Monday, November 7, 2016

The Land

“By the same word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire being kept for the Day of Judgment and destruction of the ungodly. But do not forget this one thing dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day.”  2 Peter 3:7

The day you find this world inside it will take all you used to be and turn it into a whole new world like the forest after a fire. One small flower will be seen at first that comes from all the destruction inside. The land that lies inside of you is gradually building into this day. As your thoughts of Something Greater comes and burns into the fear you hold, the glimmer of the hope inside will bring a whole new world.

The time will seem as though it took forever, yet as the love pours inside, you will feel the rush of power. You will realize that you always held it inside. The land will look as though it’s dark right where you stand, then the flower will appear and your new world will begin. With each thing that brought you madness, you will look again. You will find that all you went through brought this whole new land. All the sorrow that destroyed you will become the part of you that will bring you all the love.

With each time you look inside at all the fear you hold, you will see the piece of love that brought this whole new land. As the fire burns inside and destroys all your fears, the land that stands before you will become a whole new world. You will look at all you have done in a whole new way. The colors will appear for you right within the view. All the darkness that you see will sparkle with all the love.

The day you find that you are not alone within your thoughts, you must look inside to figure it all out. With each time you judge yourself and all that you believe, you must shine the love to bring you to your knees.

It is not a task you can do all by yourself. You must seek for others that believe in who you are. The land inside will have to reach the edges right within your mind. You will find another world. All you think that you have destroyed will become new.

It can only happen if you believe in Something Greater. You will have to surrender to a world you cannot see. The land inside will become a dream. The day is coming when you will not be able to hide. The fire comes inside of you to clear the thoughts you hold. Once the land is destroyed by the fire you have found, all the thoughts of Something Greater will bring a whole new land.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Battlefield

The force of evil comes to you right inside your fear. It takes your thoughts and twists them into words that you will hear. It will take the light of love and turn it into a storm. This force will crawl inside your loved one and make you hate the world. It knows your darkest thoughts and sees inside your soul. It knows what you desire and makes you question “more?” Even on the days you feel at peace within your thoughts, it will twist the truth you hold and turn it into a lie.

You cannot under estimate this force that knows what you believe. It will smother all your thoughts and make you wish to die. It answers by many names and comes inside your dreams. It makes you think that your world is dark and will fill you full of hate.

There is a force that wants your anguish to empty you inside. When you learn that this force is real right inside your mind, you will become aware of a world that will make you seek for love. The only way to fight this force is to find the love you hold. The day you feel this force inside, you must seek for Something Greater. The love will free your thoughts of fear for all you are today. The love will shine into the fear that makes you want to hide.

You must view your thoughts inside as a war within your mind. You must put an armor on when you have the thoughts of fear. The shield of hope and faith is there with the sword of honesty. The serenity will gallop by like a horse that will bring you peace. That will be the day you become a warrior within your mind.

The force of evil will try to take the anguish that you feel and bring destruction to any thoughts of love that you may hold. It will bring a feeling of hate and misery inside. When this force comes to you, your thoughts will fight inside the darkness. The fear will take any love and try to make it hide. The light of love will not be seen as you look for peace. This force will reach inside your heart and shred the thoughts of love.   It will take any love that hides inside your heart and it will place an arrow right into the middle. The force of evil comes when you are sick and feel alone. It will bring you thoughts of hate and all this feeling holds. The more you hate the world around you the more this force will grow. It will be in the shadows and will cover any love that you may find. It will twist your world around and tell you that you do not matter. It will make you think that no one cares for you.

The day you are at your worst is when this force will be strong. It will take your fear inside and suffocate your thoughts. Some of you will feel as though this force has taken over. It will make you think that you do not have any control within your life. It will even make you sick and make your body weak. It will come in many forms to bring you to your knees.

No matter what you have done or what you think inside, this force will tell you there is no use to try and find the love. In your desperation is when Something Greater comes to you. This force will know that if you seek inside your desperation, the love will come to you in the form of gratitude. The more you seek for Something Greater the more this force will fight. Your mind will become a battle field as you search for peace. When you feel the desperation Something Greater will be there. It will be waiting to bring you love to show you a different world. Through the anguish that lies inside all you think you have done, a feeling of humility will bring you to your knees.

As the force of evil speaks through every one you love, you will hear a sound inside that will bring you peace. The love will come to you when you are at your worst. The love will shine inside the fear and tell you who you really are. No one else will hear a thing, it will only come to you.

