Thursday, January 10, 2019

Forming the Light Body

The spirit pours into the body from the energy that moves through this fragment of creation. This form that your consciousness is housed in has the capability of holding all knowledge within this part of the stream that trails back to the God Head. The point of consciousness that you are currently awake to continues to activate more information as you seek. Everything your senses are in tune to goes directly to the God Head in the stream you are housed in.

Life after life you strive to understand more and life after life you keep all experiences within the soul that holds everything until the unity of the body and mind occurs. As you learn the rules, you may know that you are not supposed to take certain action without a reason how you know. The quickening is occurring as the waves of knowing speed up in this section of the stream that is positioned at the furthest point of creation. You are the reflection of information given to this specific point of creation.

As you understand how the energy works, more will be provided. Subtle signs will appear, and the clues will lead you into a greater awareness. The interpretations will become easier to understand as you look within all the hidden places. It is like hide and seek as it is found right in front of you. You will find that the body is a beacon for the consciousness to work through and the chakras are the power points.

When all are activated, the body opens for the soul to be revealed. The light body can then be seen and will rise into what some call the heavens. This time is for the light body to emerge into the perfection that it came here to become. Like a diamond in the rough, so too shall the body shine. All come here for this glorious experience, yet most get stuck in the mud that helps the light body form.

Even when it feels as though the body cannot take another beating, the mind and heart hold a knowing that there is a reason for such struggles that radiates from the soul. Those who give up eventually return to complete the task as all souls strive for the light body. It is the prize that all yearn for no matter what form they are housed in for growth. The human body is unique and combines all power points for the creation like no other. Over and over the soul crawls into a human body with the attempts to create the light body. Some live thousands of lives and continue to come into human form until they master this unity.

This planet holds all knowledge for the human body to form into the light body and many are ripe for this harvest. It is time for many to turn into the light body as this the time called the Golden Race. The Creator calls to those who hold the knowing that is first felt as is seeps slowly into the mind. In the blink of an eye, all will receive the activation together to form into the light body.

The command will come through the sun and straight through the mind’s eye that connects to the soul. The soul will open like the flower in full bloom and bring the mind and body into this union through the chakras. The colors of each chakra will radiate out like a rainbow. Those who are not ready will see this event as what some call the rapture. They will experience fearful times as they see many light bodies form into the skies all at once. This time has been spoken of since your beginning as all come here for this glorious experience. Now is the time for the light bodies to form.

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