Thursday, May 31, 2018

To Hear the Spirit

To speak the words from other realms starts right where you are. If you take a deep breath and hold it in, all will mix inside. Breath out all the worries and know you are HERE and no where else will do. All universes live inside you and you have the capability of tapping into these worlds. The soft whisper can be heard right between your worries and fears.

It is like the water that touches your feet on the shore line as you look out at the big waves that come towards you with sounds that reaches your very core. As you quieten all the sounds of worry and fear, this soft voice from your Creator can then be heard. The more breaths you take and mix together, the louder this voice is heard. Be still and know you are never alone.

When you can hear only the soft whisper in your thoughts that fills you with love, then is when you know that you are connected to the higher spiritual realms. Ensure that it is the whisper of love and positive guidance as the dark forces will play on your confusion in the initial stages of development.

A mantra of sorts will help, such as saying you are invoking the spirits of light, love and healing only. Pick an area in your home that you can keep positive and raise the vibration by saying your mantra several times; at least 3 times if not more. Let the spirit know that this area will be your meeting place and try to make this a specific time every day, so this source will be waiting for you to connect. You will reach a level of communication that will be carried with you throughout the day.

Remember that the spirit is in the NOW, not in yesterday or tomorrow and you must train the thoughts to be in the moment to connect. You are a part of your Creator and carry this source with you always. To hear the spirit takes practice and comes with great responsibility. You must share what you are given, or the flow will stop. The spirit will guide you to vocalize as all worlds connect through you. Do not wait to start tomorrow, NOW is the time.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Harvest

You feel it growing inside your head.
You feel it moving as it spreads.
You know it is changing you to the core.
You hold some fear, yet you want more.
It brings you questions as you cannot articulate.
All you can do is wait.
 Is it your fate?
How do you reach for logic as you know that you must let go?
How can this be so?
The ringing is heard inside your head, as these feelings spread.
The heart is fluttering as you breathe to keep yourself present.
 The moment is changing as you see the sparkles, the lights of blue look like marbles.
You look towards others that glow in the lights, everything looks like a show within your sight.
No one seems to notice the difference, yet you feel their spirits longing to be recognized.
At times it gets so complicated as you become so captivated.
All the forms show white lights that surround the people and things within your sight.
All the lights seem to grow as all the people seem to glow.
You feel the pressure in your head as the sounds echo with what you just said.
You get dizzy as you feel the thickness in the air.
Even the wind tries to speak as it blows through your hair.
You almost see the waves of colors as the darkness and the light intertwine.
A rainbow effect comes and goes as you see the signs.
You try to walk through the day and do what needs done along the way.
Everything seems like a light show as you feel the peace flow.
You feel the ache inside the throat as you long to speak what you know.
No one seems to understand as you try to find the words.
How can you tell the world you see that something is coming that will change what is called reality?
You are changing as the knowledge comes.
It seeps into the body from the inside-out to become ONE.
It will plant into the mind like a seed and grow through the body like a weed.
It will crawl into the darkest spots and turn into the light right within the thoughts.
It will shine out from the eyes and show the beauty within your sight.
You will feel a surge of energy that will make you want to fly.
You will look to see where it comes from, did it come from the sky?
Nothing will matter as it pours into you, everything will look like something new.
The old and tattered past will then be seen from a different view.
The worries of the future will turn into the moment for your review.
The harvest is here for all to share as the crop is now ripe.
You are ready to be picked as the spirit wants your type.

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Goal in the Matrix

The expression of your Creator that is seen by the outside world reflects what lies inside. The imbalance is a result of how much darkness and how much light you hold inside. As the thoughts and feelings intertwine with the spirit, the soul receives the nourishment to awaken the mind and body. Depending upon if your thoughts and feelings are full of love or fear is what type of energy source that will enter the third eye or the pineal gland. The spirit is like the water that feeds the flower, it will enter the third eye full of light or darkness, depending upon how much love or fear you are experiencing inside the mind and heart.

Just like the battery that holds a negative and a positive charge, the feelings and emotions do the same to charge the third eye for the energy source that enters the body to nourish the soul for growth in the third dimension. You are like the seed that grows into the most beautiful of flowers. The earth and the spirit are your nourishment. As you grow, the soul is activated to bring forth the other dimensions into the space where your mind and body are consciously located.

You have access to all universes right where you sit. The third eye is like a sponge and soaks up anything you allow into your thoughts and feelings. If you are angry, ensure that the thoughts do not follow this spirit of anger as the third eye will give you what source of energy you are allowing yourself to experience. With freewill, you give permission for the light or the darkness to enter your space.