The love will take your desperation and turn it into hope. The hope will bring the faith to you with all that you believe. The hope will come from something you will see inside your day. The hope and faith will become a shield to hold up high as you stand in the middle of the battlefield right within your mind. It will form inside the gratitude for all you are today. When you discover that Something Greater was always on the battlefield that started in your heart, the force of evil will tell you lies and make you feel alone. The force of evil will make you question if what you hear is true. The force of evil will make you think that nothing matters as it sits inside your fear. Even when you feel the love on the days you are at your worst, this force will make you question “Why?” Once you hold the shield of hope and faith because of what you feel, the sword of honesty will come to you to shred the thoughts that lie. That will be the day you feel serenity inside. Like a horse that gallops around you, the love will bring you peace.

As you stand in the middle of the battlefield right within your thoughts, Something Greater will say hello within the view you see. That will be the day you find the battlefield is in the thoughts you hold.

Thursday, October 27, 2016


This book cannot be complete until the force that some call evil is explained. This force is conscious of all within this planet and within the heavens. It can enter the masses or in one at any given time. Those who do not understand that this force holds forms when desired are at great risk. It can intertwine within your thoughts and will make you question your sanity. It can enter your loved ones who speak words that make you question if there is Something Greater.

Some of you have been given the ability to recognize this force in others or even when it attaches to objects or animals. It lies within the wave of thoughts where fear mixes. It knows your weaknesses and will slowly intertwine within your fears to create a form of it’s power right within you.

There is a battle in the spirit world just as the darkness is needed to see the stars in the night-time sky. It does not hold the thought of love and only comes to those who do not have the knowledge to understand what it is. It is total darkness and forms into humans through thoughts like a parasite that will latch onto your life source and drain you of any hope you may hold.

Time is irrelevant in the spirit world and this force, that some call evil, can cross all boundaries the universal laws establish if you do not become knowledgeable in preparation for what is to come. This force has latched on to the very essence of the masses. It does not discriminate on gender, race or status in society. The purpose of this source is to turn all loving thoughts into hate, jealousy and fear. It has great power on your planet as it sits in the very air you breathe. It has been formed into people that hold great power in the masses. It will guide your blind into the snake pits as it reassures you that you are supposed to do so. It can form into those you love or the stranger who kills those you love.

The mixture of this force grows stronger as your planet moves toward the center of your galaxy. As you consciously look towards the world around you, the day is coming when you will see this force that will darken the very essence of what it latches on to. As your darkness and light become more noticeable, only those connected to the Source of All Creation will recognize the darkness in others. This force is changing the very essence of this planet one thought at a time.

It blends in with those in the light and looks like a little blinking star that needs to move closer to the moon to be seen. You hold this source in your hatred, jealousy and anger. Some of you hold more of this force than others. It will try to cover any light it sees as it will feed off the energy that the Source of All Light gives so freely. As you gain understanding of how this force works on your planet, you will see it everywhere.

The beginning stages of recognizing this force is upon you during this time period. You call it many names and depending upon how much light you hold is by what name you call it. As you gain more knowledge of how energy works, you will learn how to remove this source as needed from your life. Some of you already do so and have discovered that you can heal physical ailments as a result.

Each of you hold your own interpretation of what this source means to you. Some of you have it confused with the God of your understanding and kill in the name of your Creator that is the source of evil. It holds passion that will seduce you and make you think it is from the Source of All Creation. The commandment given to not kill will never change and if you say you kill for the God of your understanding you are listening to the source that is not a part of your Creator.

Many of you are allowing this force into your thoughts and do not realize it until the day you do not want to live any longer. It is the natural order of the universe to have thoughts full of darkness while the thoughts of love sit in the corner of your mind waiting for you to hear it’s echo that reaches from across the universe. This force will make you think it is full of love until the day you realize that it has taken all your hope of life and left you with anguish forever more. It feeds off those with love and leaves them empty inside with the echo of it’s promises that turn into lies. It can manifest as your loved ones or as a presence that you may feel around you at night as you tell yourself that you are imagining things. It can manifest as an illness and will make you want to die. It wants to bring destruction in any form it can become to take your very life into the pit of anguish forever more.

