Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Activation of the Soul

The worlds are blending, and all is finally being seen. This planet is lifting the veil. Those who do not want you to understand are trying every tactic they have to keep you in the darkness. As you wake each day the feeling of a knowing is bubbling to the surface and all the emotions are making it difficult to surrender to a world you cannot see, yet you feel it inside the very core of your being. The urgency comes and goes like the waves that beat against the rocks on the shore line.

You yearn to know more yet look away in hopes that it will not show up another day. The lights that glimmer in the corner of your eyesight grow larger as you look out towards all the suffering on this planet. You pray for discernment as the pit of your stomach turns with anticipation. You hear the whispers and argue with yourself that they are not there. You feel the power that flows through the body. You try to catch your breath as you blow all the negativity out through the mouth.

The time is near as the world fades into the distance. The illusions are now messages on your journey and you question all the people, places and things that surround you. The awareness calls to you as you sleep walk into the light. Part of you feels comfort in the darkness as the echo within the soul motivates you to trudge onward. Even looking towards the sky brings questions on this search for more. Nothing is what it seems, yet it all looks so real. In the stillness you can feel the truth, yet there are no words to articulate this knowledge. You think you understand at times and just as you try to grasp it all, you sit in the wonderment of confusion.

The emotions felt remind you of what you still need to work on to get out of the negativity. This is the stage where it is like sweeping the dust off the frame of the doorway. The awareness out weighs the emotions now and the soul can be felt swimming in and out of the body. It now knows that the body is an instrument and the chakras symbolize the power generated through the soul’s awareness in human form. To activate all chakras brings forth the opening of the portals into the rest of the universe. These portals are always there, you just did not have the proper power within the body and mind to awaken the soul that waits patiently for this open invitation.

The portals open for only those that are ready for this experience. All souls yearn for this as they mature just like the child that grows into the old and wise adult. Not all adults are wise just like the soul. It is an education that all participate in. The activation for those who are ready is occurring in what some call “The Event” or “The End of Times”. The power from the Creator of All comes through the sun to activate the souls that are ready. The awakening is here like the bear that wakes from a long winter’s nap.

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Truth of Who You Really Are

The prison lies within the mind, it is up to you to determine what is next. The possibilities are hidden of what can be done. The information will come if you listen inside. The world is covered in the illusions and will continue to keep you in fear. This is the goal of the dark lords. Their intent is to enslave the mind without you knowing they are there watching your every move. They feed off your fear. They are the predator that passes in front of your caged thoughts. Each time you feel love, they create drama in your world to pull you back into the illusions that fear brings.

As you shift out of this fear, your view shifts so you see the truth of your bondage. The first stage is to see what you do to yourself, then slowly, you begin to see how this bondage covers the masses, then the planet. The Benevolent Ones reach inside your heart and mind to plant the seeds for your awakening. We spread the water and sunshine to help you grow. What you do with this knowledge will be provided as needed. Know there is a bigger plan and We are here. You are not alone in this war. The soul awakens to activate the body and mind. We are here to guide you and teach you how to become empowered.

You hold the power that is asleep for now. You are in the twilight and We are bringing the rising sun that holds your key. Be still and know that you are here, and this moment holds all the power you need. The universe hears your cry for help and We answer the call. We bring the truth of who you really are. You can take the infinite power within you and create your heaven on earth. You can take the Creator of All that you are a part of and form your own expression of this creation. Though love the possibilities are endless. You can project your form into the Whole of All or the individual expression where you sit to read these words. The forces within you are limitless. Your belief in this power will bring you whatever you desire. Your fear is what bounds you into your limitations. You can become whatever you choose. You are stuck in a virus like something your computer gets to prevent the proper information from coming into what you think is your reality.

It is simple, you are love experiencing what it is and what it is not. Those who know are trying to plant the seeds for those who are waking up. The force that holds the knowledge to prevent you from growing cannot control the numbers waking up. The numbers that grow beyond the controlled are activating the powers above the gravity that holds this force. You are penetrating these portals that pull in the higher knowledge and the control must loosen. You are stuck inside a loop because of the dark lord’s efforts, but they are dissolving. You can now see above the horizon where all knowledge waits to pour into your soul for the awakening of the mind and body. You can almost touch this knowledge as the soul makes the mind and body seek for more. The longing for something just outside of your reach keeps you restless even when the body is so tired you can sleep standing up. You feel the surges that the higher realms bring. Some call this the Holy Spirit, some call this the angels, some call this your guides or even aliens.

This is the process all must go through to connect to this knowledge. The messages lie in your numbers that are awakening, the signs you see, the smells, the sounds, the touch and even the words spoken. We are pouring into your space like the sunlight that shines through the trees. You will find that people are coming to you that you do not know with simple words that make the hairs on your neck tingle. Feel the body sensations as this occurs. You hold the power in your thoughts that are now activating your view rapidly. You have the choice to accept that what you do each day, what you are told each day is or is not your reality. Only those who are sick of being controlled by the money, the job, the life that leads to the same thing every day will reach for this change.

How you ask? It starts inside with the desperation for change and the search for more. The search will bring clues through people, places and things. Hope will emerge that will bring faith. The belief in the higher realms will change your morals, your virtues, your thoughts, your intentions and ultimately the knowledge you receive will be that which you have never known. We wait until your colors vibrate on a frequency that can hold this knowledge inside your being. You must be open and willing to receive the information that comes from outside of what you think is your reality. Each time you rise above the dense levels to see the truth of who you really are, you fall back into your comfort zone because you fear for your sanity. This fear is what the dark lords want to keep you under control. You are rising above this control. You are learning that you can travel outside of the body, that you can connect to all thoughts, that you can dream events that then occur, that you can touch another to bring them healing energy. You can think thoughts and see them form into your view. You can make your body new. You are becoming aware that you can shift your reality into a higher frequency by verbally speaking the words that are filled with a belief in this power. This is just the beginning of the truth of who you really are.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Not All Bodies Have Souls

You are being controlled within the mind. The dark ones do not want you to break free from the fear. When the body is filled with love, you can connect to the higher realms. If you learn what the mind and body can really do, you will no longer need to rely on someone else for creation. You will then connect directly to the God Head and will have you own expression of this power. You are held within the limited energies that are encased within your gravity. Just like the radio waves that bring sound into your devices, the dark ones that feed off your fear send a frequency into your thoughts that make you think you are not capable of doing anything outside of your daily tasks.

