Monday, August 6, 2018

Expanding Consciousness for Creation

As you expand your consciousness, you will first see the outlines of those in other dimensions, then the life in other realms. As you rise through the different levels you will go into those that cover consciousness throughout the galaxies. All symbolizes specific knowledge for wisdom. They are called by many names but all return to the ONE Creator that provides the energy for all. The higher the frequency, the energy becomes formless yet holds pure knowledge for the lower realms to pull from for creation to expand into the darkness to shape creation into the frozen matter. This matter trails back up into the Source of All Creation.

The goal is to consciously hold this Source inside the body to mix into the lower realms. The fear brings forth the motivation to create further yet causes some to become stuck in one chord of the harmonic flow for all. It is the sound of static that blends within a loop of energy that creates the karma those living within the Earth are trying to shift out of. To stay within this loop gathers the darkness and the light until they balance to break free from each other to star over again.

Over and over the darkness and light separate then blend as ONE, then start over again. Consciously each entity that splits from the Source of All Creation goes into the darkness until there is just enough light to gather the strength to return to the Creator to blend back into the light where all consciousness lies. Nothing is defined as bad or good, it is all in the name of creation.

Earth is going through this transformation where the darkness and light split, so the light can return to the Creator and the darkness can expand out into the outer edges of the blackness until it can go no further. This darkness can choose to gain knowledge to return to the Creator or can choose to remain within the blackness until it awakens for the journey home. The darker the energy source, the further from the Creator this consciousness goes until it has no understanding of creation.

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