The beginning stages will be a reflection in your outside world as you see the illusions of what the spirit of anger provides you. The first stage of this spirit is the thought that something is happening to you. You may become physically sick as you bury this source of energy inside in what is called denial. When the spirit of anger is not recognized, it will grow like a weed within your entire life. It will eventually suffocate you until there is no where to go. You may feel paralyzed and isolate yourself as a result. You may play this out for many lifetimes until you awaken to the patterns. Awareness is the beginning of change and your desperation for change will determine if you can expand your awareness into the higher realms.
The seeking will bring you confusion in the initial stages of this process and you will question your entire belief system as a result. It will be vital to ensure that the thoughts and emotions stay as positive as possible, so any negativity can receive the answers though a pure connection to the spirit or the energy source you are tapping into at any given time.

The goal in this Matrix is to become the observer with a balance of the positive forces that enter the body. There is duality in the third dimension and the negative forces are necessary for creation. You will see the negative forces within the world that lies on the outskirts of the bubble you are currently consciously located.

Friday, May 18, 2018


You are in a period where you will not be able to maintain all the energy that surrounds you alone. The universe expands and brings your awareness to a level that requires assistance. Those of you who choose to walk alone and deny that the spirit world exists are at great risk. All the universe waits for the day when you become consciously aware that you are not alone, even in your thoughts. You may react with anger at first as you question why you cannot have thoughts alone. The day will come when you will realize that you are a part of Something Greater and your thoughts are not for only you. You were created with the task to bring the spirit world out into physical form. You were made to share this dimension with all worlds.

If you hide your physical form, down to the thoughts you hold, the laws of the universe will ensure that creation occurs through you like the ocean that beats against the rocks. The dark world within your thoughts will fight to keep you hidden. The spirits from the dark world will bring forth destruction just as the spirit world that creates will bring the light of love. It is your responsibility to bring forth the parts of this unseen world that you desire into your thoughts to either hide or to create.
As the universe is in constant motion, so are you. Some days you will be moving at a high pace within your thoughts and feel like you can conquer the world. Some days you will have no energy and will have difficulty getting through the tasks at hand. Each day will require your verbal requests for assistance.

Be aware that who you ask for assistance from will determine the outcome in all your affairs. You must empty your thoughts to allow this unseen world inside. You must look inside your intentions before asking for assistance. Just as the flower needs water for nourishment to grow, you need the spirit to live.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Big Wave

Those who call the new beginning “The Event” anticipate an instant change within the planet and all that live inside. This “Event” has been defined in many ways as all anticipate what can be called the end of times. Some even place a date on this “Event” and wait with excitement for this world-wide change. Some have codes for this “Event”, some see visions of this “Event, some hold a knowing of this “Event”. All agree that something is coming that will change the very fabric of Mother Earth.

It is a time of great unrest as these thoughts weave into the core of All thoughts during this transition. For those connected to the unseen world, a confusion is occurring as everyone tries to interpret the messages that are being received. This transformation brings the mixture of All into this crystal ball called Earth and the higher dimensions look with awe at the sights and wonders that are being created as a result. It is a glorious time when looked at from above, with much to offer for All.

The concern lies with those who are uncertain and are in the twilight state of mind. Those who anticipate the “Event” are awake and will be activated when needed. After all, how can you really know what is going to happen and patiently wait in these clothes you call bodies? The uncertain look towards those who know something is going to happen as the examples with much confusion.

The groups are forming as planned for this “Event” and the time will be when there are only two groups. The unity is mixing as planned and All will choose their sides through freewill. The uncertain ones will choose even if no choice is what they choose. This “Event” is now and is mixing within the essence of what you are made from. It weaves in and out of you and sits inside the soul that flows through the mind and body.

The Source of All brings this energy on to the planet in waves and as it builds into the Big Wave for All, the small waves are uniting the awakened who are the examples for those in the twilight. It is a time of much confusion in the mix and all must go within to ensure that they have the proper ingredients for the time of the Big Wave. It is building inside of you for the grand finale and All will feel this shift. Those who choose to live in the darkness will experience the gnashing of teeth, the turmoil within their thoughts and hearts and the inability to hold the Big Wave inside of them. A cleansing is needed and those who hold the light will have to shine it into those who sit in the darkness if they choose to allow the light for change into their lives.

Some ask what are these waves? It is the Source of All Knowing that brings these waves of knowledge for those who live in the third dimension. It is time for the harvest as the seasons change. The third dimension is growing to make room for the new, as it will always be. It is in perfect order and as the waves hit you, the knowledge of all lives lived, the knowledge of all creation, the knowledge of all your “Whys? and all your suffering will be answered in several little waves that lead to one Big Wave of knowledge like the bolt of lightning that streaks across the night-time sky. The “Event” is happening every time you wake up to this dream-state that keeps you chained in the illusions of what your life is to you.

