Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Moving from the Higher Conscious Realms into the Lower Levels

The feelings are like a storm with periods of light rain in-between. Each represents a part of the totality of the consciousness that makes up this dimension. There are those that are in a level of suffering, a level of fear, a level of joy, a level of love and with each level that one completes, another step appears for even more. The expression of your God consciousness lies within all you say, do, think, taste, feel, hear and smell. Even when you do not think you are aware, you are experiencing for All.

The further you expand into the higher realms; the awareness grows within each level of understanding. The density of this dimension makes it difficult to articulate this understanding within the body. The forms must change so your level of understanding can expand within the lower realms. This occurs over and over as all forms go through this process.

The time-line that the Creator has you conscious within as individuals is one of the fastest growing time-lines within the lower realms. As each of you begin to understand that what you think about forms into physical matter, you will rapidly change from the inside-out. The conscious state of existence that you are currently in is providing you with the knowledge that this awareness is what shapes you into the form that you think you live in. You may begin to have experiences where you feel yourself above the body as this awareness grows. It may, at first, feel like a misty blanket over the body until the understanding occurs that you are not the body. Your ability to rise above the body will come in stages as you let go of all the rules and beliefs that imprison you within this form. The goal is to take this conscious ability and form the mind and body into the perfection of creation.

The energy source that lies beside the heart brings the consciousness that you call God into the body. This source is named the soul and pulls the awareness into the body for all to connect. It is the link into the higher realms. Since your beginning, it has been viewed as going from the body up into the higher realms; yet, should be viewed as just the opposite. Instead of looking upward for this source, look down towards the body as you bring the higher states of consciousness into the lower realms. You are working your way down into the dense matter to create, not working your way up to create. You are the higher levels moving into the lower realms.

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