Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Benevolent Ones Speak Out About the Quickening, the Harvest, Death, the Final Fears & the Human Form

The confusion comes when the knowing of a different realm lies just outside of reach, yet you live in a world that pretends it does not exist. You wake each day with the hopes that you will begin to see clues that there is a world where there is no suffering, and everyone is all loving. You feel it, yet see the anguish the masses are constantly in. Even attempts to shine your love into these situations bring you despair as nothing seems to change. Where are the Benevolent Ones? How can one person who knows there is Something Greater make a difference? How do you continue believing in a world that is just outside of your mind’s eye?
You have evolved into the knowing that your thoughts and feelings create your day, yet you see the suffering others are encountering that brings doubt in your abilities. To say that this is a product of their choices is not enough as you see the children who are being abused, neglected and homeless. Do they choose such experiences? Then the soft whisper comes that tells you none of it is in vain. All are awakening, and each event awakens the masses that are currently in the twilight. The shift is occurring inside the body and then pours out into the view.

The knowing is crystallizing into the physical world. It is like the water that turns to ice as you form your beliefs into the world. The energies that the higher realms are projecting on this planet are causing the thoughts to crystallize within an instant. The quickening is here, and all are preparing for the harvest with each time you can integrate the knowledge that you are physically changing, spiritually growing and mentally evolving into a whole new form. You are moving closer to becoming a part of the higher realms.

Death will then be a choice just to change the suit you wear. Death is the final test as you let go of the fear. Everlasting life is a part of the grand finale. The universe rejoices as All watch with anticipation. All experience this glorious time through you. You are rising out of the twilight and into the full understanding of who you have always been. The illusions are lifting like the dew in the morning sunlight. No more fear, no more suffering and no more pain as the human body forms into the vehicle for everlasting light. Keep your faith as you face these final fears. Do not look into the masses as they are trying to do the same thing. Ask only from the higher realms as the human form is in transition and each body will have their own interpretation of this process. The more you seek, the more you will find.

The clues are all around you as the Benevolent Ones are communicating through your world. You have the answers within you. Reach for the knowing within the heart that will activate the soul. How you ask? You can look towards the masters that have lived by example to live for yourself. Eventually you will have to instill their teachings inside yourself. The understanding that you are responsible will occur as you allow the desperation for change to flow through you. As this feeling overpowers you, the humility that there is Something Greater than the life you have been living seeps inside. No one can do this for you. The time is coming when you will have the knowing that creation occurs inside of you. Each day upon awakening, you are choosing what you create in that day. If you choose nothing, that is what you create. The power you hold is ignited by your belief system. If you look outside of yourself for this knowledge, the confusion comes when you feel that something does not resonate inside of you. This time that you are living inside the body is to learn what part of creation you want to be while in this form. The flow of change is here.

All that has led you to this understanding will become clear. There are those who want to keep you in fear. They are not seen but felt. Be still and know that you are protected if you keep connected to the higher realms for guidance. The answers are not found outside of yourself. The clues that are found within your world are a reflection to activate the knowing inside of yourself.

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