Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Circuit Board for the God Consciousness called the Holy Spirit

The energies that are radiating on the planet brings great knowledge to all that are awake. The human body is responding and may feel as though it can burst like a balloon that is so full nothing else can fit inside. Not only is the body responding, the mind is expanding as it attempts to keep up with all the information that is trying to be articulated in the dimension that you are wrapped in consciously. The thoughts and feelings are having a difficult time balancing as you experience emotional outbursts for no reason or you have thoughts that make no logical sense.

You may think that you are in a simulation as you walk through the day and the body may feel like it is floating instead of walking. You will begin to consciously know what is about to occur as people enter your space right after you think about them. Even your feelings will be intensely experienced as they pour out into your view when the bee stings you as someone hurts your feelings. When asking for signs from your higher power, you may see a flock of birds in the sky. You may feel as though you are on a roller coaster as all the senses play a part in this harmonic flow. The rays of light will beam from people, places and things as you grow in this awareness. This simulation-feeling will seem to pull old thoughts into your view as pieces of the past that have yet to be cleaned out appear in the most unexpected moments. Knowledge that has been at your finger tips will finally be understood as you continue to seek for more.

You may stand in the sunlight and feel the energies pour in to you like a rain storm as you hear the thoughts of all time-lines in a wave that you yearn to hold for as long as the body can withstand the flow. Days of intense energies will cause a tiredness that requires a deep sleep until the body catches up with what the other realms are providing you. This simulation-feeling is expanding as you become a part of the higher realms. With each ray of the higher knowledge that you pull down into this dimension, all benefit as all relate to their own codes. Each holds a part of the puzzle that connects to all. You may find that you hear this connection in their words, their eyes, their smell, or the way they make you feel by their presence.
The God consciousness is covering the planet, and all are responding. It is all consuming and making it difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. When walking, talking, thinking or sitting, the surroundings are changing as the mind and body change into the forms required in this harmonic flow. 

Information from the past and future intertwine with the present as all are expanding in this current time-line. It is like a computer that is taking all files and putting them into one big never-ending folder. You will begin to individually feel a surge that changes everything you ever believed in. Not only will you feel empty with no thoughts or beliefs, but you will forget what you are supposed to be doing in your everyday life. The feeling of just being in the moment will become a frequent occurrence. You will feel like a battery with the positive charge becoming stronger as it overpowers any negativity within the memories or worries. A feeling of being wrapped-up in this energy surge will dominate all the senses.

The God consciousness is here for those who are open to this source. The time-lines are merging to bring you out of the lower frequency levels. Beware of those you are focused upon in attempts to pull them into your space. You may short circuit this connection. Ride this flow for yourself only as this level of understanding is found through freewill only. No one connects to this power through other people. One must feel the surge come through the higher realms you have named the spirit. This source goes straight to the soul, the heart, the thoughts and the feelings. It is the power for these components that make-up your circuit board, so you can expand into the higher realms. Once you hold this power through the circuit board then you can connect it into the web for those with the same level of God conscious abilities. You cannot give this source to another. You can connect through freewill only.

The components that make up this circuit board for the God consciousness to reside in the body are going through a cleansing, so they can hold the pure source you call the Holy Spirit.  Just as the computer holds information, so do you. This info comes through the source you choose to download information from. It becomes pure knowledge from the Holy Spirit until all the components are clean.

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