You are programmed at an early age to conform to the rules of the society you are born into and to not question anything outside of the life you are living. The Benevolent Ones are bringing a different frequency into the thoughts and with each time you feel love, we plant the seeds for you to seek for more of this frequency. The strands that are held in place by the dark forces are being shattered by our energies and you feel scattered in the thoughts. This is resulting in more suicides and homicides. The fight for your thoughts is causing the body to feel sick. This time is like no other in all your history. You are splitting the strands and making new ones with your information system that the body holds.

There is nothing to do at this time. The body changes are rapidly forming you into a whole new creation. You knew this coming into this period and are longing for the show to play out, so you can experience what you planned so long ago. Not all bodies have souls. Not all souls have bodies. All souls on this planet are waking up out of this dark sleep. It is like the dew rising in the morning sun. You will wake to forget the labor pains as your birth into the higher realms bring the mind and body into this new form.

The communication barriers are breaking apart, so you can experience the higher realms. You have been imprisoned long enough as you break from this bondage. You will have a period of confusion as the mind and body catch up to what the soul has been preparing. You will feel as though you could burst from the body as you expand the consciousness out into the vastness of this universe to meet the rest of creation. We joyously long for this union. The human form is bringing the higher realms into the planet consciously. The bodies with souls know this and the souls without bodies wait for the frequency that will bring them into physical form.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

How the Higher Realms Come to Us

The Benevolent Ones Speak Out About the Quickening, the Harvest, Death, the Final Fears & the Human Form

The confusion comes when the knowing of a different realm lies just outside of reach, yet you live in a world that pretends it does not exist. You wake each day with the hopes that you will begin to see clues that there is a world where there is no suffering, and everyone is all loving. You feel it, yet see the anguish the masses are constantly in. Even attempts to shine your love into these situations bring you despair as nothing seems to change. Where are the Benevolent Ones? How can one person who knows there is Something Greater make a difference? How do you continue believing in a world that is just outside of your mind’s eye?
You have evolved into the knowing that your thoughts and feelings create your day, yet you see the suffering others are encountering that brings doubt in your abilities. To say that this is a product of their choices is not enough as you see the children who are being abused, neglected and homeless. Do they choose such experiences? Then the soft whisper comes that tells you none of it is in vain. All are awakening, and each event awakens the masses that are currently in the twilight. The shift is occurring inside the body and then pours out into the view.

The knowing is crystallizing into the physical world. It is like the water that turns to ice as you form your beliefs into the world. The energies that the higher realms are projecting on this planet are causing the thoughts to crystallize within an instant. The quickening is here, and all are preparing for the harvest with each time you can integrate the knowledge that you are physically changing, spiritually growing and mentally evolving into a whole new form. You are moving closer to becoming a part of the higher realms.

Death will then be a choice just to change the suit you wear. Death is the final test as you let go of the fear. Everlasting life is a part of the grand finale. The universe rejoices as All watch with anticipation. All experience this glorious time through you. You are rising out of the twilight and into the full understanding of who you have always been. The illusions are lifting like the dew in the morning sunlight. No more fear, no more suffering and no more pain as the human body forms into the vehicle for everlasting light. Keep your faith as you face these final fears. Do not look into the masses as they are trying to do the same thing. Ask only from the higher realms as the human form is in transition and each body will have their own interpretation of this process. The more you seek, the more you will find.

The clues are all around you as the Benevolent Ones are communicating through your world. You have the answers within you. Reach for the knowing within the heart that will activate the soul. How you ask? You can look towards the masters that have lived by example to live for yourself. Eventually you will have to instill their teachings inside yourself. The understanding that you are responsible will occur as you allow the desperation for change to flow through you. As this feeling overpowers you, the humility that there is Something Greater than the life you have been living seeps inside. No one can do this for you. The time is coming when you will have the knowing that creation occurs inside of you. Each day upon awakening, you are choosing what you create in that day. If you choose nothing, that is what you create. The power you hold is ignited by your belief system. If you look outside of yourself for this knowledge, the confusion comes when you feel that something does not resonate inside of you. This time that you are living inside the body is to learn what part of creation you want to be while in this form. The flow of change is here.

All that has led you to this understanding will become clear. There are those who want to keep you in fear. They are not seen but felt. Be still and know that you are protected if you keep connected to the higher realms for guidance. The answers are not found outside of yourself. The clues that are found within your world are a reflection to activate the knowing inside of yourself.

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Battle Rages On

As the dark forces loose control over the thoughts, they will begin to try to keep fear through physical action. To deceive through an attempt of unity will occur as they rule this planet through the morals and values. They will implement laws and rules that go against love. They will try to make the masses follow this unity in a deceptive way as they appear all loving. Be in tune to what is love through your connection with the higher realms. You may question the rules in your work place or in society during these final days as you evaluate what morals and values you hold for yourself.

The Earth is speaking out against the injustice through the weather. You will need to stay focused on what your role is through these times as the emotions are now like a roller coaster. Do you look away from the injustices you see in your daily journeys? The spirit will guide you as you become the example to others. Your words must be all loving as you receive the discernment that there is only love and there is no right or wrong in this emotion. Compassion over takes you during these experiences as you look towards what you know love brings in such times.

