Monday, August 21, 2017

On the Tips of God’s Fingers

Thoughts on the Day of the Solar Eclipse

The sun of power mixed with the moon of emotions. It is radiating vast knowledge for those who can hold it in their conscious minds. I am constantly seeking for this knowledge to better myself and ultimately humanity. So many are lost in the sea of emotions and I strive to rise above this ocean to observe the beauty of this day. I reach for my God in all this confusion as I feel as though I am on the tips of God’s fingers that are forgotten until there is a cut. To observe, yet be entrenched in all that the human body represents, brings mixed emotions. Just as the moon brings forth all thoughts and feelings, my relationship with my God brings many responsibilities.

All the world stops for this day and questions their true existence. Are we just a random creation that has evolved into our current form? Is there a Creator behind our evolution that sits and watches as we kill ourselves and others? When does freewill become an evil that brings attention from our God to stop all this insanity? What happens if God decides to stand in the way of our freewill? Do we stand up against the wrongs committed in unity or do we say that the abused, the hungry and the homeless are not seen during our day so they must not be true? Does one person make a ripple effect in the masses to bring a tidal wave that all will have to become involved in?

The effect of this day will bring forth a tidal wave like no other in all our history. The moon and sun together mix into the light of truth as the emotions can no longer hide in the darkness. Some will not be capable of facing their truth and some will stand behind the darkness of their emotions as the light pours into them for change.  

Freewill determines the path of all that lies in each person’s intensions. This is the beginning of the new world inside. Not even the smallest can hide. Look towards where the intensions lie. All have a purpose as all chose this day. Do you look the other way? Your Creator calls to you as the moon covers the sun in attempts to speak what all have done. As the darkness covers the light, look inside to find your answers with the power from your God. The thoughts inside will fight for your attention; what is your intensions? Let this day mix into your soul. Bring your purpose out into the whole. Be the light no matter what others have been told.

I am the extension of my God in human form. I was a part of my God before I was born. I search for what my God wants me to do. I look at the sun and the moon as messages for my purpose inside. Am I the cut that God wants to hide? Does my God bleed when I am in need? I am the tips of my God’s finders in human form….