Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Other Worlds

This is the year for all to come together for the truth of who you came here to be. How do you take all you have learned and blend it into your being you ask? To just be in the now and let it flow through the body is the answer. To consciously allow this power to flow through you and stay in the moment is all you must do. To feel the pressure come from above and go through the body is how the power works. It will start as a feeling in the stomach and then it will go up into the thoughts for an awareness that cannot be articulated.

You will begin to hold a knowing of a world above your own that will bring you to a place that will cause confusion at first. Only time will bring this awareness into words. All who live in this simulation will have to experience this process. Each soul that understands will evolve into the other worlds. Each soul will rise into this awareness for the awakening. The world that surrounds you will rise with you in some form because of your frequency.

If you are surrounded by low frequencies and are seeking for something more, the universe will bring traumatic events to lift you out of the place you are in. There is no easy way out of the notch you are stuck in. The energies are radiating at very high wave lengths that are coming through the sun. The Creator is calling for All to come together now. You hold a yearning that cannot be explained as the beacon pulls you home. Your fragments are trying to piece back together. All watch with anticipation knowing that you will come out of this with magnificent changes. All go through this process. Your true essence is already shining as you come out of the victim role. It is difficult to accept that all the suffering was a choice as you felt unworthy to consciously hold the knowledge of who you really are.

As you put all the pieces together and integrate them, all the worlds heal. All the worlds are blending. It is a beautiful experience as you begin to remember that you have done this before and will do it again in the name of creation. It is never finished; the completion comes to begin the next project. With each part you heal, the rest of the worlds heal with you.
The experiences are what is sought and what the God Head yearns to bring back into the Whole for All. As you bring more knowledge into your conscious state, the stream that you are in will pull all the people, animals, plants, things, places, insects, etc. in with you. As All blend together, you may see yourself as these animals, plants, insects, etc. You are ONE with All and these other worlds merge with yours as All are pulled into the stream for the reunification.

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