Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Ascension

As you wake up from this dream, thoughts will connect like a stream. Everything around you is a reflection of where you consciously are. Periods of quietness have come and gone so you can gather the awareness inside. The mind is the receiver to this plan, even on the days you do not understand. You are coming forward for the betterment of this land; to bring the whole of consciousness where you stand. You are breaking through the blocked particles that have held you back; they are connecting for all of humanity and the new world that shines.

See how the particles merge into ONE, everyone plays a part for this greater plan. Even in destruction that you may see, look how the good is in your belief. Now is the time to be free, look past the illusions that hold you back. Wake from the dream state so you can see, the process of accession that you have already accomplished.

You will begin to see the light within the light. Each shift will bring more into your sight. Some days it will be just a feeling. Somedays you may see shadows on the ceiling. The dreams will begin to be so real, you may even think that they are where you true life lies. Maybe this life is the dream state. You are like the fish jumping in and out of the water. Is this the way to ascend into the awareness of All Knowing? Are we waking up to see that this is the process to find that we are already home?

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