Wednesday, September 24, 2014

In The Mind of Something Greater: About The Author

In The Mind of Something Greater: About The Author: There once was woman who was diagnosed with cancer.   She stood at the mirror and looked at herself with despair.   Her beauty was gone an...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Spirit of Sickness

**This entry is dedicated to Gloria Barker. Please have your husband, Herb, read it out loud to you at least twice. In the one encounter I had with Herb, all the times you have given to others can be given back to you if you "believe"...........
Emotions bring forth specific reactions in your body. If you are anxious, your stomach may feel like it is doing flip flops as your anxiety goes back and forth from your thoughts to your feelings. In your quest for spiritual growth, there will come a level of awareness when you will begin to recognize the type of spirit that enters your space by how you feel and by what you think. Certain spirits will bring forth certain reactions in your body as it enters your thoughts and emotions. When you become aware that such experiences do occur, you will begin to identify the spirit of sickness that can consume your body. The knowledge that you are made in the image of your creator who is perfection will strengthen you when the spirit of sickness attempts to invade your body.

There will come a day when you will be able to identify the spirits that enter your space. You will take the knowledge you have been given from Something Greater and will use it to continue the form of perfection that your creator made you into. You will be able to recognize the spirit by how your body reacts and as you gain control over your thoughts and emotions, you will heal any sickness that enters your body.

Your body is the product of your thoughts and emotions and sickness can only emerge when you allow this spirit to enter. As you grow spiritually, you will understand that all sickness was planned prior to your arrival into this dimension. There are many reasons why people become sick.

The spirit is forming your thoughts and emotions into your physical form. If you are full of stressful thoughts, your body will form into these thoughts through sickness. For those that are born with sickness there are experiences that all impacted by the sickness will have for spiritual growth.

If you have the spirit of sickness you are at a crossroads within your thoughts as you read these words. How do you take control of your thoughts that will result in taking control of the spirits that surround you at any given time? It is a process that will take great discipline on your behalf. Acceptance that you have this sickness for spiritual growth will be difficult, especially if you have a sickness that makes you think you are dying. You will not be able to see the greater good in such a situation. You will be fearful of death and what this sickness is doing to your body. The fear will consume you at times and acceptance of where you are within your thoughts will be difficult to surrender to because of the fear.

The spirit of sickness will be present to tell you that you need to accept the life you have and that you are right where you are supposed to be. If it is a terminal diagnosis, you will be forced to seek for answers as to what your life means to you as a result. If you do not believe in a higher power, you will be forced to question the existence of one. As you go back and forth in your mind of what is true for your existence, you will make a choice during the sickness of if you just give this body up and move into nothing as you do not seek for a higher power or you look out into your thoughts for a way to make yourself feel better about your presence in this body that is now filled with sickness.

If you choose to identify with the spirit of sickness and totally accept this moment, the healing can begin as you find the love for all that you are today. Releasing the fear of all your past and what opened you up to the spirit of sickness will bring you to the awareness of why you subconsciously allowed it to enter into your body. You may feel as though you are a victim and there is nothing you can do with the sickness. As in any relationship that you do not want, you may become angry, you may experience denial that it even exists, you may pretend to be a friend and go about your day as if nothing has changed for you. The day you can identify why you have allowed the spirit of sickness into your life, you will understand why it came to you. This stage of development is beyond any words as you will embrace what the God of your understanding has given you and the desperation for spiritual growth will then be viewed as the gift that it was meant to be all along.

The spirit of sickness will then be viewed like the parent trying to teach the child how to become independent in their growth from a child to adulthood. If you think you will die from the spirit of sickness, you will then embrace the moment for your spiritual growth as you leave this body and become an example for all those who are impacted by the dying process.

Do you spend the time you have in this body full of anger and misery as a victim of what you are going through or do you accept that this is the life you have whether you believe in Something Greater or not? There will come a day when you will understand that the spirit of sickness is needed to help guide you on your path toward the God of your understanding and you will embrace the pain like the mother who embraces the rebellious child who has caused so much anguish because he or she did not know any better at the time.