Your planet is overcome with addictions that this source hides in to reach into your very essence and change you into the darkness. You will not even realize that it holds your thoughts as it seeps into your physical appearance. It will surround you in your world as you look out into who you call loved ones. You will find that as you wake up to what it is capable of in your life, it will stare back at you. It will be in the eyes of those you put what love you hold into and make you wish you did not have to think. This force will drain you of all energy for life until you are in total desperation. It will look for those that have little to shine out from their eyes as the flow of change becomes either total darkness or they will reach from within their heart to find the humility in the thought that they cannot do this thing called life alone any longer.

The Hologram

The body is necessary to further creation in this dimension and as you become aware of the validity of this process, you will one day have shed your skin for the last time as you no longer will need to remove the body and it will blend in with the spirit forever more. You will remember that you had this immortality from the beginning.

The hologram you live in will then be seen from a different angle and you will then know you are the result of all worlds coming together to bring you this awareness to pull you out of this pocket of desperation. You are to experience the desperation to further creation through you. The air is changing and for those that cannot accept these words that have been written all throughout history, the insanity will continue to occur. Those who seek for understanding and search in idols as the way to find understanding will lack the true knowledge from the Source of All Creation that prepares you for the new world. You will be putting your energy into a source that does not have the light of truth if they tell you to follow them.

The kingdom lies inside of you and the flow of change with the 10 activating components is the beginning of your salvation. You must take these components and ensure they are activated with every breath you take as you prepare for the unveiling of the new world. As the universe aligns for this glorious day, some of you will not be prepared as you sit in anger, jealousy, hatred and all that fear brings you. The loneliness will consume you as you deny the existence of your Creator. You will be enclosed in the darkness like the night sky. Those who reach for the desperation and are humbled by the knowledge that they are a part of Something Greater will begin to shine like the stars that shine the light into the dark sky. The stars need the darkness to see who they are just as the darkness needs to see the stars to know they sit in the darkness.

The last day will blend the darkness and the light and together they will become one. Those who choose to stand alone will then be in the darkness forever more. Like energy attracts and the more darkness you hold, the battle begins. It is happening on your planet with the darkness that makes you kill another or yourself. The battle is within yourself and is the bubble within the bubble inside the cup of life. As the darkness makes its own cup, it must seep out of the light to do so. It is the natural order for creation as the darkness will then make a new light as it reaches up in desperation to find out what to do with those in this darkness. It will then wake up to start the cycle of life forever more. There will only be so many times the darkness will circle back to itself as it gains knowledge each time it mixes through the universe. There will come a time when the darkness will be filled with a knowledge that is full of the fears and it will sit in the anguish forever more.

Those who grab onto the waves of knowledge that bring forth creation will form into the essence of all creation. The darkness will become the part that leads to this knowledge because of the unknown.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clean House and Love Self

To love the self takes courage and a willingness to look from a different perspective. You will think you love until the day you find the thoughts of others in your head and you will wonder what they say about the way you look or what you do. Are you good enough to be what everyone wants you to be? Do you meet their expectations of all that they see? Why can’t you be good enough for everyone you love? Then the day will come when nothing will suit the world. You will not be able to find a way to fill the void.

You will not be good enough for those who tell you how you should be. In the feeling of worthlessness is where the love lies. You will see that all you are cannot be denied. Even in the defects that you think you hate, you will find peace of mind as you begin to understand why they seem to be your fate. Then the day will come to you that all you use to be, does not help the person that you now see. The times you had to isolate right inside your mind, is no longer needed as you search to find, the love for self that is only found within you.

You will have to take a look at all you use to be, to understand why you never felt free. Love is needed for all that brought you here to this glorious time, so you can reach the bottom of your mind. That is when you will hear a world inside that will make it all clear. Your body learns with the mind that is connected to Something Greater. Some will try to understand the theory that we are in a matrix that leads to a world that we cannot escape. To merge who we have become into our entire essence right where we stand, expands our ever-evolving creations that lead us back to the Creator of All.

As you swirl around in the space right where you stand, all the cells that make who you are mix into the air. The breath is the spoon that mixes the two worlds and takes the spirit to blend it with the mind and body. Our Creator will bring the wind, the rain, the sunlight, the moonlight and even the shadows for your spiritual growth. At times, you will feel as though you are stagnate as you look out into your day. Then a burst from a full moon will bring a feeling that leads into what you then say. Was that your words or did Something Greater give them to you through the rays of the moonlight for all to share? This feeling inside will burn in your chest as the darkness reflects where all your regrets hide.

