Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Driver's Seat for the Soul

How do you make a love inside that only you can hold? A love that makes you listen to your heart to do what you are told? This love will make you yearn for more as you try to see, where it comes from, how can this be? Does it come from inside of you to make you feel a peace? You will hear this world that rings even in the ears. At times, you will see this world in the sparkles of the light. At times, you will feel this world in the wind that embraces you tight.

You will not find what lies in you anywhere else. As you yearn to experience this love, you will begin to see, all your world differently. There will begin to be two levels from inside your mind. The daily life will be seen as the spirit intertwines. You will learn to live within each moment at a time. It will not matter what it is that you then do, everything will begin to look like something new. All you see will be like a window for the spirit to blend your view with a world that now lives inside of you.

The God of Gods will whisper in your mind that you are to seek for only love to find who you have always been, before you lost your way. The knowledge will then pour into each thought that you hold. All of your world is on this quest to find the spirit world. A feeling will come that will start in the heart, it will mix right inside the mind. It takes a seat right behind the eyes. All of your world will turn upside down. Your stomach will start to do flip flops when you feel this world right behind the eyes.

A glow will be felt around your head as you become aware, the spirit lies inside of you and blends into your world. The beginning stages of seeing from within will reflect a fire around the edges of all you see. It will be felt from behind the eyes. You will hear the breath as you hold it inside. The body is the suit for the spirit to shine. All you do within your day will then have new meaning as you begin to understand a new way of being.  To shine the spirit out into this world, brings all creation from the spiritual realm. To evolve the spirit into physical form, requires the emotion of love to be born.

Just like the heat from the rays of the sun that helps the flower to grow, the love opens the doorway for the spirit to flow. The more love you hold inside the heart, the more the mind will learn. You will then begin to see the magic at every turn. The day will come when you will see how the spirit sits behind the eyes to feel the body work within the mind. Your spirit is there and opens you up to what some call your third eye. It will connect all you see to the spiritual world. It can be call the driver’s seat where the soul sits.

You will feel as though there are two of you right inside your head. You will become the observer as the spirit spreads. Your view will change as you start to see inside the eyes of others and all that they can be. You will be able to look right into their soul. You will connect your spirit that will blend into the whole of all creation within the universe. It will not matter what occurs within your physical world. You are here for the spirit world. The days you thought you had no meaning, then becomes the times you were weaning from the darkness that tried to keep you from growing.

The knowledge that you are breaking free from all you use to be, becomes the way to embrace the spirit for all that you will be. The driver’s seat for the soul lives behind the eyes. It will be another way for the spirit to shine. All will experience this glorious time. All the spirits are watching right inside your mind.

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