Thursday, November 5, 2015

There Are No Coincidences

The Flow of Change for the Soul is on hold...........

This entry is difficult for me to write as I feel defeated. I have struggled to get this next book out to you with urgency and had every intention to have it published by December 2015 as promised. Unfortunately, I cannot financially afford to get the editing done at this time. I have completed everything except the editing. Westbow is the publishing company that did my first book and I wanted to utilize them with this book. They did not feel comfortable in doing the editing on this book because there is a chance of “obscuring or even changing the author’s intended meaning in the sake of conceptual clarity”. As a result, I searched for the “right editor” and found that I cannot financially afford to complete this final stage of the book <sigh>. I have put every spare dime I have into this project and need to take the time to recover from what I have already spent. I estimate that in about 6 months I should be back on track to invest in an editor to assist me with the word changes that are needed. I have seen a vision of the book as I wrote the words and know that my God wants it published.

I think the information will be helpful to those who seek to heal themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. The words written are how I healed myself and the diagrams are visions that came to me as I wrote the process I went through to heal from cancer, Lupus and suicidal thoughts. I will publish the book but it will not be in the time-frame I had initially planned. I know that God has a reason for what is happening and when the answers come, I will share them with you. Thank you for the support as I go through this period of “waiting” as I learn patience. I will continue writing and sharing with you through this blog, the videos and my thoughts of the day on Facebook.

I do not share my writings for recognition. I share so I can grow spiritually on my pathway home to my God. I am saddened yet feel empowered in this stage of my growth as I hear God cheering me on. I do not question “why” and only look towards “how” I can keep my faith as I walk through the shadows during this time period.