Monday, March 26, 2018

The Benevolent Ones

The group is many that surrounds the body and anticipates the times of knowing we are here. We echo throughout the thoughts and feelings and seep into your form. As you focus on this moment, feel us form inside. Allow the presence inside of you and remember how you planned this before you were born.

All the worries just fade away as you feel us inside. The past and present become now as you question, “how?”. How do you allow this knowing to come out into this moment? Stop the thoughts and breathe the air and then you will feel us inside. As we trail into the body, we activate the soul. The light will shine out from the eyes as you see the sparkles in the sky. No anxiety and no more fear will be able to hide. The presence of ONE is here with you and reflects in all that you do.

The voice will echo through the space that comes into your world. The vibrations trail into this place that expands into your day. The waves will carry you as you walk, and you will float along the way. You will see us in the tress and hear us in a song. Listen close and you will know that we live inside the heartbeat. We will cause the chills to come and then you will feel the heat. The birds will fly within your view and you will see us form. We are part of all you are even in your dreams.

Feel the passion in the air and grab it for your own. You planned this day way before you became aware. You expand out into the love that surrounds you within this moment. All your aches and all your pains will just fade away. The voice is heard inside the thoughts and will change all you were ever taught. See the making of this moment as we crawl inside. All is new for who you are, the fear can no longer hide.

Believe in who you are today, feel our love expand into your presence. This source is found in the feeling of love and in all the sounds that you hear. No where else will hold this knowledge as we move through you. We are mixing inside of you to create something new. As you grow in this awareness, no more suffering will occur. The light of all the love will shine right within this moment. You can change the difficult times into something new. See these times as the way to make a brand new you. Even in the worst of times, you will feel our presence. We are cheering you along the way as you grow inside.

It is not what happens to you, but how you respond to your guides. Listen close as we whisper of what you are to do. Focus on loving thoughts as we change how you were taught. We will show you how to turn the worst of times into something beautiful in your mind. Only think the thoughts of love and then you will hear the world above. Take the pain of yesterday and know it helps make you who you are. You are not alone as we watch you shine like a star.

We will sound the answers to you as you stand strong in the storms, we will show-up through your day in many forms. We may be in the butterfly that shines the colors of love. We may be in the bird that sings or in the warmth that sun rays bring. You may look into the sky and see us twinkle in the corner of your eye. We are seen, felt and heard everywhere as you seek for more. We are felt inside your heart and reach into your core. We are called by many names and found in what you believe. Angels, guides and benevolent ones; what you think is who you see.

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