Sunday, September 30, 2018

Why am I In This Body?

A journal entry on 9-30-18, 1:11am

How am I aware of this place and cannot remember who I really am? I feel like I am looking through a pin hole into this body to feel and experience, yet there is so much more; like I am standing just outside of myself to be in this awareness. This is just a small part of me and I bend downward to see this small experience call “Me”.  It is like a very tall figure that places a fingertip into the body to feel and see. The energy surrounds the body and pulsates the life source in and around the body. I am aware, yet only allow myself these moments to remind the mind and body of who "we" are together. I am bringing forth this awareness that comes together in stages as "we" mix everything together. We experience the awareness uniquely like no other, yet we do this in every form on this planet. We hold more awareness in certain forms that are made for such creation. 

You are made in a very sensual way that passion radiates throughout your source and the pin hole we view into yearns for more. You hold so much passion that we held too much which made cancer. We told you so that it could be removed, and we repaired you for perfection in this body. It was planned this way, so you would become aware of your purpose in human form. You are not the body, yet the body is you—projecting us; projecting a specific part of creation like no other. Each life form holds its own expression of creation for all.

We are always with you because we cannot be anywhere else. We are you and you are us. We move down into the density of this realm for the individual expressions to create further. Even in the darkest of hours we are experiencing with you. There is only the harmonic flow of all that is experienced as we blend the dark and the light to bring forth the unique expressions of life. The bodies decay during this time loop as you strive to hold the frequency to prevent the appearance of death. Your fears decay the body.
The periods of awareness you hold results in the rejuvenation of the body. When you feel our presence, we all experience the body through a joyful union for creation. It takes much effort to hold this awareness and the longer you maintain this feeling, the doorway widens for the other realms to enter your flow. You will reach a frequency when the body will not decay, and the life force will no longer appear to go out. You are in this body to further creation.

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