You were made in the image of your creator and each experience you have while in this body brings you to another level of awareness for the perfection that you were made into. The sickness will then be viewed as an illusion for what is really happening on your pathway back to perfection with the God of your understanding. You are responsible for what you do with your thoughts as you allow your creator to create through you. Even the spirit of sickness can turn into your friend if you see the greater good of what you are learning.

There are spirits who only want destruction of this dimension and you have to get control of your thoughts to ensure that they do not consume you. How strong your connection is with your creator will determine the abilities these spirits will have within your thoughts. The more time you spend with a specific thought, the more energy a specific spirit will have to create or to destroy with you. The spirit of sickness can be viewed as an opportunity to go to your next level of awareness if you so choose. The answers will come if you seek within yourself. You will find the clues within all your affairs. That will be the day the spirit of sickness will turn into the spirit of love because of your belief in a world that cannot be seen but can be heard inside your thoughts.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Relationship

The ability to understand that you are a creation from a greater source that is beyond your comprehension brings you to a level of awareness that will lead you to many life altering events. It will be like watching a flower bloom into the most radiant color that vibrates so high all around will only see its beauty. As you become aware that you affect everything and everyone around you because you are the vessel for Something Greater all your affairs will be impacted.

When you can understand that all you went through in your life brought you to this awareness, you will surrender to the greater good of the life you are living. You may not have any answers but you will experience a stillness that will sit in the pit of your stomach. It will help you find the peace inside your thoughts. It will assure you that you are right where you are supposed to be. Your presence is for the Source of All Creation to further creation through you.

If you attempt to communicate with this source at every moment, you will be able to discipline yourself to remember that it is there. The relationship with this source will grow like the flower that blooms and there will be no boundaries needed. Some people heal others because of their relationship and their belief that this source can heal through them. There are many types of relationships that people develop with the God of their understanding. There are many documented accounts of what people have accomplished because of their belief in a relationship with this source. There are many experiences that will occur because of your belief in what this relationship means to you in your life.

How can you develop a relationship with a world that you cannot see? This dimension is the product of the spirit world. It is like the seed that grows into a flower. Each stage of growth brings its own presence of beauty. You have the freewill to grow into the most beautiful flower because of your beliefs in what this relationship means to you. Just like the flower seeking for the sun and the rain to grow, you will need the storms and the rainbows as you develop a relationship with the God of your understanding.

As in any relationship it will take great effort on your behalf to maintain a positive connection. You will need to reach inside the darkest part you hold to find this connection through the desperation that there is a source inside of you that can only be seen through the world around you. The understanding comes when you realize that your thoughts reflect the relationship you have with the Source of All Creation through the world around you.

Some days may seem as though they are full of storms that will make you question if this source is angry with you and then in the middle of the storm, this source will speak to you through another person, through a song or through the raindrops. You will then know the storm was planned for your spiritual growth. If you are not seeking this source, you will miss the messages that will be surrounding you. How did your friend know to call you just to say hello when you were feeling your worst? How did the song sing the words that gave you hope when you had none?

Prayer is the key to developing this relationship and must be viewed as a daily ritual. At first it may feel uncomfortable as you will feel like you are talking to yourself. Some people pick the same prayer to repeat over and over until they are more comfortable when communicating with a world that is only in your thoughts and emotions. Your prayer will manifest into your world if you seek for this verification. That will be the day your relationship with the God of your understanding will come into full bloom. You will be blessed with the wisdom to know that you are being heard.

You will not be able to share your thoughts during this stage of development. You will even question if it is a coincidence. Then the whisper will come inside your thoughts and you will know that you are not alone and nothing you have done to develop this relationship was in vain. It will not matter what others will think as you will then understand that this source knows your true intensions and will verify that it is there as extensions from your thoughts into the world around you.

