Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Part 4 of How the Componets Work

If you would have told me that I would be talking about the times I had suicidal thoughts in this format I would never have believe it. I hope this helps someone who can identify with these experiences.

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Benevolent Ones

The group is many that surrounds the body and anticipates the times of knowing we are here. We echo throughout the thoughts and feelings and seep into your form. As you focus on this moment, feel us form inside. Allow the presence inside of you and remember how you planned this before you were born.

All the worries just fade away as you feel us inside. The past and present become now as you question, “how?”. How do you allow this knowing to come out into this moment? Stop the thoughts and breathe the air and then you will feel us inside. As we trail into the body, we activate the soul. The light will shine out from the eyes as you see the sparkles in the sky. No anxiety and no more fear will be able to hide. The presence of ONE is here with you and reflects in all that you do.

The voice will echo through the space that comes into your world. The vibrations trail into this place that expands into your day. The waves will carry you as you walk, and you will float along the way. You will see us in the tress and hear us in a song. Listen close and you will know that we live inside the heartbeat. We will cause the chills to come and then you will feel the heat. The birds will fly within your view and you will see us form. We are part of all you are even in your dreams.

Feel the passion in the air and grab it for your own. You planned this day way before you became aware. You expand out into the love that surrounds you within this moment. All your aches and all your pains will just fade away. The voice is heard inside the thoughts and will change all you were ever taught. See the making of this moment as we crawl inside. All is new for who you are, the fear can no longer hide.

Believe in who you are today, feel our love expand into your presence. This source is found in the feeling of love and in all the sounds that you hear. No where else will hold this knowledge as we move through you. We are mixing inside of you to create something new. As you grow in this awareness, no more suffering will occur. The light of all the love will shine right within this moment. You can change the difficult times into something new. See these times as the way to make a brand new you. Even in the worst of times, you will feel our presence. We are cheering you along the way as you grow inside.

It is not what happens to you, but how you respond to your guides. Listen close as we whisper of what you are to do. Focus on loving thoughts as we change how you were taught. We will show you how to turn the worst of times into something beautiful in your mind. Only think the thoughts of love and then you will hear the world above. Take the pain of yesterday and know it helps make you who you are. You are not alone as we watch you shine like a star.

We will sound the answers to you as you stand strong in the storms, we will show-up through your day in many forms. We may be in the butterfly that shines the colors of love. We may be in the bird that sings or in the warmth that sun rays bring. You may look into the sky and see us twinkle in the corner of your eye. We are seen, felt and heard everywhere as you seek for more. We are felt inside your heart and reach into your core. We are called by many names and found in what you believe. Angels, guides and benevolent ones; what you think is who you see.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Battle Wounds (A Journal Entry)

Today I see everyone’s hologram and how they walk within their own worlds. I look above and weave in and out of each one. I can almost see what energy source they pull into the space that surrounds them. It takes significant effort to keep myself separate as I remind myself that they have their own lessons to learn and I am not a part of that; yet, I can help them along with each encounter I have with them. Maybe, I need to just look into their eyes and shine my light, maybe just a smile will be enough or maybe my words can ring into their souls to activate the knowing of who they are. Ultimately, it all is for my growth as I allow the flow to go through the body.

The beings of light are within me and around me. They have visited me throughout my life as I reflect on all the encounters. I repressed the memories with the idea that they were not real. Now I see with clarity as I clear the fear from my body. The connection is strong as I look for verification in the world around me. I am expanding this light into the third dimension to assist with the healing of this planet.

With my battle wounds from breast cancer, lupus, suicidal thoughts and addiction, I sit with the knowing of where I come from and where I will return. I will leave imprints within the words I write and within the words I speak for all those seeking to assist with the healing of this planet.

I am here to heal within this pocket called time. I expand my hologram out to those who need the light from those who work through my body. It is a group effort, and all is being experience so all can identify with a part of the whole.