The spiritual war will then begin as you fight with the pain of yesterday. How can you forget who you were before the love from Something Greater, you call God, emerged into your life? Then you will realize that all you were brought you to this day, where faith has turned into the belief of a world that evolved into the essence of pure love and nothing will be in vain. The human body will then be viewed as the house for your creator to live. The first awareness of this concept will become overwhelming to comprehend. To know that the only way for Something Greater to live inside means that you will have to love the self.

It will become a war with all you hold inside. Even the foods you eat will be questioned on this quest to clean house so your God will want to stay. The Master of Creation wants to live with me? How can this be? I am not a queen or a king for such glory. Then the realization that we are all here for the same story will come. We are here to clean the body and the mind so the God of all Gods can bring the spirit inside. We have to clean out any darkness that hides. Our house will then shine as our God lives inside. The eyes will be the window for your God to then see, all that your world can be.

The Driver's Seat for the Soul

How do you make a love inside that only you can hold? A love that makes you listen to your heart to do what you are told? This love will make you yearn for more as you try to see, where it comes from, how can this be? Does it come from inside of you to make you feel a peace? You will hear this world that rings even in the ears. At times, you will see this world in the sparkles of the light. At times, you will feel this world in the wind that embraces you tight.

You will not find what lies in you anywhere else. As you yearn to experience this love, you will begin to see, all your world differently. There will begin to be two levels from inside your mind. The daily life will be seen as the spirit intertwines. You will learn to live within each moment at a time. It will not matter what it is that you then do, everything will begin to look like something new. All you see will be like a window for the spirit to blend your view with a world that now lives inside of you.

The God of Gods will whisper in your mind that you are to seek for only love to find who you have always been, before you lost your way. The knowledge will then pour into each thought that you hold. All of your world is on this quest to find the spirit world. A feeling will come that will start in the heart, it will mix right inside the mind. It takes a seat right behind the eyes. All of your world will turn upside down. Your stomach will start to do flip flops when you feel this world right behind the eyes.

A glow will be felt around your head as you become aware, the spirit lies inside of you and blends into your world. The beginning stages of seeing from within will reflect a fire around the edges of all you see. It will be felt from behind the eyes. You will hear the breath as you hold it inside. The body is the suit for the spirit to shine. All you do within your day will then have new meaning as you begin to understand a new way of being.  To shine the spirit out into this world, brings all creation from the spiritual realm. To evolve the spirit into physical form, requires the emotion of love to be born.

Just like the heat from the rays of the sun that helps the flower to grow, the love opens the doorway for the spirit to flow. The more love you hold inside the heart, the more the mind will learn. You will then begin to see the magic at every turn. The day will come when you will see how the spirit sits behind the eyes to feel the body work within the mind. Your spirit is there and opens you up to what some call your third eye. It will connect all you see to the spiritual world. It can be call the driver’s seat where the soul sits.

You will feel as though there are two of you right inside your head. You will become the observer as the spirit spreads. Your view will change as you start to see inside the eyes of others and all that they can be. You will be able to look right into their soul. You will connect your spirit that will blend into the whole of all creation within the universe. It will not matter what occurs within your physical world. You are here for the spirit world. The days you thought you had no meaning, then becomes the times you were weaning from the darkness that tried to keep you from growing.

The knowledge that you are breaking free from all you use to be, becomes the way to embrace the spirit for all that you will be. The driver’s seat for the soul lives behind the eyes. It will be another way for the spirit to shine. All will experience this glorious time. All the spirits are watching right inside your mind.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


The vengeance of love will be watching through the principles as they see your virtues and know what morals you hold. As you gain knowledge that this unseen world exists, you can never go back to the way you were before this knowledge. It will be in your essence that you will then have to consciously decide if you choose to take this responsibility or will let it pass you by as you sit in the darkness with these thoughts that now have turned into knowledge. The awakening is occurring and the choices will be many. This stage of development will bring you to a crossroad within your mind. Do you go forth with information of a new world that has been talked about all through history and give your interpretation of what it means to you or do you turn it into insanity as you spiral down into the darkness of your mind?
You chose this time period to shine what energy you hold to further creation. It is the natural order of creation to have destruction always on the outer edges. Just as the universe expands into the darkness, so do you.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Spirit

