Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Hologram

The body is necessary to further creation in this dimension and as you become aware of the validity of this process, you will one day have shed your skin for the last time as you no longer will need to remove the body and it will blend in with the spirit forever more. You will remember that you had this immortality from the beginning.

The hologram you live in will then be seen from a different angle and you will then know you are the result of all worlds coming together to bring you this awareness to pull you out of this pocket of desperation. You are to experience the desperation to further creation through you. The air is changing and for those that cannot accept these words that have been written all throughout history, the insanity will continue to occur. Those who seek for understanding and search in idols as the way to find understanding will lack the true knowledge from the Source of All Creation that prepares you for the new world. You will be putting your energy into a source that does not have the light of truth if they tell you to follow them.

The kingdom lies inside of you and the flow of change with the 10 activating components is the beginning of your salvation. You must take these components and ensure they are activated with every breath you take as you prepare for the unveiling of the new world. As the universe aligns for this glorious day, some of you will not be prepared as you sit in anger, jealousy, hatred and all that fear brings you. The loneliness will consume you as you deny the existence of your Creator. You will be enclosed in the darkness like the night sky. Those who reach for the desperation and are humbled by the knowledge that they are a part of Something Greater will begin to shine like the stars that shine the light into the dark sky. The stars need the darkness to see who they are just as the darkness needs to see the stars to know they sit in the darkness.

The last day will blend the darkness and the light and together they will become one. Those who choose to stand alone will then be in the darkness forever more. Like energy attracts and the more darkness you hold, the battle begins. It is happening on your planet with the darkness that makes you kill another or yourself. The battle is within yourself and is the bubble within the bubble inside the cup of life. As the darkness makes its own cup, it must seep out of the light to do so. It is the natural order for creation as the darkness will then make a new light as it reaches up in desperation to find out what to do with those in this darkness. It will then wake up to start the cycle of life forever more. There will only be so many times the darkness will circle back to itself as it gains knowledge each time it mixes through the universe. There will come a time when the darkness will be filled with a knowledge that is full of the fears and it will sit in the anguish forever more.

Those who grab onto the waves of knowledge that bring forth creation will form into the essence of all creation. The darkness will become the part that leads to this knowledge because of the unknown.

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