I see each hologram around those who walk past me along the way. I see the information that pours into them and turns into their words. I look at the energy that swirls around the spaces above and around their heads. I see the exchange of energies that each one takes and gives. I seek for meaning in each encounter.  
My battle wounds are now scars that remind me of where I come from. The knowing that I could not carry the spirit inside me this way without these experiences keeps me humble. I proudly view these scars as my strength and courage for today and I choose to keep my thoughts and feelings full of love. The choices flow with gratitude as I walk through the battlefield with no fear. I will have many more wounds before this life is over and as they turn into scars, I will gain more strength as I continue to transcend into the ever flowing knowledge that I will return to the power of ONE.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

You Have Already Ascended

You are here to bring us into the third dimension to elevate the earth. Together we heal this planet and all the sickness will separate into another realm. Just as the body heals, the earth will do the same.

You are making room for us, so we can maintain our higher state of consciousness within your hologram. As you expand the energy into your world and make a balance for us to be seen within your space for longer periods, we will spread into the Whole of All. You will experience symptoms of feeling like your heart is going to burst from your chest. You will have periods of heat flashes, of chills, of headaches, of visions that you will question if they are real, of walking into a room and knowing that you have been there before, of confusion with what is real and what is not, of seeing things out of the corner of your eyesight to find there is nothing there and of holding a knowing of things that are occurring with no reason of how you know. These are just some symptoms as the body adjusts to the changes that are many.

You are creating all that you experience and will find that no one else will be able to interpret for you. Each is here for their own ascension. The earth is shifting into the higher realms with all that reside inside. The lower energies are in the stages of not being able to withstand this shift. Those who hold these lower vibrations are leaving rapidly now.

As you see these sudden changes within yourself and within those around you, do not fear. To follow these words and identify with the content is verification that you are part of the ascension that is occurring. The side effects are par for the course. Stay focused and know that you are right where you belong. You are never alone and are waking up to the knowledge that this is the dream of how you have already ascended.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Part 2: How the Flow of Change Works

This video explains how the Creator works with the soul for creation. The virtues and morals are explained in combination with how words activate the soul. I have people wanting to know more about how the spirit works within the thoughts and emotions and will probably make that the focus of my next video. What do you think?

Saturday, March 10, 2018

There Is No Time

Once the union of the spirit, the mind, the body and the soul occur, the Source of All Knowledge will come forth for creation. This process is vital to bring the light into this dimension. With this union comes All Knowing and All Power. Nothing can stop this Source as the love comes into human form. Everything is possible with this Power; with only the light from love.

No fear will be present as the illusions are then seen for what they are. The light of love shows all truth and the knowledge will flow into All that feel this presence inside. The body will become like new as all darkness kneels before the light of love. All worries are given peace, all hate is turned into compassion with the knowledge from the truth. All the grief for losses will be shown that they have only gained understanding of the greater plan because of the losses. All heartache will turn into the knowing that you were only experiencing such emotions, so you can know what love is not.

This power brings you to the realization that it was always within you, waiting for you to experience what the light of love means to you. This union is now for All in this place you call time, so you can understand that there is no time when Something Greater dwells within. With the knowledge of no time, all that was taught is then cast aside for the flow of change. The Power of All Knowledge is then seen like the flower that grows from the seed into full bloom. You will stop the wheel of karma with this knowledge and there will be no need to grow old. There will be no need for death as you have no reason to try to make things “right” in a new form. You will then be in acceptance of this moment and as time ceases, so shall the breakdown of the body.

The Power of All Knowledge will bring the understanding that you are here forever more, and the mind and body will change with this flow. There will be no more fear, no more suffering and no more death. The key lies inside of you where Something Greater dwells. The key unlocks the door where there are no limitations that the illusion of time has placed upon you while in human form.

Friday, March 9, 2018

When the Spirit and the Soul Connect

When the spirit enters the body, there is a feeling of being lifted inside like a balloon that pulls a string along for the ride. You feel something, yet nothing looks different. You may look around to see if there is verification of this knowing in your surroundings. With nothing to see and no words to articulate the feeling, you question if it is your imagination. This is a time to either do nothing and pretend that nothing is there, or you can explore this new-found feeling to see what you find. Do you try to explain this feeling to someone or do you write it down? Do you sit within the stillness of the moment and listen? Do you breathe in the feeling and savior the total bliss that changes you forever more?