The spirit is awakened into this time period and your body is the vessel for the battle of all history on your planet. As you become aware of this knowledge you will begin to see the outer edges of others that will project from another dimension. Some of you call this glow auras. Those who see the colors around others have begun to awaken. For those who do not believe in such abilities, the day will come when you will have to acknowledge this process to move forward for you spiritual growth and ultimately your well-being while in this body.  Just as you learned that your earth is not flat, you will learn that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
As the awareness grows some of you will see the dead yet they will be alive and well. Others will hear the dead in their thoughts and they will feel their presence. Some will smell the spirit or taste the spirit while others will not experience any such occurrences. Some of you already experience these events. Knowing that the veil is being lifted will seem as though it is the end of time as this event has been documented throughout history.
As you learn the spirit combines with your flame of life or what some of you call the soul, you will have choices. Do you allow them into the experience or do you sit alone with the feeling of loss forever more? The goal is to create and bring forth the new world with the spirit. There will come a day when there will be total awareness that the spirit walks among you. This will be the beginning of the end of the old world and the end of the old thoughts occur in this stage of development. All will understand the difference and will choose their groups forever more. For those who choose to be alone, you still will choose and you will lack the knowledge necessary for this period’s transition into the new world. The battle begins in your thoughts.
To focus on the day will help keep you centered on what your current tasks are as you become aware that the spirit world is merging into this dimension. You are only aware of what memories you hold in combination with who you are today. Some of you may question why you should even bother with such thoughts. This information is to prepare you as all will become aware of a world that is slowly seeping into your thoughts. As more of you suffer with your thoughts this information will be your saving grace as you seek for peace within yourself.
Only those seeking for this knowledge will understand the magnitude of what this means to your world. This knowledge will become the saving grace the Source of All Creation will bestow upon you. The more responsible you will become to others as the knowledge of this unseen world seeps into your thoughts. You will then be required to blow the trumpet for others to hear. You will need to remind yourself during this stage of development that you are given this information to share with others.
The energy that will flow through you that some of you call grace has rules and the knowledge will only be given to those that share it with others. You will feel as though you are being tested during this stage of development and thoughts will come that will require action on your behalf. This stage is important as you learn how to take your intentions, which are your morals of what is right or wrong, out into action. If you do not have good intensions, your actions will go into confusion and the experience will end up as such.
As your awareness grows, you will begin to understand that just as you have power over your own personal space, so do the Principles. Their power is greater than yours and as they watch your virtues at work, they will know if your words are honest as they know your true intentions and what your view of what is right or wrong is at any given time. The Principles will always ensure that the laws of the universe are carried out and if your energy holds more morally wrong thoughts, your virtues will become confused. As your life force or what some of you call the soul tries to connect to the spirit for more nourishment, the spirit will then be unbalanced in the confusion that will come from your morally corrupted thoughts. Everything will be in disarray as a result and traumatic events will occur as the Principles attempt to correct your morals that started the turmoil to begin with.

Thoughts for 8-29-16 & 8-30-16

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thought for 8-21-16

Every evening I create a thought of something I have learned for that day to share on various web sites with those who are interested. I will start sharing my daily thought on this site tomorrow. This was today's thought. To see hundreds of others you can go to Pintrest. Facebook, Instagram  or Twitter. See you tomorrow!

The Silhouettes in the Shadows

I am revealing some of my personal beliefs in this video. I have grown more confident to share what I  experience and know to be true for me

The Heartbeat

This is something I wrote as I pondered how the earth fits into our spiritual growth. As my awareness grows I find myself looking out into the universe for more information

The Sights & Wonders

I am lead to write about the upcoming changes we are all experiencing and will experience as the world behind the veil starts revealing who we really are..

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A paragraph of chapter 1-The Purpose

You will be given the knowledge of your mission when you are consciously ready. You will be given your responsibilities as the masses prepare for this battle which starts inside of you. People will be placed in your path for clues as to what you are to prepare for next. The unseen world will begin to touch the corners of your mind and you will begin to see sights before you that no one else will see. You will begin to recognize this world within the shadows of the light and all will begin to sparkle in the corners of you eye-sight. A feeling will come over you that a presence is above the room and all the sounds will become faint. The more you allow the thoughts that something is there, the more you will see. The feeling of peace will consume you as you begin to realize this world is speaking to you alone.

A Message for the Awakening

The videos have been my biggest struggle and very difficult for me to do. I have arguments with myself as I hear my God telling me to take what I write and speak the words. This video is different from anything I have ever done. I channeled the words and spoke what my God told me to say. It speaks of a separation that has been written about throughout history. I am given visions of how the earth will separate and see it occurring even in the flower that glows in such a way that others cannot see. This video speaks for it's self.

