Friday, May 11, 2018

Flow of Morals

Your morals bring forth the foundation of what essence you are filled with at any given time. It is like the rising of a cake that is baking. How much of each of these components you hold at any given time results in what the foundation for your morals will become. As your words fill the air, the intentions of your essence will touch your world that makes your reality.

The virtues are all you take from within yourself and bring forth into your outside world. This stage of awareness is vital to the thoughts that follow. This part of development will require the redirection of any negative thoughts you hold.
You are mixing all the components to connect to the God of your understanding and you have only so much energy to mix until you can consciously connect to the Source of All Creation. You connect for the ever-flowing knowledge to create further into this dimension. As you mix all the components into the proper flow, your outside world is impacted like a ripple effect. There is only the end of creation when the effects cease. Because you impact all the universe with your thoughts, this awareness will encompass all. When this mixture is complete, you are then adding more with each new creation throughout eternity.

As you touch the outer edges of what mixture someone else may hold, everything connects for a new mixture. This process will one day connect you to all worlds as you bring them into your current conscious state of existence.  Other worlds are there waiting to connect with you as you become aware of them. There are many levels of consciousness and you will wake up to who you are and what you are capable of with the connection to the God of your understanding. You will change the entire existence of your reality like the ripple effect when you throw a rock into the middle of a lake. The sounds, the view, the smells, the feelings and the thoughts will transform right before your eyes.

This level of awareness is magical. You will see things and people appear out of nowhere. You will want to share these experiences with others. You will find that they do not understand the significance of these experiences as it is for your understanding only. You will be given explanations by others that will call these experiences coincidences. You must hold strong to the belief that you are experiencing thoughts that are coming into your life through things and people that appear when you think of them. There will be times that unusual events will occur, and these events will turn out to have answers for what you are seeking.

As you hold onto the belief that you are finding answers through the world around you, it will not matter what others say regarding what you are feeling. You will suddenly become aware that you are different because of the belief that you are communicating with the God of your understanding through the world around you. You will question the relevance of everything that appears on your path throughout your day.
People will look different to you as you seek the connection they have (or the lack there of) to the God of their understanding. You will begin to feel a connection with others through their eyes. You will begin to see through their physical appearance and you will see the light in their eyes that shines from within. If you cannot see into their eyes you can feel the warmth in their hands or in their words. They will be projecting the image of who they are out to you in the same way you will be projecting your life force out to them. As the two forces connect, the mixture will be determined by who is putting out the most energy. If someone is projecting negative energy that causes you to go off balance with your inner connection (which needs to remain flowing as much as possible to keep your connection with the spirit) you must remove yourself from the situation, so you can regain the proper flow within yourself. During the early stages of this process, it will take much effort on your behalf to stay conscious of what you are experiencing inside at any given time.

This is a very volatile time as you try to set boundaries to ensure you keep the proper flow within yourself, so you can maintain a connection with the God of your understanding. It will be difficult in the early stages of this process to not experience negative emotions and thoughts, especially if those around you are projecting negativity towards you. You must remind yourself that you are mixing all worlds into your awareness and the negativity will surround you in attempts to remain alive.

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