Sunday, September 23, 2018

Answers From the Higher Realms

***This is something I wrote in my journal that I was guided to share. I wrote this on 9-18-18 for myself as I questioned why I continue to work so hard on sharing what I write when I feel as though no one hears me. This is the response I received from the higher realms***

I feel the presence of the spirit to the right of me, just over the shoulder. It is like someone is leaning in to whisper secrets to me as I wait with anticipation. I feel as though I am in the eye of a hurricane where it is calm, yet the moment it moves, all chaos occurs. I see the confusion encircling me as I try to stay in the center where the peace lies. I am fasting today for the atonement of all the negativity I have gathered inside of me. The cleansing of all negative emotions that lie dormant that waits to cause the confusion.

When I move my head towards the right, the feeling of unity brings forth the presence of “We” as the feeling of “I” leaves me. I hear the whisper that “We” are experiencing the God consciousness in human form and the loneliness occurs to distinguish the difference in human form. The body is the action and “We” become “I” as creation is brought forth in this dimension. “We” becomes “I” as the separation for individual creation occurs.

The unity blends what I create into what I bring for All. Creation is not meant to keep; creation is meant to share even when you think that what you have means nothing to someone else. It is there to bring forth for another. The beliefs are what prevents one from creation. The truth is always just outside of the belief as there is no right or wrong in the truth. Creation occurs through the belief to reflect the individual expression.

When creation is stopped, the beliefs have become stagnant and need to be rearranged. You may find that a belief system has resulted in fears that have prevented you from creating dreams into your reality. Thoughts manifest into your view. Creation comes from sound to feelings to thoughts to blend for creation. If the thoughts hold a belief that says your thoughts are wrong, creation stops.

Sound + Feeling + Thought + Action = Creation

Be aware that what you feel creates what manifests into your reality. The actions can reflect a stagnant belief system even when the feelings are different. Confusion occurs as your beliefs tell you to do one thing and your feelings whisper something different. The universe responds to your intentions. The intentions are a product of the feelings mixed in with your beliefs. The feelings ignite the soul through the desperation of the feeling.

If the feeling is strong and over rides your belief, everything follows through the body and out into the physical world. Once you hold the desperation for creation, this source will carry through your humility, your hope and your faith that all together create your belief system.

Desperation + Humility + Hope + Faith = Belief System

If you know what your intentions are, and you can carry those intentions through your belief system, creation of those intentions can occur like the lava in a volcano. Everything inside will explode into your outside world. Continue to share and watch the lava flow through you as creation cannot be stopped with loving intentions. The universe hears every sound you create, and the ripple effect goes throughout all dimensions. You are responsible for creation in human form that carries into all realms.

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