The Preface


My journey into the spiritual realm brings me to an understanding of the soul that I would never have been able to comprehend without facing all the pain from my past. As I wrote this book, I struggled with the words and delayed the publishing for several months as I tried to let the information mix into my own concepts of what God means to me. The process forced me to face my own fears as I learned that my God is not a part of fear. I had to heal from a traumatic past to truly understand what information my God was giving me. I receive guidance from a loving God through visions, smells, sounds and touch. I have obtained knowledge that I am now responsible for and I cannot afford to have any resentments that are fear based in my thoughts when receiving information. It was not an easy process when facing these fears but the freedom from them have released a whole new level of understanding. I eagerly share this book and the process I went through to understand what the soul is and how to have a relationship with my God. I use the information in this book to maintain a connection every day.

To clarify for those who have questioned, when the reference to “Something Greater” is used, it gives a name to a source that is called by many names but still holds the same symbolism. The intention is to take the name, “Something Greater” and use it to visualize whatever your higher power means to you.

This book can be viewed as a manual for those seeking a connection with a higher power. If used properly, it is my belief, that you can heal yourself through the 10 components that are identified and placed into several diagrams throughout the book which describe the soul’s process towards enlightenment in picture formats. The diagrams would flood my thoughts and I could not draw them fast enough. As I wrote, the pictures would just appear on the paper and I would look in disbelief at what I drew. At one point, as I wrote, I had a vision of the words already typed into a book. The more I write, the better I feel. I read the words written and I look in awe as I continue to seek every day for a stronger relationship with the God of my understanding.

 It was difficult to put my visions on paper. The diagrams were not easy to make as I had no knowledge of how to draw on a computer. I tried to ensure that once I picked a symbol out for something that it remained symbolic for that description only. I found it interesting that my symbols have been compared to some very old symbols throughout history when describing the spirit world. I let my God tell me what is appropriate to use and the diagrams are a result of channeling the information only. The feeling of total love dwells in me when writing and some days the information flows through me so strongly, I have to put it into a video format because the urgency to share with others overwhelms me.

The first day I heard the voice speak to me was a life altering event. I was told that I would be given words to write that have never been written before. Little did I know that I would find not only words, but a view into a world that I continue to seek answers from every day. For those skeptics out there who do not believe in the world I write about, all I can say is that I have been healed by the belief that this world is real. My lupus is in remission and physicians involved in my care say it is a result from the chemotherapy I took when I went through treatment for cancer. I know this treatment could not have healed me in an instant, but that is what happened to me. Those who watched the change in me would ask what I was doing since I looked better than they have ever seen me look. My answer to them was and still is:

“I found God” or “God found me”

I have learned that the soul is ever evolving and with each life I live, I carry more knowledge subconsciously through my soul that learns in this dimension through the body. The knowledge gradually seeps into my current state of consciousness as long as I stay in the moment. I believe we are in a very exciting time period where freewill is giving us an opportunity to bring the spirit into this dimension like never before. The possibilities are endless and with our current conscious state of existence, in combination with the mind, the body and the spirit, we have the ability to create our own reality if we believe in this power.

This book breaks down the principles that form our current reality. I experience this process on a daily basis and can testify to the results one can obtain if used properly. I attempt to reach as many people as possible to share what I have learned and help those who may be stuck in dark thoughts where I once lived. I use to hate to wake up in the morning and went through a period in my life when I wanted to end the misery of living.

For today, I view my mind and body as an instrument that my creator uses to further creation in this dimension. The Source of All Knowledge comes to me through the spirit to provide the soul with food to evolve even further. The ultimate goal is to create for the greater good of all to shine the light for change into the darkness of this land called earth. I can now see how my God has taken a broken and miserable person and created a new mind and a new body. The spirit comes to fill my tired soul with light, love and healing for all to share. I believe that it was meant to be this way as my God holds a bigger plan. Some days I chose sat in the darkness so I could learn to appreciate when the light was shining. How can I know God without knowing what God is not?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Call

I have been getting visions of a hologram that reflects the spirit. It is difficult to articulate what my God is showing me and my knowledge of holograms is limited. I am being shown information that is hard to put into words. I relay the visions to the best of my ability. The urgency is strong as I hear the call...

