Tuesday, July 24, 2018


We are waking-up from this sleep,
the air we breathe blends so deep.
As we wake to all the sights and sounds,
We are like the new born in all that we have found.
The shadows shade the light we see,
the fear prevents us from feeling free.
We are waking-up as we go,
To find the answers that are in this flow.
Right inside the heart we hide,
Because of the fear we feel so blind.
Each time we see a little more,
 It shakes us up to our very core.
All the world is our stage,
We try to calm all the rage.
Why can’t we know the truth of who we are?
Why do we have to reach so far?
The time is here for us to see,
All that will set us free.
It starts inside the heart with love,
As we look towards the realm above.
Wake-up and know this is a dream,
The world we seek inside will gleam.
This world we yearn is in our dreams.
The world we live in is the dream?
Wake-up and know that we hold the spirit,
In this place as we listen to hear it.
Feel the soul that starts to flow,
As we wake-up, the spirit grows.
Listen close and you will know,
Everything activates you in this flow.
Close your eyes and see inside,
All the fear that wants you to hide.
Who are we without the belief in Something Greater?
Who are we without our Creator?
Waking-up will bring you to NOW,
All you need to ask is “HOW?”
Feel it inside the love you hold,
Then do what you are then told.
The shadows hold the key for you,
The light will then shine to make everything new.
 There is nothing else to do.
Wake-up, Wake-up, Wake-up!

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