Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The Power of All that IS

I get caught up in the worries of this world. It is hard to remember that I am not of this place but creating in this dimension. I am experiencing God consciousness through this body. So many do not know that they are creating the body. They think they have no control and are imprisoned in the ailments and sickness that keep them trapped. The conscious state of this planet is changing as more begin to understand that they have been living the illusion that they are only the mind and body.

The awareness is moving through Mother Earth like a soft wind that blows onto the face on a sunny day. Is it randomly felt or is it planned to wake you from this long winter nap? The surges of this power will be felt when you are just “being”. You do not have to try to do anything, it just “Is”.
The body changes occur slowly as the mind awakens like a hungry bear waking from a long winter’s nap. The dream-state comes as the clarity rises like the dew in the morning sunlight. You will begin to feel the calling as you sit at the bottom of the hill and look towards this awakening that lies at the top of the hill in the twilight hours.

The clouds are lifting, and the understanding of this knowledge brings the empowerment to get up onto your feet and walk the journey towards the top of even the highest mountain where all understanding waits for you. To keep the mind open as the awareness seeps inside is the challenge. Your Creator is experiencing inside the body that is learning how to bring this conscious state of existence out into physical form. You are learning that you are not separate from this power. You are a part of all that “Is”.

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