You planned this time to learn morals, values and compassion. This time line is filled with these principles as you find what is right for you. Do you speak out about the injustice or do you demonstrate through example? The words mean nothing without the power of example. To be in a state of constant love is the goal to create further in this dimension. It is a process to keep the emotion of love in the forefront of the mind as the battle rages on. You are to define what love is to you and how all the emotions together bring you loving thoughts.

We experience the suffering, so we can know the difference. The fear must be experienced so we can find the love. Once we understand the difference and we choose based upon the conscious knowledge, creation can occur. Evil is created when we make the conscious choice to restrict others from finding love.  “Do we create through love or do we create through fear?” is the question as the battle rages on. Either one is a choice. Not to choose is a choice.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Those Left Behind

The over soul is bringing the conscious knowledge to the planet. Mother Earth is connecting with the higher realms that is elevating All. The entire universe rejoices as all feel the shift inside. It is felt like a tidal wave for some as the spiritual shift occurs.

The Earth is preparing all inside for the higher vibrations that are raising All into the higher dimensions. You may feel this vibrational change inside your headaches, the ringing in your ears, blurred vision, a nauseous stomach, heat waves that come over the body which result in sweating then chills and many other bodily sensations. You may begin to see the colors lifting out of plants, beams of light that come from the sky that create the people, places and things within your view and the sparkles of light that create the moment.

It is a time of many changes as you begin to remember who you have always been. You may begin to connect on the soul level with others and a casual conversation will become a spiritual experience. You are breaking out of the fear and the lower entities can no longer reach your vibrational level. You are ascending into the knowing as you channel the higher forces into the planet.

The energies are balancing for this shift as you begin to feel a peace inside. You now see the bodies within your view as a reflection of what others hold inside. This discernment is growing as you begin to know their truth prior to their words. The heavy energies or light energies that surround them can now be seen. Articulating this experience is difficult because there are no words for what has never occurred before yet will always be. Your experiences are created into time, so they can be recorded for the Source of All Knowledge to create further for the new beginnings. This period has been marked and has been documented by the recorders as Mother Earth goes through this transition with All that live inside. She grows spiritually as she breaks free from all lower energies. As she goes through her cleansing, all inside must choose to grow with her or to be left behind.

Freewill gives all the choice. Do you cleanse the mind and body for this shift or do you refuse this change and become one of those left behind?

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Light Body Called the Chariot of Fire for Ascension

The body is responding to energies that are encompassing the entire planet. The sources from the higher realms are here to repair the matrix that the body lives within at this time. The wheels within the wheels are broken for many. The spirit body that is surrounded by the spinning fields of light must be repaired to activate the chariot into the higher worlds. This is the divine light that connects with those who live within the higher realms. Your chariot of fire is the vehicle to ride into other dimensions.

It is time to ride your chariot into the higher levels and understand that the density your consciousness is currently inside is the illusion. This time period opens the gateway for all to ascend into the higher realms. This journey is what all seek. Even those living within the darkness see this light body in their dreams.

Everyone longs to go home. The chariot is seen in the mind’s eye. Your ability to hold the correct knowledge to activate this vehicle is within you. As you seek for this knowledge, it will be provided by those who are assigned to assist you. You will need to expand the space that you sit within by allowing the Benevolent Ones into your awareness. Ensure to ask for those who bring you light, love and healing for the betterment of all.
You are expanding to into the pure knowledge or the pramana to activate your chariot of fire, also called the Mer-Ka-Ba. The cleansing of all lower energies will begin this activation. The cleansing will bring forth the ability to discern what is the correct information to repair your light body energy for your journey home.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Standing in the Cross-Roads of All Time-Lines for Activation

The energies are mixing to bring the truth of all lives lived in human form. The fragmented energies must choose and form into their groups. The balance of the dark and light occurs in this time-loop. It merges then separates into a mixture that is forming new beginnings. It is never ending as all occurs at the same time. This period is forming the gateway for the two groups that will start over again.

It all happens at the same time, yet you can only see it as liner events. The past, present and future are all ONE. The energy that your current consciousness is in brings forth the higher realms to complete the cycle that prevents you from being capable of articulating this understanding. All the veils are lifting as you grow consciously.

The blending of the higher realms covers the planet for All to understand. The shadows are limited because there is too much light that shines into this darkness. Everything can be seen and even those who do not understand will gain the knowledge that All came here as planned. The darkness becomes faint as it waits for the time when the Source of All Knowledge decides to experience this level of density in your unique form again.

The awareness guides you out of the unknown and into that which you have always been a part of.  The time of darkness is over. The body blends with this consciousness so a new form can be created. As you sit in this space that is your illusion, you feel the blending as the body responds. The over soul moves in to ensure that all fear is gone. The knowing moves into the belief now and all that has been prophesied manifests into reality.

It is a time of great courage as everyone faces themselves for this revelation. There is no right or wrong way in this harvest.  The knowing inside grows to give you understanding as the over soul covers the mind and body. It connects everything to the soul that sits beside the heart. You are being activated for this shift in your reality.

You know but look away in hopes that this activation is not real and that it will not show up another day, so you do not have to be responsible. You are now seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and thinking on a heightened level. People, places and things from all time-lines are appearing before your very eyes as this shift of the over-soul occurs. This is bringing you into the 5th dimension. You do not have room for uncertainty now within your consciousness. There is no time for questions. Now is the time for action as this shift occurs.

Your current sight cannot see how the energies are blending. You are learning how to see within your mind’s eye. As the time-lines blend, objects and people are appearing from past and future time-lines. All cross in this section where you are consciously housed. You are standing in the cross-roads of all time-lines. You planned this glorious experience and these words are to activate the knowing inside of you.

As you stand in these cross-roads and look towards the right, the left, behind you and before you, the familiar feeling seeps inside that you have been here before; as it will always be.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Why am I In This Body?