Keep strong and hold your courage high for All so you can be the beacon for the uncertain to see. Be still and know you are HERE and you are not alone as the benevolent ones cheer you on and shout with joy as All anticipate the next wave that prepares everyone for the Big Wave.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Flow of Morals

Your morals bring forth the foundation of what essence you are filled with at any given time. It is like the rising of a cake that is baking. How much of each of these components you hold at any given time results in what the foundation for your morals will become. As your words fill the air, the intentions of your essence will touch your world that makes your reality.

The virtues are all you take from within yourself and bring forth into your outside world. This stage of awareness is vital to the thoughts that follow. This part of development will require the redirection of any negative thoughts you hold.
You are mixing all the components to connect to the God of your understanding and you have only so much energy to mix until you can consciously connect to the Source of All Creation. You connect for the ever-flowing knowledge to create further into this dimension. As you mix all the components into the proper flow, your outside world is impacted like a ripple effect. There is only the end of creation when the effects cease. Because you impact all the universe with your thoughts, this awareness will encompass all. When this mixture is complete, you are then adding more with each new creation throughout eternity.

As you touch the outer edges of what mixture someone else may hold, everything connects for a new mixture. This process will one day connect you to all worlds as you bring them into your current conscious state of existence.  Other worlds are there waiting to connect with you as you become aware of them. There are many levels of consciousness and you will wake up to who you are and what you are capable of with the connection to the God of your understanding. You will change the entire existence of your reality like the ripple effect when you throw a rock into the middle of a lake. The sounds, the view, the smells, the feelings and the thoughts will transform right before your eyes.

This level of awareness is magical. You will see things and people appear out of nowhere. You will want to share these experiences with others. You will find that they do not understand the significance of these experiences as it is for your understanding only. You will be given explanations by others that will call these experiences coincidences. You must hold strong to the belief that you are experiencing thoughts that are coming into your life through things and people that appear when you think of them. There will be times that unusual events will occur, and these events will turn out to have answers for what you are seeking.

As you hold onto the belief that you are finding answers through the world around you, it will not matter what others say regarding what you are feeling. You will suddenly become aware that you are different because of the belief that you are communicating with the God of your understanding through the world around you. You will question the relevance of everything that appears on your path throughout your day.
People will look different to you as you seek the connection they have (or the lack there of) to the God of their understanding. You will begin to feel a connection with others through their eyes. You will begin to see through their physical appearance and you will see the light in their eyes that shines from within. If you cannot see into their eyes you can feel the warmth in their hands or in their words. They will be projecting the image of who they are out to you in the same way you will be projecting your life force out to them. As the two forces connect, the mixture will be determined by who is putting out the most energy. If someone is projecting negative energy that causes you to go off balance with your inner connection (which needs to remain flowing as much as possible to keep your connection with the spirit) you must remove yourself from the situation, so you can regain the proper flow within yourself. During the early stages of this process, it will take much effort on your behalf to stay conscious of what you are experiencing inside at any given time.

This is a very volatile time as you try to set boundaries to ensure you keep the proper flow within yourself, so you can maintain a connection with the God of your understanding. It will be difficult in the early stages of this process to not experience negative emotions and thoughts, especially if those around you are projecting negativity towards you. You must remind yourself that you are mixing all worlds into your awareness and the negativity will surround you in attempts to remain alive.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Cleansing

As the energies rise to higher frequencies, the sounds will become more sensitive to those who are evolving into the higher levels. High pitch ringing will become evident on a regular basis. The calling is here. The sounds permeate the vibrations that are holding this planet into form.

Once you become aware of these sounds, you will feel a shift inside your very core. A knowing will resonate through your entire body. These sounds are changing the entire fabric that Mother Earth is made from. Those who hear will go through periods of confusion as their subconscious and conscious states of existence merge into ONE.

The knowledge of all lifetimes will burst into the moment and the shift will be difficult for some to understand. All the shame, the resentments, the hatred and ultimately the fears will bubble to the surface for cleansing. The negative energy will need to be cleansed so the moment can shine for your new beginning.

The understanding that the darkness was needed to create with the light of ALL knowledge will bring forth the empowerment of who you are becoming because of this darkness. How can you see the stars without the darkness in the sky? How can you know the love without experiencing what it is not?

The time is now for all those experiencing the human form to pause and allow all the energies to mix into the most glorious of creations. You are bringing the spirit out into human form. You have planned many lifetimes for this moment. As you accept all the darkness with the knowledge that it was needed to bring you to this understanding, the empowerment will emerge because of all you experienced.

The victim roles, the wounded roles, the abandoned roles, the saboteur roles, the addict roles, the judgement roles, the rebel roles and the slave roles will then be viewed from a higher level for the compassion that this planet needs. The cleansing is here, and the time is now.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sound is the Beginning of Creation

In one of my visions I saw these light beings using high pitch sound to vibrate thoughts into forms for creation. This was one of the first things that was stressed to me in the early stages of my awakening. Everything starts with sound.