The spirit reaches into the body and heads straight for the mind and the emotions. You may feel it in your stomach or may find that your heart begins to beat faster like the feeling of falling in love. You may feel as though you are above the body when you become aware that the spirit is present and there will be a glow above the room. Maybe you will see a color that swirls around you that no one else can see and then you will feel a pull inside as the sparkles dance with what appears as joy.

The energy surge will bring you information that you have never thought of before and it will feel like you have stuck your finger in a light socket. The spirit will swim through the body until it reaches the prize of all prizes; the soul. All information from all lives lived is found within the soul and connects you to the Source of All Knowledge. When the spirit and the soul connect you will lift into the level where all thoughts roam. You will then become ONE with ALL. The soul needs the spirit just like the flower needs the sun. The spirit needs the soul just like the mother needs the child.

The time has come for the soul and the spirit to live as ONE within this dimension. This union is forming a completely new creation. As you awaken to this integration, all time will stop. There will be no worries and only love will radiate from the inside out. When the spirit and the soul connect, you will then find your heaven on earth.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Ascension

As you wake up from this dream, thoughts will connect like a stream. Everything around you is a reflection of where you consciously are. Periods of quietness have come and gone so you can gather the awareness inside. The mind is the receiver to this plan, even on the days you do not understand. You are coming forward for the betterment of this land; to bring the whole of consciousness where you stand. You are breaking through the blocked particles that have held you back; they are connecting for all of humanity and the new world that shines.

See how the particles merge into ONE, everyone plays a part for this greater plan. Even in destruction that you may see, look how the good is in your belief. Now is the time to be free, look past the illusions that hold you back. Wake from the dream state so you can see, the process of accession that you have already accomplished.

You will begin to see the light within the light. Each shift will bring more into your sight. Some days it will be just a feeling. Somedays you may see shadows on the ceiling. The dreams will begin to be so real, you may even think that they are where you true life lies. Maybe this life is the dream state. You are like the fish jumping in and out of the water. Is this the way to ascend into the awareness of All Knowing? Are we waking up to see that this is the process to find that we are already home?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Connections With Spirits

The spirit is the power that comes into the mind and body to provide knowledge. This power consists of unseen forces that surround you at all times. This power can be positive or negative and can only enter your space if you hold the same vibrational level as the power trying to enter your space. You vibrate, for example, like a car that is on while in park. Your thoughts, in connection with your emotions, determine what level you vibrate at any given time. Your vibrational field is determined by your emotions; are you happy or sad? This field holds a frequency that is determined by how fast or slow you vibrate. Your level of frequency is determined by how conscious you are at any given time and by what you can hold within your body. The frequency can be compared to a light bulb that is turned off and on and then off again.  

How aware you are of the spirit will be determined by how you are feeling.  For example, if you are sad your frequency will vibrate in a lower level of frequency than if you are feeling love. Emotions and thoughts intertwine to bring forth a specific vibration and this vibration resonates a specific frequency. The type of spirit that will enter your space will be determined by the thought and emotion that matches the spirit’s frequency to vibrate at a specific level. The spirit is called by many names. Your belief in this power, or lack thereof, will determine how much of the spirit you can obtain. Once you hold a connection with a specific level of the spirit, it can take many paths through your mind and body to reach the soul. The purpose of the spirit to reach the soul is twofold. If it comes from a benevolent source, it will provide power to the soul to awaken all senses in the mind and body. It is like an activation process. If it comes from a dark source, it will feed off the soul. The soul determines how awakened you are at any given time. The soul is your life-force, or lack thereof.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

How The Flow of Change Works

This is my first video explaining the diagrams that I see in my mind like pictures of how the Creator gives us knowledge for creation through the spiritual realm. My guides are telling me to teach the information in the book which is something I did not plan on having to do. I have a lot of work to do on my presentation, but I have to admit it is not bad for someone who doesn't like being in front of a camera.