A journal entry on 9-30-18, 1:11am

How am I aware of this place and cannot remember who I really am? I feel like I am looking through a pin hole into this body to feel and experience, yet there is so much more; like I am standing just outside of myself to be in this awareness. This is just a small part of me and I bend downward to see this small experience call “Me”.  It is like a very tall figure that places a fingertip into the body to feel and see. The energy surrounds the body and pulsates the life source in and around the body. I am aware, yet only allow myself these moments to remind the mind and body of who "we" are together. I am bringing forth this awareness that comes together in stages as "we" mix everything together. We experience the awareness uniquely like no other, yet we do this in every form on this planet. We hold more awareness in certain forms that are made for such creation. 

You are made in a very sensual way that passion radiates throughout your source and the pin hole we view into yearns for more. You hold so much passion that we held too much which made cancer. We told you so that it could be removed, and we repaired you for perfection in this body. It was planned this way, so you would become aware of your purpose in human form. You are not the body, yet the body is you—projecting us; projecting a specific part of creation like no other. Each life form holds its own expression of creation for all.

We are always with you because we cannot be anywhere else. We are you and you are us. We move down into the density of this realm for the individual expressions to create further. Even in the darkest of hours we are experiencing with you. There is only the harmonic flow of all that is experienced as we blend the dark and the light to bring forth the unique expressions of life. The bodies decay during this time loop as you strive to hold the frequency to prevent the appearance of death. Your fears decay the body.
The periods of awareness you hold results in the rejuvenation of the body. When you feel our presence, we all experience the body through a joyful union for creation. It takes much effort to hold this awareness and the longer you maintain this feeling, the doorway widens for the other realms to enter your flow. You will reach a frequency when the body will not decay, and the life force will no longer appear to go out. You are in this body to further creation.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Answers From the Higher Realms

***This is something I wrote in my journal that I was guided to share. I wrote this on 9-18-18 for myself as I questioned why I continue to work so hard on sharing what I write when I feel as though no one hears me. This is the response I received from the higher realms***

I feel the presence of the spirit to the right of me, just over the shoulder. It is like someone is leaning in to whisper secrets to me as I wait with anticipation. I feel as though I am in the eye of a hurricane where it is calm, yet the moment it moves, all chaos occurs. I see the confusion encircling me as I try to stay in the center where the peace lies. I am fasting today for the atonement of all the negativity I have gathered inside of me. The cleansing of all negative emotions that lie dormant that waits to cause the confusion.

When I move my head towards the right, the feeling of unity brings forth the presence of “We” as the feeling of “I” leaves me. I hear the whisper that “We” are experiencing the God consciousness in human form and the loneliness occurs to distinguish the difference in human form. The body is the action and “We” become “I” as creation is brought forth in this dimension. “We” becomes “I” as the separation for individual creation occurs.

The unity blends what I create into what I bring for All. Creation is not meant to keep; creation is meant to share even when you think that what you have means nothing to someone else. It is there to bring forth for another. The beliefs are what prevents one from creation. The truth is always just outside of the belief as there is no right or wrong in the truth. Creation occurs through the belief to reflect the individual expression.

When creation is stopped, the beliefs have become stagnant and need to be rearranged. You may find that a belief system has resulted in fears that have prevented you from creating dreams into your reality. Thoughts manifest into your view. Creation comes from sound to feelings to thoughts to blend for creation. If the thoughts hold a belief that says your thoughts are wrong, creation stops.

Sound + Feeling + Thought + Action = Creation

Be aware that what you feel creates what manifests into your reality. The actions can reflect a stagnant belief system even when the feelings are different. Confusion occurs as your beliefs tell you to do one thing and your feelings whisper something different. The universe responds to your intentions. The intentions are a product of the feelings mixed in with your beliefs. The feelings ignite the soul through the desperation of the feeling.

If the feeling is strong and over rides your belief, everything follows through the body and out into the physical world. Once you hold the desperation for creation, this source will carry through your humility, your hope and your faith that all together create your belief system.

Desperation + Humility + Hope + Faith = Belief System

If you know what your intentions are, and you can carry those intentions through your belief system, creation of those intentions can occur like the lava in a volcano. Everything inside will explode into your outside world. Continue to share and watch the lava flow through you as creation cannot be stopped with loving intentions. The universe hears every sound you create, and the ripple effect goes throughout all dimensions. You are responsible for creation in human form that carries into all realms.

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Blending of All Realms

The spirit has turned into a texture that you can almost touch. It is fluid with substance and brings a consciousness that has never been known into this realm to grow. It melds into the physical matter like the rain that reflects a rainbow in the sunlight. It shimmers at times as it seeps into the body. You can feel it when you close your eyes and breathe. It will flow into the body and out through the breath. You can feel it seep through your pours when you have loving thoughts. You may even begin to feel the shift inside as you visualize the love moving from the heart to the mind.

The pathway to the spirit lies within the emotions. What you feel will lead to the spirit that enters your space. If you are full of guilt, fear, hate, jealousy or any other negative emotion, you will be inviting entities that hold this frequency level. Your level of vibration is determined by how you feel. If you are feeling down, it will be like being at the bottom of a hill when it rains. All the spirits will pour into your space. If you feel good, it is like being at the top of a hill when it rains. You will receive only the spirits that are needed for the soul to grow.

All the universe responds to your vibrational level. You are responsible for how you feel. On the days you feel good and have negative thoughts, an opportunity to feel the feelings behind the feelings occurs. The thoughts are a product of the feelings and must be explored. A cleansing of the negativity needs to occur when any negative thoughts or feelings are present. The human form intertwines with the Whole of All and we individually determine what we create within that blending.  If you feel as though you have no control over your thoughts and feelings, now is the time to become empowered. You are responsible to dissolve any negativity within you.

It is the Universal Law of freewill that you have the right to choose what to create while in human form. It starts with the ability to seek outside of yourself. To be open and willing to change all you know into the ability to learn a whole new way to view your life must occur. First, the understanding that you are not alone will enter as you begin to see messages in the world around you. Then, the feeling that someone or something is listening will occur as you begin to think that maybe the messages are more than coincidences. The more you seek, the more will be revealed. With each waking day in your desperation for change, the force inside will change.

