought that maybe there is another way to love yourself today?  Even in the worst of times in your life, you can choose to find the moments that will sparkle for you inside.  The faith of who you were and where you were supposed to be will bring you to the pathway of where you stand.  The knowledge will help you understand that all you went through brought you to the day.  You will then gather a strength that you always had like the wind that blows in the trees.  It will come to you in waves and you will see the sparkles of this faith that brought you here.  You will see it emerge right in front of your eyes. The past reflections will then be viewed as the events that helped you find the part of you that brought you to the faith you hold in this unseen world.  You will find that as you search for faith in the love for yourself, the thoughts that speak another way will battle in your mind. You are a part of Something Greater that wants to show you more.  With this realization, the fear you hold will then be seen as the way to find this faith.  As you look into the darkest spot you hold, the faith will sparkle inside with the peace that tells you how to love yourself today.  Once this faith has opened up the part of you that loves, the courage will come to seek for more ways to love yourself today. The more faith you hold inside this spot that now has turned to love, the part of fear that brought you here will then turn into the love.  As you take the part of faith that Something Greater is there, you will see the magic in your day.  Once you recognize that all you see speaks into your thoughts, you will find that this world is like a playground in your mind.            There is a battle for the faith that shows you how to love.  The battle lies inside the thoughts that make you feel alone.  The world of fear will  fight for you to keep the love away.  The fear will tell you not to love and hide from all that love can bring.  The faith will shine inside the hope that    crawls out of the desperation for who you used to be.  With the faith for all you are today, the path will shine for where you stand and what you will become.