Sunday, September 9, 2018

Dark Entities

The dark entities seek to bring me fear,
They live on this energy and grow in my tears.
They look to destroy any love that I hold,
They laugh at the love and twist what love I am told.
They want me to fail and say I am beneath them,
They are called by many names as I try to identify them.
In my worries and anxiety is where they can be found,
I can even hear them laugh in all the crying sounds.
Sometimes they pretend to be in my loving thoughts,
They will twist all I know and all I have been taught.
If I look into the shadows, I can see them flicker,
I pray for discernment that helps me find them even quicker.
At times they appear inside the stranger’s eye,
They always laugh at my questions of “Why?”.
When I am feeling alone and lost,
They will ensure that I stay scared at any cost.
They creep into the times when I feel my best,
That is when they never let me rest.
Even in my dreams they come for me,
They turn my hope into despair in all that I feel and see.
On the days I am happy, and my mind is full of love,
They will cast the shadows of doubt in the lights from above.
If they cannot sway the faith that I feel,
They will make me physically ill and cause me to question if my faith is real.
Sometimes they will crawl into the words of those I love the most,
There is where I can hear their laughter as they speak just to boast.
No one around me dares to say they are real,
They are afraid to admit how the darkness makes them feel.
The dark entities will project my fears rights into my view,
They will make me forget all the love I ever knew.
The only way to fight them is to cleanse myself of all the darkness that I hold,
I must stay open and willing to change all I have ever been told.
I can gain some knowledge from what others have done,
I must remember that we are all ONE.
I must pray for my Creator to send me aid,
In my faith, all fear will fade.
Ultimately this fight is for me alone,
I need to remember I am trying to learn how to atone.
All the fears that are inside of me,
Needs to be cleansed to set myself free.
It starts with how desperate I am for change,
All my beliefs will need to be rearranged.
Once I am open to the realms above,
I must find hope and faith to feel the love.
Once all my fear has been faced,
All the dark entities will be erased.
I am given the knowledge that love is the key,
It is the only weapon that I ever need.
My Creator shines the answers into the love,
The dark entities cannot survive when I live in the realms above.
The dark entities know that their time is short,
They need our fear for the opening into this world for support.
Without the fear to thrive,
The dark entities will not survive.
All I must do is find love in my heart,
Where this battle starts.

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