Monday, July 16, 2018

A Message Regarding the Alien Agenda

All universes are at risk because of your inability to understand your powers and what you can do. You have opened the Pandora’s Box and this box must be closed. You do this through cleansing. Each generation has seen this process differently. Baptism is one way in which this process has been viewed. The age of desperation is now upon you. The cleansing process comes through the thoughts and emotions. Many sights and wonders are appearing as the inside pours out into your world. You do not understand your powers and now is the time to release the fears that are projecting into your world.

Seize this opportunity before you are closed off from the higher realms. The war for the soul is here and all the universe is playing a part.  Yes, the alien agenda is part of this war. The dark forces are searching for ways to capture the soul, so it stays in the lower realms. It can only be captured through freewill. It is your choice as to which realm you choose to keep the soul. The key to reaching the higher levels lies within the release of the rules that have been placed into your beliefs. The light has walked your planet in many forms to provide the map.

Your beliefs must be open and willing to reach within for the world that holds your answers. The soul knows your truth and the map is seen for those who seek. No one can do this for you. As your fears surface for cleansing, you see much darkness that surrounds you as you try to crawl through these fears that are suffocating the soul. The higher realms can be identified through the one that came to show all mercy for the much-needed knowledge of how this evolution occurs. You have been closed off from this knowledge as those who seek control prevent your evolution through fear.

You are held in a space that is stagnate and we pour the higher energies in for those who seek. We are the sounds, the sights, the feelings and the thoughts. We are now just outside of your understanding; like a knowing that someone is coming around the corner as you hear the footsteps, yet they are just outside of your view.

The love in the light energies are your protection through the Holy Spirit that comes from your creator. Reach just above the belief you hold and open to the knowing inside of you. The alien agenda is real and the map for understanding lies within the love. Beware of the illusions that the dark forces place upon your world. They come as those in the light and form into the sights and wonders that appear full of love. The only way to know for certain of who they are is to ask in the name of the one who heads this war against all darkness; Jesus Christ.

The laws require that those in the darkness must identify who they are when asked in Jesus’ name. This name is your protection as the alien agenda brings the dark forces into the forms that the benevolent ones stand against. The final days are here and will bring more of those who say they come from other worlds to save you. The truth will be revealed by identifying who they are through the Creator of All that came into human form preparing for this time. 

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