No one will be able to tell you how to view this relationship and no one will be able to tell you what you should do to develop a strong connection with this unseen world. The answers will come from within yourself as you seek for the type of relationship that you desire with a world that cannot be seen but can be heard inside your thoughts.


Thursday, September 11, 2014


There will come a day when there will only be two groups. You may even choose your group on the day you are leaving this body. There are those who do not choose any groups and they wonder aimlessly on their search for the group they belong with. Their journey may result in the integration of their spirit with a different form to continue the search. The spirit does not understand your pocket of time and will assist you in your spiritual growth by creating in any form you choose.

Those that sit in anger, jealousy, hatred and resentment are stuck in their search for where they belong. For each person they pull energy from as a result of their inability to look for the greater good in what is occurring in such emotions, they are gradually forming a group that leads into the source of such dark emotions. As your energy cannot be destroyed and changes form, so shall your emotions and thoughts that produce energy. You create the forms you carry based upon the thoughts and emotions you hold.

Your beauty on the outside only reflects the spirit you hold on the inside. Your material things do not reflect your spirit. The answers lie inside what you think and how you feel about what you have that surrounds you. If you feel the gratitude for what you have around you, the spirit will radiate through you into your world. If you hold a negative emotion, this will reflect into your home, the people you surround yourself with and all your affairs.

The energy you hold is what you form your reality into. You will eventually form into one of two groups in this dimension as a result. Once there are only two groups left is when the battle that is documented throughout history will occur. The Source of All Creation will allow a group of darkness to form as all make their choice. The freewill is given to all and once all have experienced both groups, they will then decide where they belong.

Those that choose the group full of negative energy will be given the choice to know they do not have to live in darkness. Many have already made their choice and are forming physically into their group. Do not be fooled by those with material things and by those who have the authority in the masses. The intensions behind their words will reflect the group they are choosing or have already chosen. With each word spoken and each thought put into action, the closer all become to their group of choice.

What are the groups you ask? One group is for creation and the other group is for destruction. The path to each comes through freewill. Until you know the difference between the two, you will have experience after experience as you develop the ability to make choices between the two groups. You will not consciously understand that you are making choices until the day you see the effect of your decisions on another and you are capable of experiencing compassion for the pain you may cause another or you decide that the effect you have on others does not matter. Until you can see the greater good of your choices, freewill is meaningless. Until the day comes when you see that what you do to others is what you do to yourself, freewill will be misunderstood. You do not help another just for them. You help others for your own spiritual growth and if the feeling of obligation lies behind your intentions, you have much to learn on your path to enlightenment.

Freewill starts with each piece of knowledge you obtain on your search for Something Greater and you learn the difference between the group of creation and the group of destruction. All your knowledge can be traced back to the beginning of when you had no knowledge and you did not have the ability to make choices for yourself. With each experience you have on your journey through life, your thoughts and emotions will create your intentions and ultimately the group you choose through freewill.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Raindrops

Spiritual growth comes through knowledge. As you gain understanding of how knowledge comes to you through your thoughts, you will begin to see that there is a link from your thoughts to others. It is like the raindrops that make up a stormy night as each drop blends in with the next.

As you accept that you are right where you are supposed to be, the events that will begin to unfold may seem impossible at first. Your thoughts will begin to be spoken by those around you and you will begin to witness the promises coming true that God assures will occur if you obey the commandments documented by Moses in the Bible. You may not be able to comprehend how it all works. As you seek for the answers, pieces of the explanations will come to you and it will, at first, be difficult to articulate. You will question your sanity yet you will want to share the wonderful things that will happen with others.

Some events may not be pleasant as you clean up the aftermath of the hurricane in your thoughts. As you bring out your new thoughts, you will scatter the new wisdom you obtain from the place where all knowledge lies for creation.  You will begin to understand that what you thought in your past is no longer who you are. As you vocalize your new thoughts, you will begin to cause a chain reaction in the world around you. Your reality will react as you pick up each piece of the despair from your past and turn it into the love you have found in an unseen world.