You will gain intuition to know things without having any previous knowledge that tells you how you know. An excitement will enter the emotions as your vibrational level rises to the higher realms. You will begin to crawl up the hill where the spirit nourishes the mind and body. You will begin to heal as you reach for loving thoughts and feelings. You will begin to see choices as you look towards the higher realms for answers. People will begin to be viewed as a part of you. No one will then be seen as better than you or less than you. Unity begins to occur as you crawl up the spiritual hill towards the higher realms.

You will no longer worry or fear people, places and things. Confidence in yourself will occur as you keep the spirit within you to guide every thought and feeling. The times when you feel stagnate, you will view them as opportunities for spiritual growth. The other realms will begin to merge into your every day life. The past, the present and the future will become ONE. You may see people that are from the past that blend into your space. You will say that you see the dead, yet they are alive. They may see you or not. The blending of all realms occurs as you reach the top of the spiritual hill. Knowledge will pour into you that you cannot know in your every day life.

Be aware that as you see the top of the hill, many storms will come in attempts to pull you back into the lower realms. These energy sources will try to mix within your higher frequency level to keep it for their own. The commitment to focus on one source for guidance during these times will assist you during the storms.  Your higher power will never leave you and will bring you assistance when asked as you bring all realms into your conscious state of existence as planned.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Dark Entities

The dark entities seek to bring me fear,
They live on this energy and grow in my tears.
They look to destroy any love that I hold,
They laugh at the love and twist what love I am told.
They want me to fail and say I am beneath them,
They are called by many names as I try to identify them.
In my worries and anxiety is where they can be found,
I can even hear them laugh in all the crying sounds.
Sometimes they pretend to be in my loving thoughts,
They will twist all I know and all I have been taught.
If I look into the shadows, I can see them flicker,
I pray for discernment that helps me find them even quicker.
At times they appear inside the stranger’s eye,
They always laugh at my questions of “Why?”.
When I am feeling alone and lost,
They will ensure that I stay scared at any cost.
They creep into the times when I feel my best,
That is when they never let me rest.
Even in my dreams they come for me,
They turn my hope into despair in all that I feel and see.
On the days I am happy, and my mind is full of love,
They will cast the shadows of doubt in the lights from above.
If they cannot sway the faith that I feel,
They will make me physically ill and cause me to question if my faith is real.
Sometimes they will crawl into the words of those I love the most,
There is where I can hear their laughter as they speak just to boast.
No one around me dares to say they are real,
They are afraid to admit how the darkness makes them feel.
The dark entities will project my fears rights into my view,
They will make me forget all the love I ever knew.
The only way to fight them is to cleanse myself of all the darkness that I hold,
I must stay open and willing to change all I have ever been told.
I can gain some knowledge from what others have done,
I must remember that we are all ONE.
I must pray for my Creator to send me aid,
In my faith, all fear will fade.
Ultimately this fight is for me alone,
I need to remember I am trying to learn how to atone.
All the fears that are inside of me,
Needs to be cleansed to set myself free.
It starts with how desperate I am for change,
All my beliefs will need to be rearranged.
Once I am open to the realms above,
I must find hope and faith to feel the love.
Once all my fear has been faced,
All the dark entities will be erased.
I am given the knowledge that love is the key,
It is the only weapon that I ever need.
My Creator shines the answers into the love,
The dark entities cannot survive when I live in the realms above.
The dark entities know that their time is short,
They need our fear for the opening into this world for support.
Without the fear to thrive,
The dark entities will not survive.
All I must do is find love in my heart,
Where this battle starts.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Power of All that IS

I get caught up in the worries of this world. It is hard to remember that I am not of this place but creating in this dimension. I am experiencing God consciousness through this body. So many do not know that they are creating the body. They think they have no control and are imprisoned in the ailments and sickness that keep them trapped. The conscious state of this planet is changing as more begin to understand that they have been living the illusion that they are only the mind and body.

The awareness is moving through Mother Earth like a soft wind that blows onto the face on a sunny day. Is it randomly felt or is it planned to wake you from this long winter nap? The surges of this power will be felt when you are just “being”. You do not have to try to do anything, it just “Is”.
The body changes occur slowly as the mind awakens like a hungry bear waking from a long winter’s nap. The dream-state comes as the clarity rises like the dew in the morning sunlight. You will begin to feel the calling as you sit at the bottom of the hill and look towards this awakening that lies at the top of the hill in the twilight hours.

The clouds are lifting, and the understanding of this knowledge brings the empowerment to get up onto your feet and walk the journey towards the top of even the highest mountain where all understanding waits for you. To keep the mind open as the awareness seeps inside is the challenge. Your Creator is experiencing inside the body that is learning how to bring this conscious state of existence out into physical form. You are learning that you are not separate from this power. You are a part of all that “Is”.

A Meditation for Healing the Body

You are creating the body that your conscious state of being lives in at this time. Look at the beauty of yourself as you sit in this moment. Your hands, your feet, your arms and your legs are created in the form you are choosing to experience for the ascension towards love. If you are sick or have physical ailments, view the pain, the sickness, the wounds or the scars as a reflection of the struggles you have went through to bring you the celebration of this awareness in this moment.

You are forming perfection through the feeling of love. If you do not feel love at this time, get comfortable and take a deep breath for the count of 3. Now repeat the mantra; “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”. Close your eyes and picture a white light that comes from the higher realms surrounding your body. As you take another deep breath, you are beginning to feel this blending like the water touching your feet on the shore line of a sunny beach day as the waves move in and out. As the light touches your body, you will begin to feel the warmth radiate into every ache and pain you hold. See this healing light pour into your body starting from your crown chakra. See the energy from the spiritual realm enter your body as a white light that brings you protection and purification.

