Friday, March 9, 2018

When the Spirit and the Soul Connect

When the spirit enters the body, there is a feeling of being lifted inside like a balloon that pulls a string along for the ride. You feel something, yet nothing looks different. You may look around to see if there is verification of this knowing in your surroundings. With nothing to see and no words to articulate the feeling, you question if it is your imagination. This is a time to either do nothing and pretend that nothing is there, or you can explore this new-found feeling to see what you find. Do you try to explain this feeling to someone or do you write it down? Do you sit within the stillness of the moment and listen? Do you breathe in the feeling and savior the total bliss that changes you forever more?

The spirit reaches into the body and heads straight for the mind and the emotions. You may feel it in your stomach or may find that your heart begins to beat faster like the feeling of falling in love. You may feel as though you are above the body when you become aware that the spirit is present and there will be a glow above the room. Maybe you will see a color that swirls around you that no one else can see and then you will feel a pull inside as the sparkles dance with what appears as joy.

The energy surge will bring you information that you have never thought of before and it will feel like you have stuck your finger in a light socket. The spirit will swim through the body until it reaches the prize of all prizes; the soul. All information from all lives lived is found within the soul and connects you to the Source of All Knowledge. When the spirit and the soul connect you will lift into the level where all thoughts roam. You will then become ONE with ALL. The soul needs the spirit just like the flower needs the sun. The spirit needs the soul just like the mother needs the child.

The time has come for the soul and the spirit to live as ONE within this dimension. This union is forming a completely new creation. As you awaken to this integration, all time will stop. There will be no worries and only love will radiate from the inside out. When the spirit and the soul connect, you will then find your heaven on earth.

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