Sunday, June 28, 2015


I was praying this morning and was told to put this up for someone who needs it today.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Sunlight of the Spirit

The spirit surrounds you in the air, in the sun, in the wind, in the sounds and in the thoughts and feelings you hold. When you do not think this word is there, know you cannot have this body without the spirit. The awakening occurs through each moment you seek this world. The life you live is a choice and the day you realize the suffering sheds away like the dead skin, your new beginning shines through. The emptiness is then filled each day you seek with the knowledge that you are in this body for a purpose. The magnitude of knowing this body is here for this moment only and all the past just brought you here for this awareness will bring joy like never before.

All the relationships that ended poorly will then be seen as the way you have grown on your path to the God of your understanding. Each relationship has a beginning and an ending unless you are currently in the middle of one. The beginning is always filled with excitement and as this emotion balances out through the course of the relationship you will experience a shift of love a need to get out of the relationship. As the decision to get out of a relationship that was once full of love occurs, there is a morning period for all you were with this person.

You may end up in several of the same type of relationships until the end becomes a new way to find happiness for the next relationship. It will be vital to look at only your part in the relationships that have ended in your life. It may be difficult to do when the other person has done things to hurt you. The thoughts of anger will come and go as you attempt to put all that occurred into the perspective that all these experiences occurred for you spiritual growth.

It will be important not to judge the other person as you attempt to look at what you did throughout the relationship. You will find the parts you played that resulted in reactions from the other person that may have caused anger. You will go back and forth in your thoughts and feelings as you try to find meaning in the relationships that ended full of anger and hurt. As you seek for your path to enlightenment, you will have many dark trails as you try to find the meaning in relationships that ended on negative terms.

Prayer will play a vital role on your quest for peace. The anger may make it difficult to even consider praying for happiness for someone who may have hurt you, regardless of what role you played to cause the end of a relationship that was once filled with love. Prayer will be a way to release your anger so you can move out of the darkness that covers your path to Greatness. Each day you say a prayer for the person you are angry with, you will begin to find that your role in the relationship will begin to seep into your thoughts. You will be given the knowledge through prayer of why it is vital to your spiritual growth to focus on only your part in the experiences that occurred with the person you once loved.

You will have to release any judgements you hold of the other person’s decisions and you will have to focus on the decisions you made only. The only way to release the hurt and anger you hold because of what someone else did is to focus on keeping your path clear of anything that prevents you from finding the sunlight of the spirit.

You will find that the more you pray for happiness for the person whom you think caused you so much hurt, the more you will understand what you did in the relationship. Even in relationships that may have been abusive, you will be given the knowledge of why you were in this situation. With each time you release the anger of what happened to you in relationships that ended full of hurt and fear, the path will become brighter on your journey to enlightenment.

When you are able to take responsibility for the things you said or did to others that was hurtful to them regardless of what they did to you, a little more of the sunlight of the spirit will shine through. To verbalize your wrongs becomes the beginning of a whole new relationship with the God of your understanding.

If you admit your wrongs, you are releasing the negative energy that you hold with others. There will come a day when all your past will blend with who you are today for only the love of who you will be tomorrow. The freedom of acknowledging your wrongs to those you have harmed will bring forth a connection to the God of your understanding that you have never known before.

Even when your path seems full of darkness, the sunlight of the spirit can be seen through the shadows. There will come a day when all the darkness will turn into the brightest of days as you release the darkness of the past through the light of truth that shines through so you can see, feel, taste, smell and touch the sunlight of the spirit.

The Journey by Lisa Hynes.• In The Mind Of Something Greater

The Sunlight of the Spirit by Lisa Hynes•In The Mind Of Something Greater

Monday, June 15, 2015

The View Within The Light..

** This if for the front flap of the book The Flow of Change. It is a section from the last few entries in the back of the book:

There is no other person or thing that can replace the space that you hold. Your body that connects to your mind combines to bring forth a specific energy source that the spirit gives you because you are you. No one else will ever receive what you get from the spirit because of your unique mind and body. You are truly forming your body through how much of the spirit you allow into your mind and body. It is continuously flowing through you and the day is coming that you will know it is there as the sparkles will be seen like flashes of colors with forms that may even look like snowflakes for some of you. The knowledge will pour into you as you feel the connection with this source. The times you do not see it or feel it or hear it or smell it, you must visualize this light source that connects you like a web.

 The flow of change is here right within the air, you will begin to remember all you have locked inside your mind. The time has come to open the window into this unseen world. You will begin to see the change within the air you breathe. You will begin to see the colors sparkle in your day.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


**Some parts of The Flow of Change even scares me. This chapter came to me after interviewing a Catholic priest who has done "lots" of exorcisms.............
Time is irrelevant in the spirit world and this force, that is what you call evil, can cross all boundaries the universal laws establish if you do not become knowledgeable in preparation for what is to come. This force has latched on to the very essence of the masses. It does not discriminate on gender, race or status in society. The purpose of this source is to turn all loving thoughts into hate, jealousy and fear. It has great power on your planet as it sits in the very air you breathe. It has been formed into people that hold great power in the masses. It will guide your blind into the snake pits as it reassures you that you are supposed to do so. It can form into those you love or the stranger who kills those you love.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Purpose


**This is the intro to The Flow of Change.  I would love some feed back........
This book is to help prepare the ones who believe in Something Greater.  As the masses build into the two groups of love and destruction, the two groups will explode into the war of all history. It will build in the individual thoughts that will separate even the mother from her child. The anguish that the masses are building into will enter into everyone’s thoughts as planned. It is important to remember that you planned this time period to experience this occasion.  As you process this knowledge, look into your eyes so you can say it to yourself. These words written will one day be your saving grace for the masses that play this planned event out. As the thought of this seeps into your mind, remember you have this book in your hands for a reason. From the beginning the thoughts have been building to this time period as it will always be.
These words are to activate the warrior inside of you on the quest for Greatness ever more. Each of you came here to give this time period the part of Greatness you hold. Do not look into the world until you understand what you hold. If you go within yourself to see who you are, it will trail all the way back to the beginning thought. Once you grasp onto this task, the knowledge will seep into your mind so you can understand what is to happen next. Do not look for others to hold your answers. They will be trying to do the same thing. The planets are aligning to bring to you the energy that you need to get the answers you seek. You feel it now yet look away in hopes that it will not show up another day. You will one day be forced to reach inside your desperation to find this Source of All Knowing. Those who are in this desperation will open up the part inside of them that will pour so much knowledge in that they will have to compose their self so others do not think they have stepped into insanity.