Monday, October 15, 2018

The Light Body Called the Chariot of Fire for Ascension

The body is responding to energies that are encompassing the entire planet. The sources from the higher realms are here to repair the matrix that the body lives within at this time. The wheels within the wheels are broken for many. The spirit body that is surrounded by the spinning fields of light must be repaired to activate the chariot into the higher worlds. This is the divine light that connects with those who live within the higher realms. Your chariot of fire is the vehicle to ride into other dimensions.

It is time to ride your chariot into the higher levels and understand that the density your consciousness is currently inside is the illusion. This time period opens the gateway for all to ascend into the higher realms. This journey is what all seek. Even those living within the darkness see this light body in their dreams.

Everyone longs to go home. The chariot is seen in the mind’s eye. Your ability to hold the correct knowledge to activate this vehicle is within you. As you seek for this knowledge, it will be provided by those who are assigned to assist you. You will need to expand the space that you sit within by allowing the Benevolent Ones into your awareness. Ensure to ask for those who bring you light, love and healing for the betterment of all.
You are expanding to into the pure knowledge or the pramana to activate your chariot of fire, also called the Mer-Ka-Ba. The cleansing of all lower energies will begin this activation. The cleansing will bring forth the ability to discern what is the correct information to repair your light body energy for your journey home.

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