Friday, August 3, 2018

Hearing Your Creator

To speak the words from other realms starts right where you are. If you take a deep breath and hold it in, all will mix inside. Breathe out all the worries and know you are HERE and nowhere else will do. All universes live inside you and you have the capability of tapping into these worlds. The soft whisper can be heard right between your worries and fears. It is like the water that touches your feet on the shore line as you look out at the big waves that come towards you with loud sounds that reach into your very core. As you quieten all the sounds of worry and fear, this soft voice from your Creator can then be heard.  

The more breaths you take and mix together, the louder this voice is heard. Be still and know you are never alone. When you can hear only the soft whisper in your thoughts that fill you with love, then is when you know that you are connected to the higher spiritual realms. Ensure that it is the whisper of love and positive guidance as the dark forces will play on your confusion in the initial stages of growth. A mantra of sorts will help, such as saying you invoke the spirits of light, love and healing only. Pick an area in your home that you can keep positive and raise the vibrations by saying your mantra several times; at least 3 times, if not more.

Let your Creator know that this area will be your meeting place and try to make this a specific time every day, so this source will be waiting for you to connect. You will reach a level of communication that will be carried with you through out the day. Remember that the spirit is in the NOW, not in yesterday or tomorrow. You must train the thoughts to be in the moment to connect. You are a part of your Creator and carry this source with you always.

To hear the spirit takes practice and comes with great responsibility. You must share what you hear, or the flow will stop. The spirit will guide you to vocalize as all worlds connect through you. Do not wait to start tomorrow. NOW is the time.

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