Monday, November 26, 2018

The Truth of Who You Really Are

The prison lies within the mind, it is up to you to determine what is next. The possibilities are hidden of what can be done. The information will come if you listen inside. The world is covered in the illusions and will continue to keep you in fear. This is the goal of the dark lords. Their intent is to enslave the mind without you knowing they are there watching your every move. They feed off your fear. They are the predator that passes in front of your caged thoughts. Each time you feel love, they create drama in your world to pull you back into the illusions that fear brings.

As you shift out of this fear, your view shifts so you see the truth of your bondage. The first stage is to see what you do to yourself, then slowly, you begin to see how this bondage covers the masses, then the planet. The Benevolent Ones reach inside your heart and mind to plant the seeds for your awakening. We spread the water and sunshine to help you grow. What you do with this knowledge will be provided as needed. Know there is a bigger plan and We are here. You are not alone in this war. The soul awakens to activate the body and mind. We are here to guide you and teach you how to become empowered.

You hold the power that is asleep for now. You are in the twilight and We are bringing the rising sun that holds your key. Be still and know that you are here, and this moment holds all the power you need. The universe hears your cry for help and We answer the call. We bring the truth of who you really are. You can take the infinite power within you and create your heaven on earth. You can take the Creator of All that you are a part of and form your own expression of this creation. Though love the possibilities are endless. You can project your form into the Whole of All or the individual expression where you sit to read these words. The forces within you are limitless. Your belief in this power will bring you whatever you desire. Your fear is what bounds you into your limitations. You can become whatever you choose. You are stuck in a virus like something your computer gets to prevent the proper information from coming into what you think is your reality.

It is simple, you are love experiencing what it is and what it is not. Those who know are trying to plant the seeds for those who are waking up. The force that holds the knowledge to prevent you from growing cannot control the numbers waking up. The numbers that grow beyond the controlled are activating the powers above the gravity that holds this force. You are penetrating these portals that pull in the higher knowledge and the control must loosen. You are stuck inside a loop because of the dark lord’s efforts, but they are dissolving. You can now see above the horizon where all knowledge waits to pour into your soul for the awakening of the mind and body. You can almost touch this knowledge as the soul makes the mind and body seek for more. The longing for something just outside of your reach keeps you restless even when the body is so tired you can sleep standing up. You feel the surges that the higher realms bring. Some call this the Holy Spirit, some call this the angels, some call this your guides or even aliens.

This is the process all must go through to connect to this knowledge. The messages lie in your numbers that are awakening, the signs you see, the smells, the sounds, the touch and even the words spoken. We are pouring into your space like the sunlight that shines through the trees. You will find that people are coming to you that you do not know with simple words that make the hairs on your neck tingle. Feel the body sensations as this occurs. You hold the power in your thoughts that are now activating your view rapidly. You have the choice to accept that what you do each day, what you are told each day is or is not your reality. Only those who are sick of being controlled by the money, the job, the life that leads to the same thing every day will reach for this change.

How you ask? It starts inside with the desperation for change and the search for more. The search will bring clues through people, places and things. Hope will emerge that will bring faith. The belief in the higher realms will change your morals, your virtues, your thoughts, your intentions and ultimately the knowledge you receive will be that which you have never known. We wait until your colors vibrate on a frequency that can hold this knowledge inside your being. You must be open and willing to receive the information that comes from outside of what you think is your reality. Each time you rise above the dense levels to see the truth of who you really are, you fall back into your comfort zone because you fear for your sanity. This fear is what the dark lords want to keep you under control. You are rising above this control. You are learning that you can travel outside of the body, that you can connect to all thoughts, that you can dream events that then occur, that you can touch another to bring them healing energy. You can think thoughts and see them form into your view. You can make your body new. You are becoming aware that you can shift your reality into a higher frequency by verbally speaking the words that are filled with a belief in this power. This is just the beginning of the truth of who you really are.

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