Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Holy Spirit Prepares for the Days of Darkness

As the energies vibrate at higher frequencies, it will become difficult for those that are on lower signals to keep up. They will begin to be confused with what they hear and see. Those who do not have a belief in the unseen realms will have the greatest struggle. They will become angered easier and act in aggressive ways. Violence will be their solution. Those who reach for the light, love and healing are responsible to guide those in the darkness if they choose to learn a new way to view their realities. The separation of these groups is becoming more defined as the lower vibrations began to self-destruct.

Those who hold discernment with the help from the Holy Spirit will experience a period of pause as the changes occur within the heart and mind. There is no set time for this pause as the energy builds inside each unique form. Subtle changes occur as the Holy Spirit fills those who seek with a new life. As the light blends within the body and mind, each will wake to find that what used to be is no longer acceptable. You will begin to see a world filled with darkness that needs the Holy Spirit’s light. Compassion for those living in the darkness occurs in this stage and you will feel lost in what service you can provide to this world that appears comfortable living in the darkness.

As you look out into a world that is filled with chaos, you will feel like a tree standing strong in the middle of the storms. You will feel like you are being beaten into submission as the storms try to raise doubt and despair in your quest to shine the Holy Spirit into all the darkness. The principles will abide by your honesty, your hope, your faith and your courage. The universe will respond to your intentions that guide your actions. Those in this darkness will become violent in their actions as the homicides and suicides rise rapidly. More are hearing and seeing those from other realms as all timelines blend into NOW. Confusion rises even in religions as nothing fits into a specific belief system.

As all truths shine out because the Holy Spirit walks through the earth, no thought will hide. At first, it will be like a small beam of truth and then the flood gates of this light will shine into the masses as one big stream. All will lose sight for a period when this occurs, and it may seem like the end during this transition. It will awaken even those that seem like the dead. As all blends into ONE, the Holy Spirit will gather those who are filled with this light to rise into the New World that is above this current frequency your consciousness lives within. All will awaken to who they really are as they unmask the soul for all to view.

The outside will then reflect the inside and the body will form into the beauty or the horror of what the soul, the heart and the mind have created. The days of darkness are coming to this planet as the inside mixes to separate for the birth of the New World. Those who live in the darkness and do not want to reach for the light will stay within this frequency. Those who reach for the light will rise into the higher realms which will be formed out of their beliefs in these realms. The rays of light that each live within will determine as a collective which New World their consciousness will be guided towards to further creation. Those receiving knowledge from the Holy Spirit will be inspired to turn the darkness into the light of love. The Creator of All has placed this power into each heart and mind for these capabilities. This gateway was opened by the Creator through the sacrifice of the son. The Holy Spirit walks through the planet to prepare all for the days of darkness that are near.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Soul and the Over-Soul

How do I blend the spirit into this mind and body so I can remember who I really am? I look towards the higher part of me to heal my broken pieces. Just as I go back to heal my inner child, I see the spirit of who I am becoming healing who I am today. All the pieces make the whole and each part of me works to complete the higher me. Just as the sun shines on everything within the earth to grow, the over-soul shines on all the selves to grow. As each part rises into the higher realms, the over-soul rises to continue the path towards the Source of All Creation. The higher the frequency, the density becomes lighter. With each new level the soul grows into, the knowledge increases for all souls connected. It is never ending as creation continues for infinity. With each experience, more knowledge is obtained. As the spirit brings new information into the soul, the body and mind respond accordingly. If the emotions and thoughts are filled with love, the spirit will bring positive knowledge into the soul for growth. If the emotions and thoughts are filled with fear, the spirit will bring negative knowledge into the soul for growth.

With each negative source, it will become challenging to gain positive information. All souls are vital in this process. The negative needs the positive for hope of what can be and the positive needs the negative to stay humble. The body holds all sources for experiences so the soul can grow. Even after the soul is activated, it takes time for the body and mind to sync during this transition. There will be a struggle as the body continues to crave the old way of living before the awareness of the soul occurred. As the soul looks out of the body with the understanding that the body is housing the soul, there will be a period of confusion. The body will be susceptible to negative sources as the soul comes into awareness. It will feel as though there are several voices inside speaking for clarity. The over-soul will be caressing as it attempts to be known, the soul will be experiencing confusion like a newborn waking up and the illusions that project within the outside view will bound the mind and body in attempts to prevent the union of the soul and the over-soul.

The soul can by pass the over-soul to go straight to the Source of Creation but will eventually have to unite with the over-soul so all can connect. All knowledge experienced must connect to provide the proper information for the Source of All Creation. The soul in the body holds parts of the knowledge experienced on an individual basis. The over-soul holds the knowledge of all souls housed within all bodies of all lives lived in all time lines. It is like a pedal on a flower that is full of beauty alone yet is breath-taking when united with the flower. The knowledge obtained from this process will open all chakras within the body for the feeling of passion that blends with a love like no other. 

As the soul becomes connected to the mind and body with a conscious awareness, the body and mind will begin to change in dramatic ways. People will notice that something is different in the way you look and behave. You may even be seen a totally different person. The soul will view the body as miraculous. The mind and body will try to down play the awareness of this incredible creation. The spiritual war occurs in this stage and the over-soul makes itself known through the light, the temperature, the thoughts, people and even objects. You may experience the room becoming brighter and have a hot flash during this process. As you gain the understanding of what is happening, waves of serenity will come over the heart and mind.

