Monday, October 22, 2018

The Battle Rages On

As the dark forces loose control over the thoughts, they will begin to try to keep fear through physical action. To deceive through an attempt of unity will occur as they rule this planet through the morals and values. They will implement laws and rules that go against love. They will try to make the masses follow this unity in a deceptive way as they appear all loving. Be in tune to what is love through your connection with the higher realms. You may question the rules in your work place or in society during these final days as you evaluate what morals and values you hold for yourself.

The Earth is speaking out against the injustice through the weather. You will need to stay focused on what your role is through these times as the emotions are now like a roller coaster. Do you look away from the injustices you see in your daily journeys? The spirit will guide you as you become the example to others. Your words must be all loving as you receive the discernment that there is only love and there is no right or wrong in this emotion. Compassion over takes you during these experiences as you look towards what you know love brings in such times.

You planned this time to learn morals, values and compassion. This time line is filled with these principles as you find what is right for you. Do you speak out about the injustice or do you demonstrate through example? The words mean nothing without the power of example. To be in a state of constant love is the goal to create further in this dimension. It is a process to keep the emotion of love in the forefront of the mind as the battle rages on. You are to define what love is to you and how all the emotions together bring you loving thoughts.

We experience the suffering, so we can know the difference. The fear must be experienced so we can find the love. Once we understand the difference and we choose based upon the conscious knowledge, creation can occur. Evil is created when we make the conscious choice to restrict others from finding love.  “Do we create through love or do we create through fear?” is the question as the battle rages on. Either one is a choice. Not to choose is a choice.

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