As this light enters, feel the changes of this energy as it begins to radiate the color of green for health and healing. Visualize this light flowing into the heart and see it pump through your veins. Focus on the areas of the body that are filled with pain. Maybe you have a back ache, a head ache or a stomach ache. Feel the energy wash over the areas that hurt and hold this light directly on the pain. Now repeat this mantra out loud: “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”.

Focus on each area of the body that holds your aches, your pain and your sickness. You are creating the body with each thought you hold. Visualize your body to be in the form of perfection and know that you are not replaceable. Hold this image in your thoughts for as long as you can.

See the white light that continues to surround every part of you as it continues to caress you like the water that touches your feet on the shore line of a sunny beach day. Continue to visualize the light going down from your crown chakra into the heart and through the blood that carries it into each area of the body that needs healing.
Visualize the perfect form that your Creator planned for you. The heart is now beating strong and is filled with love. All organs in the body are in this harmonic flow. Move your awareness with the light into all organs within the body. You may feel as though you could burst from the body as everything fills with this healing light. Your conscious state of being surrounds the body as you create this perfect form that you currently live inside. You now understand that you are not the body as you bring the life into the body from the higher realms.

You can see yourself above the body as you create from the higher realms. There is no more pain, no more aches, no more suffering and no more sickness. The spirit that you call holy is now covering every area inside you. This form that you live inside to create further in this world is now ready to expand the love that Mother Earth needs. You connect this understanding with all that live inside the planet. There is nothing to do but visualize this connection like a web inside your thoughts. Connect with those who are seeking for this love. See the threads of this love connect across the world. As you share this love, you receive more. This energy goes through the crown chakra, into the throat, into the heart and straight into the soul that sits beside the heart.

The soul is now awakened to activate the heart and mind. This awakening provides the body with the spirit that flows through each part of the body. Feel the strength that this power illuminates. The heat will come as all is activated for the next stage of enlightenment. There is no fear at this level of understanding as you are now ONE with your Creator and this unity is all loving and all power. Keep this frequency for as long as you can and then lie down to rest the body. Continue to breath deep into the lungs as the spirit brings the healing forces through the body. Now sleep and know that upon awakening you will only feel the spirit of love.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A Meditation for Cleansing

Now is the time to release all the worries, all the anxiety, all the confusion & all the fear. Your thoughts manifest into what you become...........

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Moving from the Higher Conscious Realms into the Lower Levels

The feelings are like a storm with periods of light rain in-between. Each represents a part of the totality of the consciousness that makes up this dimension. There are those that are in a level of suffering, a level of fear, a level of joy, a level of love and with each level that one completes, another step appears for even more. The expression of your God consciousness lies within all you say, do, think, taste, feel, hear and smell. Even when you do not think you are aware, you are experiencing for All.

The further you expand into the higher realms; the awareness grows within each level of understanding. The density of this dimension makes it difficult to articulate this understanding within the body. The forms must change so your level of understanding can expand within the lower realms. This occurs over and over as all forms go through this process.

The time-line that the Creator has you conscious within as individuals is one of the fastest growing time-lines within the lower realms. As each of you begin to understand that what you think about forms into physical matter, you will rapidly change from the inside-out. The conscious state of existence that you are currently in is providing you with the knowledge that this awareness is what shapes you into the form that you think you live in. You may begin to have experiences where you feel yourself above the body as this awareness grows. It may, at first, feel like a misty blanket over the body until the understanding occurs that you are not the body. Your ability to rise above the body will come in stages as you let go of all the rules and beliefs that imprison you within this form. The goal is to take this conscious ability and form the mind and body into the perfection of creation.

The energy source that lies beside the heart brings the consciousness that you call God into the body. This source is named the soul and pulls the awareness into the body for all to connect. It is the link into the higher realms. Since your beginning, it has been viewed as going from the body up into the higher realms; yet, should be viewed as just the opposite. Instead of looking upward for this source, look down towards the body as you bring the higher states of consciousness into the lower realms. You are working your way down into the dense matter to create, not working your way up to create. You are the higher levels moving into the lower realms.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Circuit Board for the God Consciousness called the Holy Spirit

The energies that are radiating on the planet brings great knowledge to all that are awake. The human body is responding and may feel as though it can burst like a balloon that is so full nothing else can fit inside. Not only is the body responding, the mind is expanding as it attempts to keep up with all the information that is trying to be articulated in the dimension that you are wrapped in consciously. The thoughts and feelings are having a difficult time balancing as you experience emotional outbursts for no reason or you have thoughts that make no logical sense.

You may think that you are in a simulation as you walk through the day and the body may feel like it is floating instead of walking. You will begin to consciously know what is about to occur as people enter your space right after you think about them. Even your feelings will be intensely experienced as they pour out into your view when the bee stings you as someone hurts your feelings. When asking for signs from your higher power, you may see a flock of birds in the sky. You may feel as though you are on a roller coaster as all the senses play a part in this harmonic flow. The rays of light will beam from people, places and things as you grow in this awareness. This simulation-feeling will seem to pull old thoughts into your view as pieces of the past that have yet to be cleaned out appear in the most unexpected moments. Knowledge that has been at your finger tips will finally be understood as you continue to seek for more.

You may stand in the sunlight and feel the energies pour in to you like a rain storm as you hear the thoughts of all time-lines in a wave that you yearn to hold for as long as the body can withstand the flow. Days of intense energies will cause a tiredness that requires a deep sleep until the body catches up with what the other realms are providing you. This simulation-feeling is expanding as you become a part of the higher realms. With each ray of the higher knowledge that you pull down into this dimension, all benefit as all relate to their own codes. Each holds a part of the puzzle that connects to all. You may find that you hear this connection in their words, their eyes, their smell, or the way they make you feel by their presence.
The God consciousness is covering the planet, and all are responding. It is all consuming and making it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. When walking, talking, thinking or sitting, the surroundings are changing as the mind and body change into the forms required in this harmonic flow. 