The physical look of the body will begin to have subtle changes. It will be seen first in the face, in the eyes and within the smile. You may appear as though you look younger and begin to require little sleep at first with periods of wanting to sleep the day away. You will not want to eat for days and then go back and forth with eating only vegetables and fruit and then to wanting to eat every unhealthy food within sight.  The mind will experience an emotional overload as information will come from everywhere while seeking for understanding during this stage of development. Religions will not hold the answers any longer as you seek outside of your comfort zone. You will want to discuss your thoughts with others but cannot find any like-minded individuals. Then a period of “beingness” occurs as the soul and the over-soul unite…..

Friday, April 12, 2019

The Spiritual Mind

As we begin to see the world through new eyes, the colors will become vibrant, the air will hold a soft feel when caressing the skin, a glow will shine around everything and shadows will emerge that seem to sense our awareness. All will sense the change and we will question what even the animals are experiencing. Everything is different. When you close your eyes, you will notice a white light that expands in the darkness as you try to go within. All your senses are now heightened, and you can almost see the emotions forming through the glow around people. When you look long enough, sparkles of light will come and go when you least expect it. Are they blue or white? What are you seeing right within your sight?

You have been programmed to not look for such signs as you begin to open the spiritual mind. The more you look, the more you find. Nothing is what you thought, you are now learning to question all you have been taught. The hologram you are a part of will begin to reflect your consciousness above the body. The experiences through the day will seem as though they are playing out like a movie as you become the observer. You may become alarmed and question if you are mentally ill. The feeling of excitement that pulls you into the emotion of love will verify that this is part of the spiritual mind. The programmed mind cannot feel the emotion of love. The programmed mind is filled with fear. Only the spirit provides the emotion of love. Be aware that love is not passion.

You are beginning to separate from what the programmed mind directs you to experience. The body will feel complete exhaustion as this awareness grows. The symbolism of this process will reflect in your view. The sounds will become a part of this awareness and you will start to distinguish which sounds are calling to you for the awakening and which sounds are trying to keep you asleep. The spiritual mind will reflect within the light as the truth vibration becomes stronger. As you question your thoughts, you will hear the whisper, “To know that I Am here” is the beginning. This whisper becomes a knowing as you begin to listen to the voice with every breath. You feel your body stir as the spiritual mind moves to announce its arrival. You will feel an expansion of your senses throughout the day.

You will begin to feel an absorption of the people, places and things that surround you. Each time you connect with this awareness, there will be an experience within that moment where you will be pulled into the difficulties of emotions. To rise above the emotions and then the thoughts that come is the challenge. For the spiritual mind to command all the senses of the body and mind takes great practice. The goal is to connect the spirit to the soul for activation. It is like starting a car that keeps stalling. The soul becomes activated until the thoughts and emotions take over.

When the soul is activated all the energy from the spirit gravitates towards it. The soul and the spiritual mind then unite. Together they flow through the body. Once the soul, the body and the mind balance all expand out into the space that you are physically located in. This stage causes much confusion as the emotions project into your world. Any fear will be experienced first. The cleansing must occur to ensure that you can move past the fears as quickly as possible. This is the stage of the spiritual war. No one around you will be able to understand and some will try to pull you into the darkness with attempts to take the energy from the soul. This process is called by many names. The darkness feeds on the light from the soul to live. Those in the darkness may or may not have their own soul. If they have a soul and need your light for survival, they are asleep, and much caution is needed when in their presence. If they do not have a soul and are part of the program to keep you asleep, it is vital to remove yourself from this type of entity. You will begin to gain knowledge that comes from other realms as you become a portal for all types of energy. The dark and the light energies will be experienced as you try to filter through your belief system. The programming from birth will get in the way of what you are being told from the other realms. To keep open minded during communication is vital in this process.

The spiritual mind, united with the soul, will be capable of changing any fear into love, any suffering into joy, and the beauty will be seen in all people, places and things (even the purpose of those who live in the dark). To keep this union will transform the body into perfection. The higher realms will protect your space when asked.

This understanding starts with the knowledge that the body is the vehicle the spiritual mind uses to experience in this dimension. The body is used to travel through experiences. The spiritual mind is the driver that is learning how to maneuver through the thoughts and emotions to guide the soul into creation. Be aware that the emotions and thoughts determine the type of spirt that enters your space for soul activation. Freewill gives you the ability to decide which type of spiritual mind you choose for creation.

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Soul’s View Within the Body

The unity of the spirit with the soul brings us to the level where all within our view reflects the growth of what we are consciously aware of. Everything will become a message down to the way the wind blows upon your face. The dreams will become meaningful as you awaken with words and images that will seem so vivid you will know they are to be embraced so you can pull them into your reality. People, places and things will begin to bring inspirations that will make you want to shout from the roof tops, yet you will be unable to articulate what you are experiencing inside.

A shift will begin to occur within the mind and body as you look out into your world through eyes that seem to be encased within the shadows. It will almost seem as though there is a fiery overlay as you become aware that your conscious state of existence is separate from the mind and body. You will want to merge with this new awareness, yet you will almost feel like you are trapped at times as you experience a knowing that there is more outside of your current understanding. At times, you will hold a knowing as you hear the breath sounding like an echo as you look out from the fiery cave-like view where the soul sits inside the body. You will feel the surge as the soul paces back and forth as it waits for clarity inside this place you call the body. You know, yet you don’t know as the loneliness seeps into the thoughts because no one can understand what you feel as you struggle to describe it appropriately.

You will begin to feel a presence above the body and will wonder if it is what you are growing into as you observe yourself in daily tasks. How is it possible to watch yourself and see yourself within a cave-like view inside the body at the same time? As you try to keep the thoughts empty, you will become aware of the unity within all thoughts, then all information ever held within the planet. As you rise even higher, your consciousness will go into the universes that lead you all the way back to ONE. Your spark of creation will then be seen going back and forth from the unity of all, to the fiery cave-like view within the body where you sit within the illusion you call reality.