Monday, September 17, 2018

The Blending of All Realms

The spirit has turned into a texture that you can almost touch. It is fluid with substance and brings a consciousness that has never been known into this realm to grow. It melds into the physical matter like the rain that reflects a rainbow in the sunlight. It shimmers at times as it seeps into the body. You can feel it when you close your eyes and breathe. It will flow into the body and out through the breath. You can feel it seep through your pours when you have loving thoughts. You may even begin to feel the shift inside as you visualize the love moving from the heart to the mind.

The pathway to the spirit lies within the emotions. What you feel will lead to the spirit that enters your space. If you are full of guilt, fear, hate, jealousy or any other negative emotion, you will be inviting entities that hold this frequency level. Your level of vibration is determined by how you feel. If you are feeling down, it will be like being at the bottom of a hill when it rains. All the spirits will pour into your space. If you feel good, it is like being at the top of a hill when it rains. You will receive only the spirits that are needed for the soul to grow.

All the universe responds to your vibrational level. You are responsible for how you feel. On the days you feel good and have negative thoughts, an opportunity to feel the feelings behind the feelings occurs. The thoughts are a product of the feelings and must be explored. A cleansing of the negativity needs to occur when any negative thoughts or feelings are present. The human form intertwines with the Whole of All and we individually determine what we create within that blending.  If you feel as though you have no control over your thoughts and feelings, now is the time to become empowered. You are responsible to dissolve any negativity within you.

It is the Universal Law of freewill that you have the right to choose what to create while in human form. It starts with the ability to seek outside of yourself. To be open and willing to change all you know into the ability to learn a whole new way to view your life must occur. First, the understanding that you are not alone will enter as you begin to see messages in the world around you. Then, the feeling that someone or something is listening will occur as you begin to think that maybe the messages are more than coincidences. The more you seek, the more will be revealed. With each waking day in your desperation for change, the force inside will change.

You will gain intuition to know things without having any previous knowledge that tells you how you know. An excitement will enter the emotions as your vibrational level rises to the higher realms. You will begin to crawl up the hill where the spirit nourishes the mind and body. You will begin to heal as you reach for loving thoughts and feelings. You will begin to see choices as you look towards the higher realms for answers. People will begin to be viewed as a part of you. No one will then be seen as better than you or less than you. Unity begins to occur as you crawl up the spiritual hill towards the higher realms.

You will no longer worry or fear people, places and things. Confidence in yourself will occur as you keep the spirit within you to guide every thought and feeling. The times when you feel stagnate, you will view them as opportunities for spiritual growth. The other realms will begin to merge into your every day life. The past, the present and the future will become ONE. You may see people that are from the past that blend into your space. You will say that you see the dead, yet they are alive. They may see you or not. The blending of all realms occurs as you reach the top of the spiritual hill. Knowledge will pour into you that you cannot know in your every day life.

Be aware that as you see the top of the hill, many storms will come in attempts to pull you back into the lower realms. These energy sources will try to mix within your higher frequency level to keep it for their own. The commitment to focus on one source for guidance during these times will assist you during the storms.  Your higher power will never leave you and will bring you assistance when asked as you bring all realms into your conscious state of existence as planned.

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