Finding Your Mission

Some days when I write, the words flow without any awareness of what they are until I am finished writing. This entry started a flow of writing that has put me into a whole new level of understanding. The veil is lifting and I am getting messages that lead me to believe that those who are seeking are gaining a wealth of information during this time. I have been informed that my mission is to educate those who are seeking on how to maintain the spirit in the body and mind as we move forward into the new world. This entry goes along with the information I am preparing in my next book. I have been given that burst of energy that results in the need for little sleep to keep the pace needed to get the book out. I am so excited!

Rock Bottom

This entry reflects how I found the gift of desperation. Some may not understand how desperation can be a gift and this is my explanation as to how I view such a difficult yet glorious time in my life.

TheVoice of Love

This entry came to me with the urgency to encourage those who need encouragement during the difficult times we live in. There is a bigger plan at work and you are here for a purpose. Ensure that you are in an area that you can really listen to the words that speak to the flame that keeps your light shining....

Saturday, June 4, 2016

In The Mind of Something Greater: The Awareness of the Spirit

In The Mind of Something Greater: The Awareness of the Spirit: The videos have been my biggest struggle as I let the spirit guide me to create them. This is my favorite so far. I am now understanding w...

The Awareness of the Spirit

The videos have been my biggest struggle as I let the spirit guide me to create them. This is my favorite so far. I am now understanding what direction my writings are taking. The empowerment is so freeing and exciting! I am now ready to complete the second book as I have decided that it is my responsibility to share the words without the need for approval from others. My intensions are to share my experience, strength and hope with those who can identify with the information. I hope you find all I put on this blog helpful. This blog alone gets views all over the world on a daily basis. Social media is amazing! Thank you for the continued support.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Sound of the Spirit

As I write the words I hear inside a whisper, the creation of the video is not far behind. I could write all day and cannot wait to make the words as beautiful as possible to share what my God gives to me. I hope you find the words as inspiring as I do.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Pain of Yesterday

The Changes

I am finding that as I try to articulate what is happening to me now that the God of my understanding is in my life, the more people respond. I now understand that my God gave me a whole new perspective on life. As I change, my world changes. I use to hate to wake up because of the thoughts that would torture me. This video describes the changes I am going through as I now wake with the anticipation of what is to come.........

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Flow of Change Book Update

I have been side tracked with publishing my next book due to financial issues and my need to heal from a traumatic past. I have been in post traumatic stress and had to take some time to put all this into perspective. I am now strong and full of life with the excitement needed to focus on this book. Everything is ready except my need to find the "right" editor. There is metaphysics mixed with Biblical content and this causes the editors who did my last book hesitation to do this book. They do not want to "change" the content of anything in this book. They want to publish the book "just the way it is". I am lead to "find" the right person to read it first. If any one out there has any suggestions, please let me know. I am putting this out to the universe for guidance as my God gives me the answers inside.

The Spirit Shines

In my darkest hours I can visualize how my God shines into my body and mind to bring me love for another day. I am now different since I faced my painful past. My writing is changing and I feel the power growing inside of me. I call myself a warrior as I fight even the darkness inside of myself. Since the beginning of my encounter with the spirit world I have been told that there is a battle. I see my battle inside as it projects into everyone I see. Something Greater is coming to each and every one.....................

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Living On Faith

I will not be positing to social media for the next 30 days. I have reached a point in my journey where I need to get outside help. I will not have access to any electronics during this time period. My traumatic childhood has come back to haunt me with memories that I cannot deal with on my own. I am going to a place called The Bridge in Bowling, Kentucky that specializes in childhood trauma. My job is being supportive and giving me this opportunity to find myself. I feel my God surrounding me with love as I look forward to taking what I learn and sharing it with those who may need it. I have found on my journey that who I am is a product of who I have been and acceptance of the two is important to love myself.  Living on Faith is something we all do as we reach for a world that is only in our thoughts.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Waves Within Your Mind

I wrote this entry when I was questioning why I had cancer and why my life was such a mess. I saw a vision of how the light trailed from the heavens into the trees as I wrote. It was a time of total excitement for what was to come in my life and total sorrow of where I come from.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Where The Illusions Lie

This video has such a beautiful story behind the creation! I have had a hard time understanding why God wants me to do videos but I do what I am told. Some mornings I wake with God telling to me do a video. I always hear the words being sung with riddles in my head. I know they are supposed to be sung but I am no singer.  A week ago I met someone that I asked to make this entry into a song. He ended up recording his guitar with my voice instead. I was beyond surprised as I listened to the end result. I would love some feed back on this video please. Are you there listening to what I am writing? Please let me know what you think.