Thursday, January 24, 2019

These Great and Fearful Times

Just within the corner of your eyesight is the shadows of the other realms that patiently wait for you to notice the flickers for attention. Most just say that it is imagined and pretend that nothing is seen. The heightened senses are mixing with the energies that are pouring onto this planet like never before. If you stop for a moment and feel the wind, you will sense the changes that are occurring. If you look towards your right upwards as far as you can stretch the eye, the shadows will be seen. If you close the eyes and take a deep breath that you hold all the way into the stomach, a light will be seen that calls for you come and explore the sights and wonders that wait within.

The more you seek, the more you will find. Will you see anything if you do not believe? What do you find with just a little hope that there may be something more waiting for you? If you sit long enough to just feel the space where your body meets the air, the sensation of feeling pulled downward towards the ground and upward towards the sky will be experienced. This pull is a frequency where the energies are forming the new body and mind as the spirit pours onto the planet. As you float in this mixture, it is beginning to feel as though you are swimming slowly up from the bottom of the ocean. Beware not to hurry this process in attempts to reach the top. Just as one needs to slowly come up out of the water from the ocean, if you try to mix within the higher realms too quickly, you will experience bubbles within the body and mind that can become harmful.

As we mix within the new energies that are forming on the planet, we will need to take time to pause as we let everything blend before we try to seek for more. What does this mean you ask? As we expand within the higher realms, we need to take the time to gather what we already hold before we try to bring more energy into the mind and body. The awareness expands inside as we receive the spirit and we do not want to overwhelm the senses. It is not something we can say, “There it is”. It is something that we must experience.

As the frequencies rise within the planet, we must surrender to these vibrations. There will be no room for negative emotions as this shift continues. No body or mind will be able to withstand the powers of purity that are coming in waves as all prepare for the unveiling of all truths. No secrets can be held within the frequencies that are being felt. No darkness can hide within the light of the Holy Spirit that is now here. It is like the mist that settles on the ground as the sun sets. It is all consuming and as it covers the emotions, it will slowly form the bodies into the truth of what lies inside. Some will not be able to distinguish between what is their own thoughts and what is not. As the dark forces try to keep control, those who do not know about this war will be guided to harm others and themselves during these great and fearful times. All will change forms based upon what spirit lies inside and all will see the true darkness or light that each form holds from the inside out.

All will begin to see the visions of those who have died yet stand before them. All time lines are blending into ONE as the frequencies continue to rise and the past, present and future overlap. The colors will be seen within the wind as the energies mix all time together. The pressure is being felt within the body as it is pulled towards the ground, yet an uplifting feeling is occurring at the same time as the heart chakra opens into the higher realms. Some are experiencing the inability to catch the breath with a heaviness in the chest as a result. The throat will burn with each swallow as the throat chakra tries to open the body up to articulate what is being experienced. All bodies are magnets for what lies inside. The thoughts form the matter instantly during these great and fearful times.

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