Information from the past and future intertwine with the present as all are expanding in this current time-line. It is like a computer that is taking all files and putting them into one big never-ending folder. You will begin to individually feel a surge that changes everything you ever believed in. Not only will you feel empty with no thoughts or beliefs, but you will forget what you are supposed to be doing in your everyday life. The feeling of just being in the moment will become a frequent occurrence. You will feel like a battery with the positive charge becoming stronger as it overpowers any negativity within the memories or worries. A feeling of being wrapped-up in this energy surge will dominate all the senses.

The God consciousness is here for those who are open to this source. The time-lines are merging to bring you out of the lower frequency levels. Beware of those you are focused upon in attempts to pull them into your space. You may short circuit this connection. Ride this flow for yourself only as this level of understanding is found through freewill only. No one connects to this power through other people. One must feel the surge come through the higher realms you have named the spirit. This source goes straight to the soul, the heart, the thoughts and the feelings. It is the power for these components that make-up your circuit board, so you can expand into the higher realms. Once you hold this power through the circuit board then you can connect it into the web for those with the same level of God conscious abilities. You cannot give this source to another. You can connect through freewill only.

The components that make up this circuit board for the God consciousness to reside in the body are going through a cleansing, so they can hold the pure source you call the Holy Spirit.  Just as the computer holds information, so do you. This info comes through the source you choose to download information from. It becomes pure knowledge from the Holy Spirit until all the components are clean.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Expanding Consciousness for Creation

As you expand your consciousness, you will first see the outlines of those in other dimensions, then the life in other realms. As you rise through the different levels you will go into those that cover consciousness throughout the galaxies. All symbolizes specific knowledge for wisdom. They are called by many names but all return to the ONE Creator that provides the energy for all. The higher the frequency, the energy becomes formless yet holds pure knowledge for the lower realms to pull from for creation to expand into the darkness to shape creation into the frozen matter. This matter trails back up into the Source of All Creation.

The goal is to consciously hold this Source inside the body to mix into the lower realms. The fear brings forth the motivation to create further yet causes some to become stuck in one chord of the harmonic flow for all. It is the sound of static that blends within a loop of energy that creates the karma those living within the Earth are trying to shift out of. To stay within this loop gathers the darkness and the light until they balance to break free from each other to star over again.

Over and over the darkness and light separate then blend as ONE, then start over again. Consciously each entity that splits from the Source of All Creation goes into the darkness until there is just enough light to gather the strength to return to the Creator to blend back into the light where all consciousness lies. Nothing is defined as bad or good, it is all in the name of creation.

Earth is going through this transformation where the darkness and light split, so the light can return to the Creator and the darkness can expand out into the outer edges of the blackness until it can go no further. This darkness can choose to gain knowledge to return to the Creator or can choose to remain within the blackness until it awakens for the journey home. The darker the energy source, the further from the Creator this consciousness goes until it has no understanding of creation.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Hearing Your Creator

To speak the words from other realms starts right where you are. If you take a deep breath and hold it in, all will mix inside. Breathe out all the worries and know you are HERE and nowhere else will do. All universes live inside you and you have the capability of tapping into these worlds. The soft whisper can be heard right between your worries and fears. It is like the water that touches your feet on the shore line as you look out at the big waves that come towards you with loud sounds that reach into your very core. As you quieten all the sounds of worry and fear, this soft voice from your Creator can then be heard.  

The more breaths you take and mix together, the louder this voice is heard. Be still and know you are never alone. When you can hear only the soft whisper in your thoughts that fill you with love, then is when you know that you are connected to the higher spiritual realms. Ensure that it is the whisper of love and positive guidance as the dark forces will play on your confusion in the initial stages of growth. A mantra of sorts will help, such as saying you invoke the spirits of light, love and healing only. Pick an area in your home that you can keep positive and raise the vibrations by saying your mantra several times; at least 3 times, if not more.

Let your Creator know that this area will be your meeting place and try to make this a specific time every day, so this source will be waiting for you to connect. You will reach a level of communication that will be carried with you through out the day. Remember that the spirit is in the NOW, not in yesterday or tomorrow. You must train the thoughts to be in the moment to connect. You are a part of your Creator and carry this source with you always.

To hear the spirit takes practice and comes with great responsibility. You must share what you hear, or the flow will stop. The spirit will guide you to vocalize as all worlds connect through you. Do not wait to start tomorrow. NOW is the time.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


We are waking-up from this sleep,
the air we breathe blends so deep.
As we wake to all the sights and sounds,
We are like the new born in all that we have found.
The shadows shade the light we see,
the fear prevents us from feeling free.
We are waking-up as we go,
To find the answers that are in this flow.
Right inside the heart we hide,
Because of the fear we feel so blind.
Each time we see a little more,
 It shakes us up to our very core.
All the world is our stage,
We try to calm all the rage.
Why can’t we know the truth of who we are?
Why do we have to reach so far?
The time is here for us to see,
All that will set us free.
It starts inside the heart with love,
As we look towards the realm above.
Wake-up and know this is a dream,
The world we seek inside will gleam.
This world we yearn is in our dreams.
The world we live in is the dream?
Wake-up and know that we hold the spirit,
In this place as we listen to hear it.
Feel the soul that starts to flow,
As we wake-up, the spirit grows.
Listen close and you will know,
Everything activates you in this flow.
Close your eyes and see inside,
All the fear that wants you to hide.
Who are we without the belief in Something Greater?
Who are we without our Creator?
Waking-up will bring you to NOW,
All you need to ask is “HOW?”
Feel it inside the love you hold,
Then do what you are then told.
The shadows hold the key for you,
The light will then shine to make everything new.
 There is nothing else to do.
Wake-up, Wake-up, Wake-up!

