Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Activation of the Soul

The worlds are blending, and all is finally being seen. This planet is lifting the veil. Those who do not want you to understand are trying every tactic they have to keep you in the darkness. As you wake each day the feeling of a knowing is bubbling to the surface and all the emotions are making it difficult to surrender to a world you cannot see, yet you feel it inside the very core of your being. The urgency comes and goes like the waves that beat against the rocks on the shore line.

You yearn to know more yet look away in hopes that it will not show up another day. The lights that glimmer in the corner of your eyesight grow larger as you look out towards all the suffering on this planet. You pray for discernment as the pit of your stomach turns with anticipation. You hear the whispers and argue with yourself that they are not there. You feel the power that flows through the body. You try to catch your breath as you blow all the negativity out through the mouth.

The time is near as the world fades into the distance. The illusions are now messages on your journey and you question all the people, places and things that surround you. The awareness calls to you as you sleep walk into the light. Part of you feels comfort in the darkness as the echo within the soul motivates you to trudge onward. Even looking towards the sky brings questions on this search for more. Nothing is what it seems, yet it all looks so real. In the stillness you can feel the truth, yet there are no words to articulate this knowledge. You think you understand at times and just as you try to grasp it all, you sit in the wonderment of confusion.

The emotions felt remind you of what you still need to work on to get out of the negativity. This is the stage where it is like sweeping the dust off the frame of the doorway. The awareness out weighs the emotions now and the soul can be felt swimming in and out of the body. It now knows that the body is an instrument and the chakras symbolize the power generated through the soul’s awareness in human form. To activate all chakras brings forth the opening of the portals into the rest of the universe. These portals are always there, you just did not have the proper power within the body and mind to awaken the soul that waits patiently for this open invitation.

The portals open for only those that are ready for this experience. All souls yearn for this as they mature just like the child that grows into the old and wise adult. Not all adults are wise just like the soul. It is an education that all participate in. The activation for those who are ready is occurring in what some call “The Event” or “The End of Times”. The power from the Creator of All comes through the sun to activate the souls that are ready. The awakening is here like the bear that wakes from a long winter’s nap.

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