Monday, September 23, 2019

How To Reach The Higher Realms

This information was written after trying to articulate what I have been experiencing the past few weeks. A new understanding has been slowly coming into words so I can share it with others. Sometimes it comes out in riddles and sometimes it comes out very complicated. A new form is evolving as I start to feel a balance inside. With one foot in the heavens and one foot on the ground, I try to bridge a gap between these worlds so I can help us all answer questions about the soul, the spirit, God, the higher realms and how we can find serenity in this chaotic world. I am confident that my higher power provides me with the information I receive to share. If you find it helpful, please subscribe to keep me motivated. Leave a comment so I can hear your thoughts on what I share. I can sense a higher level of understanding coming through me when my stomach starts doing flip flops. Sometimes I feel like I am going to float away unless I acknowledge the energy surge. This is what I experience …..

The feeling of radiating a specific frequency for the power of creation occurs as each bodily form becomes aware of the patterns experienced throughout the day. One may speak with different people that have the same characteristics, problems or even appearances that results in a Deja vu moment. The sensation of looking down on the body as these realizations occur brings an understanding that one stream of consciousness is being divided into many individual forms. It is like raindrops that fall from one big cloud. Each raindrop makes up a storm just as one consciousness makes up the bodies that the souls are housed in on the planet.

When one becomes aware of the consciousness on such a heightened level many opportunities for growth are presented. The more awareness one holds, the more power from this consciousness flows. The empowerment that comes, will awaken an internal strength that has been dormant for many lifetimes. The choices of which direction to stream this power will bring a passion that has never been felt. Caution is needed as this stage brings much responsibility. One is responsible for what one knows. With the realization that even religions and science are limited in what information they understand regarding the higher realms, a period of great unrest occurs.

Seeking outside of one’s comfort zone is the only way to ease the restlessness. Many concepts and theories will be found and the more one seeks, the more information presents itself for consideration. With an open and willing mind, nothing will be discarded in efforts to understand how to reach the higher realms. The information that seeps inside and rests in the stomach to give the mind peace will need to be studied closely.

The soul awakens during this stage of seeking and will assist in raising the frequency of the mind and body for the union into the higher realms. Experiences will become tests and daily routines will start to provide clues. Signs, animals, smells, plants, words, music, emotions and even illnesses are ways in which one will be guided into this union. People, places and things seen and felt everyday will begin to be questioned and perceived differently as the soul, the mind, the body and the spirit intertwine. There will come a time when one will look out from the eyes and into another to find that the body is just a disguise for who they really are inside. A sadness may come when seeing into the eyes of others if their soul is bound by all the illusions they have created for themselves. The struggle for discernment becomes more difficult as judgments get in the way that block the sunlight of the spirit.

To be open and willing for change in all facets of life is the key to staying humble so the higher realms can come to you to provide knowledge for growth. Each experience throughout the day leads the mind and body into the higher realms. How you ask? With each negative thought that enters the mind, you will need to arm yourself with the sword of honesty and the shield of hope and faith. As the negative thoughts play on your fears, you must say, “That is a lie”.  Look into your eyes and say it to yourself, “I choose love today” and hold the faith in this choice. Look towards the higher realms for guidance and know that you are in this body for a reason. Feel the protection that the higher realms provide as you cut through the illusions with your sword of honesty. You are never alone and as you allow the spirit to work though you, the soul will stir like the bear that is waking from a long winter’s nap. The more you seek, the more you will find. The more you find, the hungrier the soul will become. In each experience that you live with honesty, the more the soul will bring into your daily life. The spirit feeds the soul like the water feeds the flower. The more of the spirit you receive, the more lives lived awaken into who you are within the soul. All experiences within all timelines will begin to merge into NOW and will integrate into your conscious state of existence.   You may even begin to feel like split personalities at times as each life lived comes forth to claim the strength that it contributed into the person you are today. The soul will pull the spirit into the frequency level you vibrate within like a magnet. The higher you vibrate, the more you will remember and the realms that have seemed out of reach will begin to be experienced right within the view. As the timelines merge, past and future lives will be seen, and all memories will become ONE. The higher realms will then be seen as a part of YOU.