Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Clean House and Love Self

To love the self takes courage and a willingness to look from a different perspective. You will think you love until the day you find the thoughts of others in your head and you will wonder what they say about the way you look or what you do. Are you good enough to be what everyone wants you to be? Do you meet their expectations of all that they see? Why can’t you be good enough for everyone you love? Then the day will come when nothing will suit the world. You will not be able to find a way to fill the void.

You will not be good enough for those who tell you how you should be. In the feeling of worthlessness is where the love lies. You will see that all you are cannot be denied. Even in the defects that you think you hate, you will find peace of mind as you begin to understand why they seem to be your fate. Then the day will come to you that all you use to be, does not help the person that you now see. The times you had to isolate right inside your mind, is no longer needed as you search to find, the love for self that is only found within you.

You will have to take a look at all you use to be, to understand why you never felt free. Love is needed for all that brought you here to this glorious time, so you can reach the bottom of your mind. That is when you will hear a world inside that will make it all clear. Your body learns with the mind that is connected to Something Greater. Some will try to understand the theory that we are in a matrix that leads to a world that we cannot escape. To merge who we have become into our entire essence right where we stand, expands our ever-evolving creations that lead us back to the Creator of All.

As you swirl around in the space right where you stand, all the cells that make who you are mix into the air. The breath is the spoon that mixes the two worlds and takes the spirit to blend it with the mind and body. Our Creator will bring the wind, the rain, the sunlight, the moonlight and even the shadows for your spiritual growth. At times, you will feel as though you are stagnate as you look out into your day. Then a burst from a full moon will bring a feeling that leads into what you then say. Was that your words or did Something Greater give them to you through the rays of the moonlight for all to share? This feeling inside will burn in your chest as the darkness reflects where all your regrets hide.

The spiritual war will then begin as you fight with the pain of yesterday. How can you forget who you were before the love from Something Greater, you call God, emerged into your life? Then you will realize that all you were brought you to this day, where faith has turned into the belief of a world that evolved into the essence of pure love and nothing will be in vain. The human body will then be viewed as the house for your creator to live. The first awareness of this concept will become overwhelming to comprehend. To know that the only way for Something Greater to live inside means that you will have to love the self.

It will become a war with all you hold inside. Even the foods you eat will be questioned on this quest to clean house so your God will want to stay. The Master of Creation wants to live with me? How can this be? I am not a queen or a king for such glory. Then the realization that we are all here for the same story will come. We are here to clean the body and the mind so the God of all Gods can bring the spirit inside. We have to clean out any darkness that hides. Our house will then shine as our God lives inside. The eyes will be the window for your God to then see, all that your world can be.

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