Sunday, November 18, 2018

Not All Bodies Have Souls

You are being controlled within the mind. The dark ones do not want you to break free from the fear. When the body is filled with love, you can connect to the higher realms. If you learn what the mind and body can really do, you will no longer need to rely on someone else for creation. You will then connect directly to the God Head and will have you own expression of this power. You are held within the limited energies that are encased within your gravity. Just like the radio waves that bring sound into your devices, the dark ones that feed off your fear send a frequency into your thoughts that make you think you are not capable of doing anything outside of your daily tasks.

You are programmed at an early age to conform to the rules of the society you are born into and to not question anything outside of the life you are living. The Benevolent Ones are bringing a different frequency into the thoughts and with each time you feel love, we plant the seeds for you to seek for more of this frequency. The strands that are held in place by the dark forces are being shattered by our energies and you feel scattered in the thoughts. This is resulting in more suicides and homicides. The fight for your thoughts is causing the body to feel sick. This time is like no other in all your history. You are splitting the strands and making new ones with your information system that the body holds.

There is nothing to do at this time. The body changes are rapidly forming you into a whole new creation. You knew this coming into this period and are longing for the show to play out, so you can experience what you planned so long ago. Not all bodies have souls. Not all souls have bodies. All souls on this planet are waking up out of this dark sleep. It is like the dew rising in the morning sun. You will wake to forget the labor pains as your birth into the higher realms bring the mind and body into this new form.

The communication barriers are breaking apart, so you can experience the higher realms. You have been imprisoned long enough as you break from this bondage. You will have a period of confusion as the mind and body catch up to what the soul has been preparing. You will feel as though you could burst from the body as you expand the consciousness out into the vastness of this universe to meet the rest of creation. We joyously long for this union. The human form is bringing the higher realms into the planet consciously. The bodies with souls know this and the souls without bodies wait for the frequency that will bring them into physical form.

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