Thursday, October 27, 2016


This book cannot be complete until the force that some call evil is explained. This force is conscious of all within this planet and within the heavens. It can enter the masses or in one at any given time. Those who do not understand that this force holds forms when desired are at great risk. It can intertwine within your thoughts and will make you question your sanity. It can enter your loved ones who speak words that make you question if there is Something Greater.

Some of you have been given the ability to recognize this force in others or even when it attaches to objects or animals. It lies within the wave of thoughts where fear mixes. It knows your weaknesses and will slowly intertwine within your fears to create a form of it’s power right within you.

There is a battle in the spirit world just as the darkness is needed to see the stars in the night-time sky. It does not hold the thought of love and only comes to those who do not have the knowledge to understand what it is. It is total darkness and forms into humans through thoughts like a parasite that will latch onto your life source and drain you of any hope you may hold.

Time is irrelevant in the spirit world and this force, that some call evil, can cross all boundaries the universal laws establish if you do not become knowledgeable in preparation for what is to come. This force has latched on to the very essence of the masses. It does not discriminate on gender, race or status in society. The purpose of this source is to turn all loving thoughts into hate, jealousy and fear. It has great power on your planet as it sits in the very air you breathe. It has been formed into people that hold great power in the masses. It will guide your blind into the snake pits as it reassures you that you are supposed to do so. It can form into those you love or the stranger who kills those you love.

The mixture of this force grows stronger as your planet moves toward the center of your galaxy. As you consciously look towards the world around you, the day is coming when you will see this force that will darken the very essence of what it latches on to. As your darkness and light become more noticeable, only those connected to the Source of All Creation will recognize the darkness in others. This force is changing the very essence of this planet one thought at a time.

It blends in with those in the light and looks like a little blinking star that needs to move closer to the moon to be seen. You hold this source in your hatred, jealousy and anger. Some of you hold more of this force than others. It will try to cover any light it sees as it will feed off the energy that the Source of All Light gives so freely. As you gain understanding of how this force works on your planet, you will see it everywhere.

The beginning stages of recognizing this force is upon you during this time period. You call it many names and depending upon how much light you hold is by what name you call it. As you gain more knowledge of how energy works, you will learn how to remove this source as needed from your life. Some of you already do so and have discovered that you can heal physical ailments as a result.

Each of you hold your own interpretation of what this source means to you. Some of you have it confused with the God of your understanding and kill in the name of your Creator that is the source of evil. It holds passion that will seduce you and make you think it is from the Source of All Creation. The commandment given to not kill will never change and if you say you kill for the God of your understanding you are listening to the source that is not a part of your Creator.

Many of you are allowing this force into your thoughts and do not realize it until the day you do not want to live any longer. It is the natural order of the universe to have thoughts full of darkness while the thoughts of love sit in the corner of your mind waiting for you to hear it’s echo that reaches from across the universe. This force will make you think it is full of love until the day you realize that it has taken all your hope of life and left you with anguish forever more. It feeds off those with love and leaves them empty inside with the echo of it’s promises that turn into lies. It can manifest as your loved ones or as a presence that you may feel around you at night as you tell yourself that you are imagining things. It can manifest as an illness and will make you want to die. It wants to bring destruction in any form it can become to take your very life into the pit of anguish forever more.

Your planet is overcome with addictions that this source hides in to reach into your very essence and change you into the darkness. You will not even realize that it holds your thoughts as it seeps into your physical appearance. It will surround you in your world as you look out into who you call loved ones. You will find that as you wake up to what it is capable of in your life, it will stare back at you. It will be in the eyes of those you put what love you hold into and make you wish you did not have to think. This force will drain you of all energy for life until you are in total desperation. It will look for those that have little to shine out from their eyes as the flow of change becomes either total darkness or they will reach from within their heart to find the humility in the thought that they cannot do this thing called life alone any longer.

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