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Message Regarding the Alien Agenda

All universes are at risk because of your inability to understand your powers and what you can do. You have opened the Pandora’s Box and this box must be closed. You do this through cleansing. Each generation has seen this process differently. Baptism is one way in which this process has been viewed. The age of desperation is now upon you. The cleansing process comes through the thoughts and emotions. Many sights and wonders are appearing as the inside pours out into your world. You do not understand your powers and now is the time to release the fears that are projecting into your world.

Seize this opportunity before you are closed off from the higher realms. The war for the soul is here and all the universe is playing a part.  Yes, the alien agenda is part of this war. The dark forces are searching for ways to capture the soul, so it stays in the lower realms. It can only be captured through freewill. It is your choice as to which realm you choose to keep the soul. The key to reaching the higher levels lies within the release of the rules that have been placed into your beliefs. The light has walked your planet in many forms to provide the map.

Your beliefs must be open and willing to reach within for the world that holds your answers. The soul knows your truth and the map is seen for those who seek. No one can do this for you. As your fears surface for cleansing, you see much darkness that surrounds you as you try to crawl through these fears that are suffocating the soul. The higher realms can be identified through the one that came to show all mercy for the much-needed knowledge of how this evolution occurs. You have been closed off from this knowledge as those who seek control prevent your evolution through fear.

You are held in a space that is stagnate and we pour the higher energies in for those who seek. We are the sounds, the sights, the feelings and the thoughts. We are now just outside of your understanding; like a knowing that someone is coming around the corner as you hear the footsteps, yet they are just outside of your view.

The love in the light energies are your protection through the Holy Spirit that comes from your creator. Reach just above the belief you hold and open to the knowing inside of you. The alien agenda is real and the map for understanding lies within the love. Beware of the illusions that the dark forces place upon your world. They come as those in the light and form into the sights and wonders that appear full of love. The only way to know for certain of who they are is to ask in the name of the one who heads this war against all darkness; Jesus Christ.

The laws require that those in the darkness must identify who they are when asked in Jesus’ name. This name is your protection as the alien agenda brings the dark forces into the forms that the benevolent ones stand against. The final days are here and will bring more of those who say they come from other worlds to save you. The truth will be revealed by identifying who they are through the Creator of All that came into human form preparing for this time. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Our Time-Line Prepares for the Manifestation of the Dark Entities in People, Places & Things

As we struggle with the new-found knowledge that there are other realms surrounding us, this awareness brings many sights and wonders. Discernment is needed as we go through this process. The only way to know if the experiences you are having with the unseen world are for your betterment is to stay connected to your higher power and to stay in touch with how the body feels as you go through each experience. When you are in the middle of a very emotional situation, for example, pay attention to your stomach area. If you feel like your stomach is doing flip-flops, take a moment to pause and go within so your higher power can guide your thoughts.

As our time-line moves into a separation physically, all love and fear will manifest into our view. This separation will even begin to be seen in the colors of the wind. Nothing will be placed into your eyesight by coincident. Your darkest fears will manifest in those you love the most and, in every experience you have, until you work through those fears. For those who deny this process, they may even begin to experience physical illness as a result.
As the separation becomes more defined, we will begin to see our fears in the shadows as well as in the physical appearances of others. Those who have reflected such beauty will begin to form into the shapes of their true intensions. The darkest forms will begin to emerge, and discernment will be necessary in such experiences. You may find yourself speaking with someone that you consider a long-time friend and as you look into their eyes, they may gradually begin to change into a dark form. Their eyes may begin to look sunken and their faces may begin to change into a shape that will cause you fear. This time has been spoken of since our beginning and these sights and wonders are NOW. To understand and prepare for this manifestation of the spirits in physical form is necessary.

Many will not acknowledge that they are seeing dark entities in others or in places and things. After all, we have been trained in this world from an early age to not believe in anything that cannot be proven. How do we explain experiences that are just feelings? How do we articulate that someone we love switches forms before our very eyes? How do we explain the shadows we see and feel around us that no one else experiences?  As our time-line speeds up and other dimensions bulge into ours, we need to prepare and understand this intrusion.

A leader is defined as someone who leads or commands a group, organization or country. Leaders are trusted to protect for the betterment of All. Just a we have leaders that guide the masses, so does the Creator of All. There are leaders assigned in the heavenly realms that hold specific roles to ensure the Universal Laws are being upheld.

There are those who oversee the planets, the stars, space and time. There are leaders who ensure the making of each day we experience during our time on Mother Earth. There are leaders who command the sun and the moon, the rain and the snow, the earthquakes and the hurricanes. All work together in perfect order to make up ultimately what we call our lives. There is even an overseer of those who live in the darkness to ensure the fear remains in those who live in this darkness.

As Mother Earth goes through the cleansing process, all the leaders are coming together to assist except the leader over the darkness. There is a war to keep those who live in the dark afraid, so they do not learn about the love that lives in the light. This is a prophetic time-line as each human plays a part. The souls are being activated in this war. We are congregating into our groups as we awaken to our individual missions under the orders of the leaders we follow.

As we prepare for the harvest, this silent war rages on. Those who are in the darkness and follow their leader try to keep us asleep and in fear for control. You are gradually holding a knowing with each waking day that you cannot explain as you try to complete your daily tasks. You would not be reading this unless you are waking up. We are All waking up like a hungry bear as we begin to be activated to accept our missions.

As in any war, we are taking our sides until there are only two leaders to choose from; the leader of the darkness or the leader for the Creation of All. There is a chief commander assigned to help those in the darkness see the light, so they can know they have a choice. This commander is gradually being known by All. This leader is full of the power that is received directly from the Creator of All. He is called by many names. The dark forces know this leader by the name of Jesus.

This name will be the ultimate weapon when you are alone in the middle of the night and feel the shadow people, the demons or the devils crawling around as they bulge out into our realities. Even if you are not certain of this commander’s power, what do you have to lose as you fight within the fears of your thoughts?