Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A Meditation for Healing the Body

You are creating the body that your conscious state of being lives in at this time. Look at the beauty of yourself as you sit in this moment. Your hands, your feet, your arms and your legs are created in the form you are choosing to experience for the ascension towards love. If you are sick or have physical ailments, view the pain, the sickness, the wounds or the scars as a reflection of the struggles you have went through to bring you the celebration of this awareness in this moment.

You are forming perfection through the feeling of love. If you do not feel love at this time, get comfortable and take a deep breath for the count of 3. Now repeat the mantra; “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”. Close your eyes and picture a white light that comes from the higher realms surrounding your body. As you take another deep breath, you are beginning to feel this blending like the water touching your feet on the shore line of a sunny beach day as the waves move in and out. As the light touches your body, you will begin to feel the warmth radiate into every ache and pain you hold. See this healing light pour into your body starting from your crown chakra. See the energy from the spiritual realm enter your body as a white light that brings you protection and purification.

As this light enters, feel the changes of this energy as it begins to radiate the color of green for health and healing. Visualize this light flowing into the heart and see it pump through your veins. Focus on the areas of the body that are filled with pain. Maybe you have a back ache, a head ache or a stomach ache. Feel the energy wash over the areas that hurt and hold this light directly on the pain. Now repeat this mantra out loud: “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”, “I invoke the spirits of light, love and healing”.

Focus on each area of the body that holds your aches, your pain and your sickness. You are creating the body with each thought you hold. Visualize your body to be in the form of perfection and know that you are not replaceable. Hold this image in your thoughts for as long as you can.

See the white light that continues to surround every part of you as it continues to caress you like the water that touches your feet on the shore line of a sunny beach day. Continue to visualize the light going down from your crown chakra into the heart and through the blood that carries it into each area of the body that needs healing.
Visualize the perfect form that your Creator planned for you. The heart is now beating strong and is filled with love. All organs in the body are in this harmonic flow. Move your awareness with the light into all organs within the body. You may feel as though you could burst from the body as everything fills with this healing light. Your conscious state of being surrounds the body as you create this perfect form that you currently live inside. You now understand that you are not the body as you bring the life into the body from the higher realms.

You can see yourself above the body as you create from the higher realms. There is no more pain, no more aches, no more suffering and no more sickness. The spirit that you call holy is now covering every area inside you. This form that you live inside to create further in this world is now ready to expand the love that Mother Earth needs. You connect this understanding with all that live inside the planet. There is nothing to do but visualize this connection like a web inside your thoughts. Connect with those who are seeking for this love. See the threads of this love connect across the world. As you share this love, you receive more. This energy goes through the crown chakra, into the throat, into the heart and straight into the soul that sits beside the heart.

The soul is now awakened to activate the heart and mind. This awakening provides the body with the spirit that flows through each part of the body. Feel the strength that this power illuminates. The heat will come as all is activated for the next stage of enlightenment. There is no fear at this level of understanding as you are now ONE with your Creator and this unity is all loving and all power. Keep this frequency for as long as you can and then lie down to rest the body. Continue to breath deep into the lungs as the spirit brings the healing forces through the body. Now sleep and know that upon awakening you will only feel the spirit of love.

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