Some pieces of the despair may seem too heavy to pick up. Those are the times you will need to ask for help from a world that lies inside your thoughts. As you prepare for the cleanup, your world will be filled with negativity as you see the product of your past thoughts in your surroundings. People may become angry with you as you attempt to make the present experiences balance with what thoughts you now hold. It will all be determined by what your intensions are as you seek for the God of your understanding that gives you the answers and ultimately your purpose on this journey through life. It will be important to remind yourself that the spirit world does not know time and as you desire for things to be a specific way in your life, the spirit will swirl around you as you grow in a world that is not determined by even a second of time.

Your past despair will merge into the love you now hold and may take longer than you want to balance out in your world. Acceptance will assist with your ability to find peace inside as you stand in the middle of the storm that is the product of your past. The humiliation of who you are because of past thoughts will then merge with the new found thoughts of love for an unseen world that now sits inside of you. It is like the stars that gradually fill the night sky until all is lit with the beauty of who you have become because of this unseen world. You will then understand that you shine this world out to others through your thoughts and with each time you bring it forth out into action, another piece of the despair will turn into the love of who you are because of your belief in a world that only lives inside your thoughts.

The aftermath of your negative thoughts that now are full of love will take time to clean up as the world around you catches up with who you now are on the inside. You will then realize that you no longer regret the past nor do you wish to shut the door on it because you would not be who you are today any other way. That will be the day you will take the debris and look for the beauty in all the parts of your past that make you who you are because of all you experienced. You will then see the past experiences that made you feel like you were going to drown as you stand in the middle of the storm are turning into the nourishment on your search for greatness. All your despair will turn into the soft raindrops that will touch your skin while the sun shines as you look out to see the rainbow that symbolizes yet another promise coming true in your life.  



Wednesday, September 3, 2014


The God of your understanding will give you the authority to know that the things inside  of yourself are true. If others question you, the wisdom will be given to all that what you say is from the source where all knowledge lies. There will come a day when you will not question why you say and do things as you take the path towards Something Greater. You will be given the knowledge that all you are is necessary for your mission in this dimension.

As you are blessed with knowledge, the things that lie around you that appear to be problems will turn into the way to gain more understanding of who you are becoming on this mission called “Life”. Those that surround you will become symbolic of a part of yourself and the relationships that were once in your life will be seen as a part of the adventure that gave you clues on your hunt for Greatness.

Those that surround you today will then be seen as the ones that give you more strength to find the authority to walk with assurance that the path you are on is where you are supposed to be and nowhere else will do. You will one day understand that no one defines who you are except for your own perception of yourself.

Does someone in your life always cause you disappointment, yet your love for them keeps you bound for a life time of this emotion? What part of you causes you to be disappointed? You will find that the more you look at the part of you that is disappointed, the more you will reach for Something Greater as the Creator gives you the answers.

As you seek for the answers, you will find that you have just reached a new level of awareness because you will then understand that it was always about you, even through others. Everything will then become like a mirror that reflects back to you. The life you live will then be viewed as the flower that soaks in the rays of the sun to grow. The people, places and events in your life will be like the rays of the sun that help you grow on your path towards Something Greater.

As you soak in the rays of light from all around you, the dark thoughts will seem to fade away. The more light you find in the people, places and events in your life, the less dark thoughts you will hold. You will seek out the place inside that gives you peace and you will wake up one day with no thoughts of despair. That will be the day that you will find your heaven in your thoughts and the next level of awareness will occur.

Where does the peace take you? That will be between you and the God of your understanding as you bask in the glory of the knowledge given to you that makes you yearn for more. You will learn that all you are is because of your Creator and as you feel the peace swell up inside of you, it will become impossible to just keep it for yourself. That will be the day that you will discover, it was always about who you are becoming as a vessel for Something Greater.